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Default Verified By Leon Panetta - OBL "Kill Order" and Water Boarding Worked
msnbc.com Video Player At 5:00 in Panetta says that there clearly was a kill purchase' for OBL only when he 'put up his arms' were they to take him alive The Obama hired CIA key also accepted today that intelligence learned from improved interrogating methods light emitting diode the UNITED STATES to Osama Bin Laden. 8:50 in Intelligence received from waterboarded detainees was used to find al-Qaida chief Osama bin Laden and destroy him, CIA Chief Leon Panetta informed NBC News on Tuesday. 'Enhanced interrogation methods' were used to acquire data that resulted in the mission's achievement, Panetta said throughout a meeting with anchor Brian Williams. These methods involved waterboarding, he recognized. Panetta, who in a 2009 CIA verification reading announced 'waterboarding is pain and it's wrong,' said Tuesday that discussion about its use may carry on. 'Whether we'd have gotten exactly the same data through different methods I believe is definitely gonna be an question,' Panetta said.The last time I examined Panetta was a Democrat. These two issues should be put by this to rest...
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