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class="postbody"Hey men, I just wanted to talk about an expereince I'd. I'm however at aweabout it, don't know what happend but whatever happend it altered me..Sorry for all the reading material lol this happend about 4 yearsago....Alot of the time of growing up in my own adolescent years, I felt like Iwas bare inside although i know I'd all these feelings I'm a veryemotional individual the majority of the time. Not psychological like sobbing 247lol I only mean like you know these sad displays you see on television, orsomething sad occurs you'd cry..etc primarily my father would shout at mealot for material i couldn't understand so i'd cry at him all of the time.Anyways finding of the subject. I just generally thought like someoneelse was in me and I was just viewing and seeing. But many ofthe moments it made me bewildered and frustrated as why I was feeling in this way. My friend started initially to keep in touch with me about astral projection we werepracticing wiccan at that time. And she explained she found this bookand decied to see it. She'd astral projectedinto her neighbors home the following evening, and what-not. I used to be like woman you gottabe kiddin me lol. I thoght she was insane cause I never herd ofanything like this. Well I chose to do some research and discovered that she was right.( me and her aren't really that good of friends or friends anymore...) )Anyways, therefore i did some practicing techniques. In regards to a couple weeks of practicin I'd my first and then my second. It had been an incredible affair. I didn't wish to quit doing this causewere I went I felt surrounded by love and like I was house like I hadfound myself...It was just actually beautiful..Everytime I kept returning into truth I got he same previous feelingsback..Like I was not living o-r just an audience in some one elses shoes...Iwas beginning to get tehse negative ideas and feelings. About I should only end my life I was gettingemotions. I hated these feelingsthey made me hate myself a lot, allot. I went to rest that night thinking about these ideas about home or anything. Like why should I do this why am I thinkingabout these feelings..I waslike exactly what the heck is this and drifted down into this like trance state? I can't go and was like ohhh I should beastral predicting today. And continued to eath usually and about I suppose what looked like 20seconds..I just abruptly relaxmore.After startedto feel like my body was being cut to shreds the suffering was just sounbelievable. I acquired a view of my human anatomy being curled up andblackend out. Then these viations came and these didn't appear tohelp it only made the pain worse and solution of wack (sync whatsoever youwant to call it )idk exactly what the heck was goin on. I really could not do only only laythere. I began to hear this flourishing bright large pitchnoise. I can hear a woman childs speech and a child in the sametime it had been kind-of peculiar. After they repeated about3 times to that expression but they kept saying in my experience to "tryharder" the pain ended for 2nd. I was above it and left my human anatomy onto the cieling. Icould see my human anatomy often I've a feeling. This time around I din't itwas greyed out like I'd be sick or anything. In addition it lookedcoldish like. I didn't get to do much i just got an opportunity to escape for just asecond the pain started initially to come back and I was hurried back into mybody. I woke up with a shot and couldn't go for around a couplesecs. Then I was frightened sh**tless ofr the remainder of-the evening lolEver since I have had that expereince. I feel really differnt..Likei'm my very own home now and I don't get these frustrated emotions ornegative ideas anymore. It's great. If anybody hasany guidance what this may of been? I am however trying ot number this outlol...I am an interested individual occasionally lol..
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