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Default Books in Syllabus of Salafee madrasah.
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You need to know about Salafis... they go to any university to study but they take only what they wanted.
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Assalamu alaykum

Let me quote from the lectures of Gair Muqallideen /laa madhabee, they say "muqallid to jaahil hotaa hai", Muqallid is ignorant, "Muqallid to mushrik hota hai" Muqallid is a mushrik. But I demand an explanation from them that why do they teach their students the ilm (Quran and sunnah) of the same mushrikeen and ignorants.

Moulana Abul Hasan Nadvi RA
Maulana Abdul Maajid Nadvi RA

Hafiz Ibn Hajar RA Shafaee
Abdul Qahir jurjani RA Shafaee
Allamah Ibn Khaldoon alMalkee
Shah Waliullah Hanafee RA
Allamah Ibne Rushd alMaliki RA
Allamah AlShaykh Najmuddeen Sulaiman AlHanbali RA
Shaykh Mana' alqataan al misree RA

And many more:
There is a big difference between "ahle hadees" and the Salafis/Salafi universities in Arab countries...

So whose curriculum did you post exactly? And who exactly are you trying to ask seeing as those this website is mainly filled with Deobandis and or other Madhabist?
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What do you mean that they take what they want? I have read from rush-my-essay articles that it is not the case. So, tell me if there are any proofs to support your argument or statement.
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