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  1. What pitbulls really are...
  2. VERY WEIRD thing happened today...that I could see coming
  3. Dumbest Pit Bull Comment You've Ever Heard...
  4. Rescued Dogs STOLEN *PLEASE Read-Crosspost*
  5. American Pit Bull Terrier
  6. Update, havent been here in a year
  7. Has anybody heard of this trunking ???
  8. I Need Some Good Liars-And Pics!!! lol
  9. Frustrated, upset, sick.
  10. NJ-PetSmart Fires Employee Who Brought Dog to Work
  11. hanging papers
  12. Boy, 12, arrested for animal cruelty
  13. Beware The HSUS Bait-and-Switch
  14. Neighbor...
  15. Only THREE of these Dogs are Pit Bull Mixes...
  16. GA Puppies Found Tied Up In Garbage Bag
  17. Rottie chat??
  18. Why not breed better Pet Bulls?
  19. I want a pit bull puppy
  20. Behavior at the vet.
  21. Cleo's Pedigree! HELP!!
  22. So I just watched "Off the Chain".....Quick question
  23. Just curious about my dog's size
  24. Stolen Pit Bulls in hoffman Estates IL. UPDATE !!
  25. animal planets pit bull quiz
  26. Improving the pitbull image
  27. so I rescued this dog-again~
  28. Two positive Pit Bull cartoons
  29. Animal planets dog fighting exposed
  30. Papered Am Staff in Oz but Ambully????
  31. Why "Pit Bulls"?
  32. APBT or AMBULLY?
  33. Animal Cops: Philadelphia
  34. Pit attacked
  35. What have you done to be a "Pit Bull Ambassador"?
  36. Sick of the blue dog insanity
  37. Bodacious Putting the Pit in HosPITal
  38. Pit Bulls don't bark much
  39. Do Dogs Have Dreams?
  40. 300 fine for not picking up dogs poop
  41. So Confused
  42. Jake will have to go out on a chain
  43. Reinforcing the fence "just in case"
  44. Poor relationships between rescues and shelters?
  45. Country APBT with major Enemy
  46. Another Pit Bull related injury
  47. How do you know?
  48. Is my dog mixed?
  49. Pitbull's and Parolee's
  50. Gameness
  51. "Pit Boss" tv show
  52. Irresponsible Animal Shelters
  53. HELP with apartment seeking in philly
  54. Depressed beyond measure
  55. Need a name for my friend's new pit bull bitch:)
  56. How did you know it was time for a 2nd dog?
  57. Victoria Stillwell( It's me or the dog)
  59. Looking for pics of blue female pits please?
  60. really, how dumb can one be?
  61. Gypsy the InHaler(not be confused with 'Vlad the Impaler')
  62. whats up with the white toes
  63. Ban pit bulls!!!!!
  64. Long time no see,
  65. Doggy Grieving
  66. Best guardian breed?
  67. Have you EVER Hit Your Dog?
  68. How have you honored your lost friend?
  69. Designer Dogs, Mini Pit
  70. Rental Problems
  71. Bring dog to work in winter
  72. yawn on command
  73. Sour Old Lady
  74. Dog meat taken off the menu......
  75. a place they send pitbulls rehabilitated?
  76. I demand a DNA test...
  77. when will it end
  78. Wtf irie~!!
  79. Why do pits/bullies have 'big' ears?
  80. moving?
  81. Is the Game APBT becoming extinct
  82. Question:Has you dog or pup ever bit you?
  83. Small dog, I need some help!
  84. Testing my dog with a toddler
  85. dog obsession
  86. Uhm What is an American Bull Terrier?
  87. Searching Google pictures
  88. Dont hurt my babies! UPDATE !!
  89. Can I stop them?
  90. Witnessed a fight today.
  91. Dog Groomers
  92. How my family has been affected by the pit's bad reputation
  93. Seriously? My dog is ridiculous...and perhaps OCD.
  94. they make pitbulls out of bread?
  95. This dog-bashing list has no references listed
  96. prayers for Daizy
  97. Is this a good kong idea
  98. Was the landlord in the wrong or did he have the right to change his mind
  99. Co-own?
  100. Has anyone heard of this
  101. God people are freaking stupid!!!
  102. Canine Behavior Test
  103. I want this sweet girl to come home with me. Why do people do this?
  104. Rescued a Cutie!
  105. would you consider...
