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Default All about the use of video on social networks
All about the use of video on social networks
Social networks seem to have launched a race to become the platforms on which users consume video. Why?

Because consumption of online video has increased by 155% in the last year alone, thanks to the popularization of high-speed 4G networks, which allow us to enjoy video at any time and from anywhere.
Because social media posts that include video generate up to 90% more interactions (more likes, more comments ...)
The different social networks have launched numerous improvements to make it easier for users to share videos on them, so let's review each of them and see what is the best way to share videos.


Videos generate 54% more “likes” and 104% more comments.

In FB we can upload videos by linking them from YouTube, but Facebook wants to be a real rival to it, so it encourages them to be uploaded directly to the platform.

New video search engine. Videos can be tagged and trends displayed. Something as recent as it was released yesterday.

Facebook LIVE. It is a function that was launched last summer and that allows you to broadcast live video directly from the social network. At first it was restricted to verified users but for a few weeks it has been available to all users. In addition, some improvements have been included:

-It can be broadcast without time limitation, filters have been included, also the possibility of drawing on the video and a map that allows you to see where broadcasts are being made anywhere in the world. This has only just begun and in the coming months we will surely see more news.


It allows uploading videos recorded with the mobile phone of up to 30 seconds in length. Increase interactions by up to 60%. You have to be very direct, call to action. Visit ssstik.io

Success of GIFs, small short videos, which became popular in the 90s at the beginning of the Internet and which now triumph on Twitter to express emotions or to graphically represent what we say in less than 140 characters.
All is possible!!
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