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Default Weight loss is harder than rocket science.
BMI isnít used by any medical professionals worth listening to as a measure of health. Itís just a result of what happens when the government gets involved in healthcare.

The only accurate measure of body fat is autopsy.

There are tools used to ascertain a patientís health status with regards to body fat and and adipose tissue. Height, weight, waist circumference, stated lifestyle, and the eyeball test are all things a healthcare provider can use to consult with client on health status and potential lifestyle changes.

Also, 20% body fat is healthier than single-digit body fat generally.
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Ohh yeah, that's so true! I understand it depends on your metabolism and lifestyle. However, I compare it all to myself, as I'm dealing with this issue. It's so tough to lose weight and so easy to get fat. And people who keep saying you just have to lose more calories than you consume. Guys, sometimes it doesn't work like that. I started to work out daily because I wanted to lose around 15 kg before summer. And I can tell you this product https://rats.army/product/rad140-testolone/ helps me really much. It stimulates you and gives you more energy to work out even more.
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Many people want to make a difference in their bodies at the gym but cannot do it alone. When you're in the company of people with the same goals, it's much easier to get yourself to work. My workouts help me be in shape; I try to listen to my body and concentrate my attention on every single muscle. Such immersion in action is like meditation and allows me to get the best result out of my training session. Now I started to accept RAD 140 to get results faster and motivate myself with it even more. Wish me luck!
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