  106. Re-Naming Dogs?
  107. Have you ever seen a dog with these traits?
  108. I'm a HORRIBLE dog owner!!! -Vent-
  109. little dogs and bullies
  110. Very Important Please Read!!
  111. Could use everyone's advice...
  112. Im gonna string him up by his ears....
  113. I wish all people were this easy.........
  114. DO NOT Make Purchase from "Pitbullshirt.Com"
  115. Small dogs and bully breeds
  116. Leaving Puppy Alone
  117. Where do you take your dog for socialization
  118. If you have a DA dog, please don't bring it to a dog event and/or dog park (Rant)
  119. Found stray dog for the 5th time
  120. New Puppy!!!
  121. How long inbetween letting dog out?
  122. Quirky Things My Pit Bull Does
  123. One of the saddest videos I've ever seen....
  124. Byb's or real dogman?
  125. "dogman"
  126. Need a lil help with an ongoing problem with Kia getting EVEN!
  127. arrival of the puppies
  128. A Jenny?
  129. Beginner's inquiry
  130. Pitbulls & Parolees
  131. long time everyone
  132. mel paws five
  133. Pit Bull Ban
  134. Leaving a dog in the hands of a kid
  135. can a pitbull have tick spots
  136. Why Dogs Attack their owners. (works this time) Funny
  137. Getting Irie back! What should I do?!
  138. what a working pit bull is about
  139. I get to attend my first ever agility competition, I'm so excited!
  140. Birthday Boy
  141. Just got into small argument that I didn't continue long
  142. Gypsy's hit the big oh six.
  143. Vote for Goren please
  144. Ignorance is what destroys our breed ARRRGH
  145. Why is star so "nArrow"
  146. Is our puppy a pitbull?
  147. to those of you with white dogs....
  148. dogs eating geese poop
  149. PLEASE tell me this is a hoax?
  150. He just does not get it!
  151. just a rant
  152. Do all Pitbulls have a spot on the roof of their mouth?
  153. Skeletor's bathroom has been remodeled :)
  154. could it work?
  155. Bite force
  156. Dog Handler age?
  157. URGENT: Please VOTE in this POLL!! IMPORTANT!
  158. Can We Teach Our American Pit Bull Terriers to do This?
  159. Aggressive dog and dumb owner
  160. What do you think about Boerboels?
  161. Why Did You Decide to Own a Pitbull?
  162. Pedigree
  163. Blame the Pitbull or the Human Poll? VOTE HERE!
  164. Military bans pits in san diego base??
  165. Can They Tell The Differance???
  166. irratated....
  167. Skinny? Seriously?
  168. Blue barked at another dog last Night for 1st time.
  169. Fat dog craigslist.
  170. pit bull or boxer??
  171. Perla the pit bull
  172. kids and dogs
  173. Watched something last night that got me thinking about our beloved Bully breeds
  174. Bragging on my pit baby!
  175. Tomorrow is friday... TOMORROW IS FRIDAY!
  176. What Pitbull?
  177. An ignorant owner mess-sorry long story
  178. at what age??
  179. Thinking about adopting an amstaff...
  180. How many members regularly volunteer?
  181. happy to see a well behaved pit bull
  182. such thing as a german pit bull?
  183. Mercedes Vet Visit
  184. Warning: It's one of the biggest weekends for people to lose their pets
  185. Do you own a game dog?
  186. Please Stop "Helping"
  187. im not sure if this is a joke...
  188. What's that, Ruger, you love to swim...
  189. Please HELP with abbreviations!
  190. OHMYGOSH so i totally froze!
  191. No rest
  192. I had just thought the other day, that it'd been a while...
  193. Bandits sister
  194. Stupid owners at dog parks
  195. BYB, a home based business.
  196. My baby was falsely accused of biting neighborhood kid
  197. An easy & free way to help Atlanta Bully Rescue
  198. Bag balm?
  199. seriously... are you color blind?!?!?
  200. MY 18month pit went missing
  201. Good Dog Blog
  202. Songs//Your dogs
  203. I thought this was funny...
  204. OMG I found Pipers twin
  205. Got some information today
  206. Dog excrement kills grass? Lies! (rant)
  207. How do I find what kind of pit bull do I have
  208. think before you breed.
  209. Unexpected company tonight, great, worried about how my dog will react
  210. Questions about air traveling with dogs?
  211. Puppy Classes
  212. Coonhounds
  213. Dog sense
  214. Favorite ways to beat the heat with your dogs
  215. Doggy Pools
  216. Anyone's dog "see things" that aren't there?
  217. Hm, debating a chain spot for Hoss. Opinions?
  218. Name bad or evil dogs in movies
  219. If you could have any dog from yesteryear
  220. Dumb line of the evening
  221. If it's not pitbull.. what's your chosen breed?
  222. How did you get your dog(s)? Stories/pics welcome!
  223. Incorrect temperament?
  224. Seriously thinking about it!
  225. Time for a new prong collar
  226. Something random that bothers me.
  227. Dogs running out of their electric fences
  228. Is my dog the only dog that likes to be chewed?
  229. Irresponsible Owners rant
  230. Ugh... stupid people!
  231. Is anyone else waiting??
  232. Why did I adopt a pit-bull mix.
  233. Stats
  234. Ellie Updates, questions, and need for advice!
  235. does Trina look part Weimeriner?
  236. Reason why there are so many "pitbulls"
  237. My Neighbor Dog Fights...
  238. Traveling with dogs
  239. Marylanders- Patapsco State Park?
  240. another dog.. (the bad news)
  241. Two boxers chargins us - I thought this was the end!
  242. I was 'attacked' by an off-lead dog...
  243. I was attacked today...
  244. Dogs, may be allowed in Santa Cruz again...
  245. Ya'll are gonna love this!
  246. Infuriating!
  247. Looking for owners of pit bulls and pit bull mixes for study
  248. How much is too much?
  249. Free Spay Neuter for "pit bulls" in Atlanta!
  250. Are pitbulls one dog owners?