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Default Dream Meaning? Butterfly and Bird
Ok so I dreamt of being in a sort of overgrown backyard; really tall grasses and trees and such like I like it and I see this massive butterfly flying past me. In my head it's a sign to remember so I focus on it as it flies really close trying to help me remember it. It was mostly black with orange and teal colors. Very pretty...it flies past and I look up and there's a bird sitting calmly in a tree watching me...it as the butterfly is mostly black with orange and teal as well.

Anyone know the symbology of this in a dream; particularly the butterfly; but I think the bird was there to show they have a shared meaning that I can use? Thanks

Black butterflies are about massive change coming soon, no?
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Hey, I have been looking for a great medium who can interpret the dreams so far. As long as it's something spiritual and utterly something personal I have been so meticulous about everything. My stop-station was this blog with incredibly explained different ways of having the same one dream. It is the coolest thing when you have information about a dream being opened thoroughly in one article https://dreams-meaning.com/blog/butterfly-dream. Moreover, if you wish, you can get contacts with a medium there, who may help you even more, as all of the interpretations were written by this medium in this blog. So, based on my experience, I give you this tried&tested information. Stay safe!
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