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Tips are Perennially Tempting Marketing Articles | May 6, 2003
Techies love them. Young and old ... haters love them. Most ... editors love them. Tips -- neatly ... numbered nuggets of advice -- are always ... to those whose job it is

Techies love them. Young and old technology haters love
them. Most importantly, editors love them. Tips -- neatly
packaged Wholesale Custom Soccer Jerseys , numbered nuggets of advice -- are always appealing
to those whose job it is to fill up publications with
entertaining and illuminating information. They can
therefore represent a lucrative route to publicity for you
or your organization.

The content of tips that earn you media coverage doesn't
have to be original, exclusive or startling. You can offer
up things most people in your position know. Their charm is
mainly in the writing and packaging.

Start with an irresistible title, usually including a
number, such as "Seven Steps to a Summer Without Bug Bites,"
"Four Secrets Real Estate Agents Don't Want Homebuyers to
Know" or "11 Ways Not to Ingratiate Yourself to The Boss."
Then brainstorm ideas and choose the best and second best
and so on Wholesale Authentic Soccer Jerseys , until you have the number you'd chosen.

Rewrite each item so that it begins with a brief phrase
summarizing the idea, which might appear in boldface in a
magazine or on the Web. For example, here's a crisp,
properly formatted item #1 for the first-mentioned set of

1. Inform yourself. Ask about buggy seasons and areas before
finalizing your vacation plans. For instance, some beaches
are more mosquito-infested than others. Your first-choice
time slot for a holiday might be black-fly season up at the

A good way to set up a tips press release is to sandwich the
tips between a lead paragraph introducing the topic in a
timely way and a final paragraph about your organization.
Include the URL of your Web site Wholesale Soccer Jerseys Free Shipping , where people can go for
more information. If you have a longish set of tips, use the
press release as a tease, presenting only a few of your
items and specifying how readers can get the whole set, such
as by calling, faxing on their office letterhead Wholesale Soccer Jerseys From China , sending an
email request or visiting a certain Web address.

Tips can help you generate product orders or client leads or
targeted Web traffic when you associate the tips with a new
product, an . Cheap Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Wholesale Cheap Authentic Jerseys Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap Authentic NFL Jerseys Cheap Jerseys China Cheap Authentic Jerseys Wholesale Sports Jerseys Wholesale Throwback Sports Jerseys
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