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Default Microchips in people
CityWatcher.com, a supplier of monitoring gear, attracted little notice it self -- until this past year, when two of its personnel had glass-encapsulated microchips with small antennas inserted within their arms. The "chipping" of two employees with RFIDs -- radio frequency identification tags so long as two grains of rice, as heavy as a toothpick -- was simply a method of limiting use of containers that kept sensitive information and pictures for police departments, a level of protection beyond key cards and settlement rules, the organization said. "To defend high-end safe information, you utilize more advanced techniques," Sean Darks, leader of the Cincinnati-based firm, said. Chip implants were compared by him to retina tests or fingerprinting. "There is just a reader outside the door; you go as much as the reader, place your arm under it, and it starts the door." Innocent? Perhaps. But the information that Americans had, for the very first time, been shot with digital identifiers to do their jobs thrilled an argument over the expansion of ever-more-precise monitoring systems and their capability to erode privacy in the electronic era. For some, the microchip was a marvelous creation -- a high-tech assistant that may improve safety at nuclear plants and military bases, aid regulators determine roaming Alzheimer's individuals, enable customers to purchase their goods, actually, with the trend of a cracked hand. To the others, the idea of marking people was Orwellian, a from generations of history and history by which people had the best to do and go as they pleased without having to be monitored, until they were hurting another person. Microchips in humans: High-tech assistants or Your Government monitoring? - CNN.com
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