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Default Cooling system
Ceiling fans Provide cooling in summer and help to save energy in winter. Designed for installation in medium and large areas, such as restaurants, lobbies, waiting rooms, discos, shopping halls, warehouses and production facilities, gyms, etc. in Addition, can be used to speed up the drying process in the industry.
22 best cooling devices and personal cooling products to protect you from heat exhaustion

Ceiling fans are traditionally used to cool the air in summer. In addition, they can effectively solve the problems of ventilation in rooms with insufficient number of Windows, a significant heat release by lighting devices, etc. the Design in the style of XasatJanca" makes the ceiling fans Helios peculiar, but a pleasant element of the design of many rooms in the heating period ceiling fans can significantly reduce the cost of heating. In high rooms, such as gyms, production halls, warehouses, slowly rotating fans provide a more even distribution of heat. This helps to increase the temperature of the floor to 25% without additional heating costs. The power consumption of the fans themselves is extremely small. Observations have shown that during operation, the average temperature at floor level rises by 4 KŠ installation instructions Safety regulations provide for the installation of a ceiling fan (lower edge of the blades) at a height of at least 2.3 m above the floorŠ Ceiling fans DVW series
Durable metal construction and classic design. Closed engine has a lacquer coating applied by the method of hot drying. Does not require maintenance, does not generate radio interference.
Reduction of rocking ensures total absence of vibration.
Simplified installation - just fasten the blades. Height adjustment is possible thanks to the supply of a long and short mounting tube.
5-speed adjustment by TSVV 0.3 regulator {accessories). The direction of the air supply is determined by the wiring or by the reversing switch (DSEL 2 accessories). A minimum starting current of 100 V is required for the reverse mode (upward direction).
Ceiling fans Nordik International Plus

Nordic International Plus ceiling fans are manufactured by Italian company Vortice and meet all Russian requirements for quality and reliability. Such fans, in fact, are universal - they can be used in the premises of almost any purpose to create the most comfortable conditions. Their main task is to mix the air, creating its mobility. As a result, there is either air cooling (in summer) or even distribution of warm air in the room (in winter).

Ceiling fans Nordic International Plus are available in four versions, differing in size. Thus, for the premises of any size, you can choose a fan of this series so that it optimally copes with the tasks assigned to it.

Ceiling axial fans Nordic International Plus when working virtually no noise, allowing them to be used in residential areas, including at night. At the same time Nordic International Plus fans are characterized by reliability and durability, easy to use and install. The intensity of the "mixing" of the air by the fan can be changed by means of the speed controller of the blades..

Nordic International Plus ceiling fans are characterized by high performance with economical power consumption, which also adds to the attractiveness of this series of devices. The air flow created by them is quite powerful, and the aerodynamic characteristics are such that the efficiency of using Nordic International Plus is kept at a consistently high level under almost any operating conditions.
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