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Default Use a Wireless connection
Connect your PS3 to the Internet using a Wireless Internet connection.

If you have a Wireless broadband connection, follow these step-by-step instructions to get your PS3 online.

Before you get started, please ensure:

You know your SSID, which is essentially your Internet connection's name
Your router is set up to broadcast the SSID, so that your PS3 can find it
You know your WEP or WPA security key, if your broadband connection has one enabled (recommended)
If you do not know your SSID or your security key, speak to the person who configured your Internet connection or contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

On the PS3 Home Menu, browse to Settings > [Network Settings] > [Internet Connection] and select [Enable].

Scroll down to [Internet Connection Settings] and press the X button. You will be asked if you want to continue, select [Yes].

When asked for a [Setting Method], select [Easy].You will be asked for your preferred connection method; select [Wireless].

From the next window, select [Scan]. You will see a list of Wireless connections in your area. Highlight your SSID and press the X button.

Press the right button to continue. Do not press the X button as this will edit your SSID.

You now need to select the type of security key used by your Internet connection. If your connection has no security key, select [None] and press the X button. You will see a summary of your connection details; press the X button to save them and proceed to testing.

If you have a security key enabled, select either [WEP] or [WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK]. Press the X button to bring up the keyboard and enter your key, bearing in mind it is case sensitive. Press the START button to close the keyboard and press the right button to proceed.

Press the X button to save your settings and proceed to testing.

Select [Test Connection] and wait. If the test is successful, then you have connected your PS3 to the Internet.

Note: If the test fails, your network device may require you to enter the PS3 system's MAC address. For information on obtaining the MAC address, see the related guide at eu.playstation.com.
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Thank you for sharing. Can I ask you why do I need to ask network provider when I can do all of this by myself and to pay them money for a simple solution solving. I did all the configuration by myself without my service provider, just opened http://www.whatsmyrouterip.com and by following instructions I made it all set.
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