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Default Adding background music to a page
Hi everyone,

I知 a student and a newbie to Github. I知 trying to create a website using Github. I知 a beginner to coding, but I know some basic HTML and markdown like the basic <h1>, <p> etc.

I followed an online tutorial to set up my basic page, which is working, but have a question:

I壇 like to add a mp3 file so that there will be a background music that plays immediately when someone clicks on my website. Is that possible? (Also, I知 aware some people avoid adding auto-play music because it may be annoying, but the music I intend to add is a soft instrumental music and this is for a school assignment so I would really hope to be able to add it.)

Thanks so much in advance, and I really appreciate any help!
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I'm new here too, although I think I registered a long time ago. Many programs here have helped me set up buble and dexcom for ios, those who know who it is will understand me. I'm doing some singing at the moment. At first I didn't take this new hobby seriously, but in July I realized that I wanted to be an artist and I would do anything for it. I write the lyrics and perform the songs myself. My friends helped young artists to find a sound and image, wrote arrangements, invested in recording, cassette and disc printing, negotiated with radio and magazines, and advertised. The first thing we did was to launch the songs to the masses through an artist pr app on the website. The second way was to get a contract with a label. The labels helped the artists to record the material, print it on media, and distribute it to shops.
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