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Default Laser Range Finder
that is a very cheap laser range finder.
It consists of only 3 pins (VCC, GND, OUT) and a variable resistance; my current problem is that around there is not a rag of datasheets (as far as I have searched) and I am not able to understand the operation of either hardware or, let alone, software. If anyone has any idea of a sketch that allows me to use it would be very much appreciated, since I should integrate it on a project I'm doing in uni that needs such a sensor for "accurate" distance measurement.

Thank you for your time and trust in your experience!
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I have this issue too and I hope I will find here a solution
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In my personal opinion, if you're a beginner if to speak about hunting I think it's better to buy a rangefinder which is more expensive that muller's variant, you won't be disappointed for sure. The problem is to find a site where we can buy them. 2 years ago, I've been searching for a long time and I didn't find anything. After some time my brother who prefers hunting too, he advised me to use this site, he's never had any issues with it, so he said that I should try it: https://www.atncorp.com/range-finder . If to speak about myself, I bought laserballistics 1000, but you can try to buy something else, of course.
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