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Default The special Hour of Acceptance
The special Hour of Acceptance:

The Prophet (Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wa Sallam) said: "On Friday there is a particular hour if a Muslim happens to make Dua to Allah for something good then Allah will surely fulfill his request"... (Bukhari)

This hour could be anytime on Jummah but the Majority of scholars believe there is a greater possibility that this special hour is the hour between Asr and Maghrib. So in the UK it is between 19:30 pm until Iftaar time today in your country just calculate an hour before Iftaar.

On top of that it is also the last Jummah of Ramadan and so we should make the best of this special hour and make a long, intense & sincere Dua to Allah & remember the oppressed Muslims. Please mention me in your Dua's to. to.
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Let us not waste any time as it is a true blessing that we have another night and day of this blessed month! If any of us feel we have not gained much this Ramadan and not done aswell as we could have then we still have tonight and the day tomorrow to worship Allah and make a firm commitment to Allah and also internalise in our own minds that we will make the necessary changes to ourselves and that we will make the Hereafter our main concern and that we will do everything to please Allah and refrain from anything that may anger or displease him.
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