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Default Minimum age of legal liability
The minimum age of legal liability may be the age that a young child could be held accountable for just about any of his/her functions infringing penal laws. Quite simply, it's age that they may visit prison if they destroy, rape or torture somebody, devote some theft, attacks or any othe rmajor offenses. Below that age, they're regarded as harmless automagically. In america, the minimal age is 7 yrs old in many states. Nevertheless, at another end of the size, it's 18 (!) in Belgium. Countries in europe generally have greater minute. Era than English speaking nations. While it's 8 years of age in Scotland, and 10 in England and Wales, it's 12 in Canada and holland, 13 in France and New Zealand, 14 in Italy, Austria, Germany and the majority of Eastern Europe, 15 in Nordic nations, 16 in Portugal and Spain, and 18 in Belgium and Luxembourg. It's 14 in China and Japan. In the light of present youth riots in France (a lot of whom are between 15) and 11, it'd be interesting to examine when must be the minimum age for anyone to be held accountable for his/her criminal acts. I believe that somehwere between 15 and 13 is old enough.View more arbitrary posts same category:
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