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Default Choosing a pet wisely in Oregon.
Choosing a pet wisely in Oregon.
Animals in the house require attention to themselves, time to care for them, and parents have to perform most of these duties in practice, as well as free space and considerable material investments. Be sure to take this into account, even if the child is just begging to have at least some kind of animal.
The decision on "replenishment in the family" is made, taking into account the opinion of all its members, the absence of allergic reactions, as well as financial opportunities pedigreed animals and "dowry" are not cheap for them.
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Before deciding to bring a pet into the house, we will talk seriously with the child, explain that the animal is not a disposable toy, which is disposed of when it gets bored. A living being needs love and proper daily care.
Having learned from the child what kind of animal and what breed he would like to have, we will acquire special literature and together we will study the habits and features of caring for this animal. You can even conduct a small exam and check how well the knowledge was acquired.
When choosing an animal, we also take into account the age of the child. Large strong breeds of dogs can be dangerous for toddlers, causing them pain during active games. "Pocket" dogs like Yorkies or chihuahuas themselves may inadvertently suffer from the loving embrace of crumbs. We do not take a child and a dog that can show aggression.
We go to buy a pet together with the child and listen to his opinion. Very often, when buying, there is "love at first sight": the animal and the future little owner sense each other by the equality of properties determination or tenderness, activity or balance and are literally "attracted" to each other.
We look closely at the animals and choose a calm, friendly animal that is easy to contact, is given in hand, is actively involved in the game. He should also have a healthy appearance clear, shiny eyes and fur, no discharge from the nose, much less coughing, sneezing or continuous scratching.
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