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Sister, I apologize on behalf of those people who insinuated that you might be a troll.

Your story was very compelling; and all you were doing was asking for advice on a deeply spiritual matter of the heart.

May Allah (swt) reward you quickly with the answers that you are seeking. Insha'Allah
No one said the sister was a troll, they said she had the appearance of one due to the nature of what she was writing.

To be honest some of the things she said made me wonder, but I am not insinuating anything.

If I was from answering Islam or some other anti Islam hate group I would start a thread just like this...

for example I would title it 'Questioning my faith' rather than calling it 'How to strengthen my faith'

and I would say strange things like 'lately it has been bothering me that I don't question my Islam more'

why would it bother a Muslim not to question their Islam?

this is a weird thing for a Muslim to say but not for an anti-Islam troll

Like brother Abdur Rahman 2 I am certainly not saying anyone is a troll.

Indeed sometimes someone looks like something they are not.

Sometimes a completely sincere person can write things that lead others to wrongly think they are a quite likely a troll.

Allah knows why we do things and I pray He blesses her with guidance and iman either way.

(please don't let me distract from the good advice or the direction of the thread otherwise as it is very sensible)

Anyway, you have my best wishes sister Coral Rhapsody if you are genuine and I would take the advice of these brothers if I was you.
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