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Default A fictionalized trashing of Tiger Woods, aka Tree Tremont
I simply read an in Golf journal of-the Swinger. Obviously the writers have created a account of Tiger Woods’ worries. The principal figure Tree Trement (Tree = Woods, have it) is just a mixed race player who'd grown familiar with owning the PGA tour. Nevertheless, things start to break apart for him because of extra marital affairs and substance use. The Golf magainze item moves around his head-to-head duel with Will Martinsen (Gosh, what other title does Will rhyme with) on the last day of the Masters. His conduct becomes ugly, when things don’t get way. Actually Unpleasant. The item made me somewhat uneasy. Honestly, I believe Tiger is worthy of all of the bad media he’s received. He'd everything, and destroyed it; no body at fault by herself. However, I believe creating a account of his account gives too much creative license to the writers. They may fundamentally create something they want, and then hide behind the guard of it being fiction – although the fiction is thinly veiled, at most useful. Everybody else will know who these figures are, that strikes me as being a bit unfair. Has anybody else read this item? I’d be interested in your ideas concerning the fictionalized trashing of Tiger Woods – oops, I intended Tree Tremont. I continued the Noble and Barnes web site and discovered that the book is likely to be open to visitors July 12.
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