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Hello - I just need an ear. My husband is 4 years post diagnosis and his last scan in August showed NED which was good news BUT since his surgery 2 years ago he has had issues with his water works, up and down to the toilet particularly during the night. He has been on Tamsulosin for 2 years and has been to see the urologist who carried out a flow test. We know he has an enlarged prostate, that was discovered well before the cancer diagnosis. Itís almost 3 weeks since he had an MRI scan on his bladder/prostate but so far we havenít had any results. My husband is wracked with worry and is convinced he has prostate cancer now. I have always thought that the problems have arisen due to the amount of radiotherapy that he had but because Chris is so worried my anxiety is through the roof now. Does anyone else have experience of this?
This alongside Covid and all the extra worries that brings. We have a very good GP but itís impossible to see a doctor these days. Sorry for moaning, Iím having a particularly bad day. Love & positive thoughts to everyone dealing with this horrid disease :x:
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I am so sorry to hear such cases. I think everything will be fine.
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It is very sad that such situations exist and I am extremely sorry that you have to go through something like that. I still have problems in life, but not so big. For example, my husband still suffers from anxiety periodically, but this does not compare at all with your situation. Anyway, he buy kratom in such situations, so it passes quickly, but those days are unbearable because it's super annoying and I insist on not being at home because I get very angry about it. Finally, everyone has their problems, this is life. I hope you get better and I'm sorry you're going through this.
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