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Enalsebeerkawl 09-19-2011 11:54 PM


I wanted to write a short article about Iera for anyone who doesnt know about them or wants some info on them inshAllah

They are an organisation with one mission: Dawah to non muslims.

Dawah has many aspects, materials need to be produced, muslims need to be taught how to give dawah, new muslims need to be looked after and much more, and Iera are working on all angles mashAllah.

Some of their key projects are as follows:

1 www.thebigdebates.com - Organised debates between Muslims and Non Muslims of various persuasions such as christian or atheist, which are all recorded in professional good quality videos for you to watch in order to learn the arguements of the non muslims and some good responses and also you can send them to non muslims to watch. Have a look through the website to see some previous debates plus you can go and view the upcoming ones live inshAllah

2 http://www.missiondawah.com/ - Organising amongst other things, a great course called call of duty where you sit for a free 1 day intensive Dawah training course with a free course binder with notes, where you are taught the proofs and obligations of Dawah, how to deal with various questions of the non muslims, how to handle situations such as when they get too arguementative, and much more. its a complete course in Dawah and their aim is to make every single muslim into a da'ee inshAllah. Click on the link now to book the call of duty course in your area. If one is not already organised, why not contact them and set one up inshAllah.

3 http://www.onereason.info/ - A great media project aimed at researching and developing materials that are suited in order to deliver the message of islam to the non muslims. Order your materials from the website inshAllah

4 http://www.muslimnow.org/ - Amongst other things, muslim now offers a great 4 day retreat to new muslims where they can learn the basics of the deen while being in the company of other reverts and having a great experience. Why not attend yourself as anyone is permitted to attend? Or pay for a new muslim to attend inshAllah and gain some ajr. Muslim now also develops welcome packs for new muslims and other great things aswell mashAllah.

5 Trips and outings for research and dawah - such as: http://www.youtube.com/user/MrDawudB.../3/3T5Pm7qLH50 mashAllah our brothers went for a trip to northern ireland to the WORLD ATHEIST CONFERENCE to debate with people such as Ruchard Dawkins, who calls himself "The Prophet of Atheism". From this outing they gained valuable experience and have, for example, released a book answering some of the doubts raised by the atheists in the conference. They have done a total of over 15 international trips, including a dawah trip to malawi.

They also do many other things, such as a bus advert campaign, variosu talks and lectures and much more. Why not book them to come and give a talk in your locality? Book them here: http://www.iera.org.uk/our_work2.html

Also, Im doing a bit of fundraising for them, so please leave a few pounds inshAllah, iera's work is so important, we really do need to put all of our resources together inshAllah in dawah and not have loads of little tiny organisations. These brothers are doing big things, and they are continually getting more experience and more resources and support and developing more, let us all put our efforts together for one very important cause, bringing the message of Islam to non muslims. Put your differences aside and unite for one very important cause because as citzens of the UK we will be asked what we did to show Islam to the non muslims here. We can all spare some money inshAllah, even just a few pounds, towards the cause, so please donate something. As usual, here is a nice little heart warming vid:


And here is my fundraising page. Please dont glance over without donating something, even just 1 via text or via debit card inshAllah:


"iERA aims to fulfil the vision of the Prophet Muhammad (saw) that Islam will enter every home"

May Allah reward the brothers and sisters from iera abundantly. inshAllah I will update you on any new projects that they are undertaking by posting in this thread inshAllah t'ala

Enalsebeerkawl 09-23-2011 08:42 PM

Amazing video of our brothers from iera on their recent fact finding mission to malawi:


In it you will see details of the muslim and christian populations, the status of the muslim dawah, some muslim villages and teh christian efforts on them, what iera plans to do, and much more. Its an amazing vid I recommend all to watch it inshAllah t'ala

idobestbuyonlinepp 10-25-2011 03:26 AM

Seems to be a nice project.

LucindaLittles 08-21-2019 11:05 AM

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