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Default Recommended Paddle for an Intermediate player
Hi guys!
So I've been playing Table Tennis on and off and have recently gotten into it again. I've been taking some coaching sessions to brush up my basics and I believe i've gotten those onto a decent level but just need to play more matches to translate those skills accordingly, I would classify myself as an intermediate player who's looking into spending alot of time on the sport this year. I plan to play competitively at university this year and accordingly keep up the practice but have been researching extensively on recommended paddles but am still a bit uncertain on what I should get for a person at my skill level.

My budget is around 30-60 Pounds and the best option I've seen yet is the Pre-Made Palio Legend 2.0. I'm open to any other suggestions or recommendations if there in the budget!.
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Palio Legend 2.0 is an affordable pre-made racket with good control and spin for intermediate players (budget: 30-60). Alternatives include Butterfly Timo Boll 3000, with a similar price range and designed for intermediate to advanced players for speed and control, and Stiga Pro Carbon, a highly rated paddle for intermediate players preferring an attacking style of play, albeit slightly pricier. Choosing the best option depends on individual playing style and trying out different paddles, or seeking advice from a coach.
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