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Default Father filth pulls out of church
Priest who fathered two denies Sunday World made him quit
Sunday World October 25, 2009 Pages 14 & 15
By Paula Mackin

FATHER Filth Gordon McKinstry has resigned from the piesthood in the Catholic Church. The Sunday World can reveal the shamed cleric has hung up his dog collar one year after this newspaper exposed his seedy sex life. McKinstry quit his Randalstown parish last month yet amazingly claims his early retirement has no connection to the explosive revelations made by his former mistress and secret love child.

Last year Maureen Leathem sensationally revealed how she conducted a lust-filled affair with the sex-obsessed priest.


It was also revealed that the randy Catholic curate had fathered two children by two different women.

The Sunday World caught up with the elusive ex-priest last week in a car park in Randalstown. Just 10 minutes before our encounter, McKinstry's housekeeper told Sunday World that the disgraced man-of-the-cloth was out of town until that evening. However minutes after knocking McKinstry's door the shameful womaniser
emerged from the house and jumped into his plush Hyundai 4x4.

When confronted in the car park in the town McKinstry initially denied his identity. He also denied his affair with Maureen Leathem and the fact he had fathered a son and a daughter.

"I have done nothing wrong, nothing. My retirement has nothing to do with the Sunday World stories, I have denied everything. I just decided to retire, my decision had nothing to do with the stories you did," Gordon McKinstry told me.

A spokesperson for the Catholic Church said: "Following the revelations about Fr Gordon McKinstry last year, the Diocese of Down and Connor investigated the situation. "Fr McKinstry stepped down at that time from public ministry.

Earlier this month, Fr Gordon fully retired from public ministry. The Diocese fully understands and accepts his retirement."

In the 12 months since our explosive revelations McKinstry has failed to show any remorse for his actions that caused revulsion amongst the Catholic community.

McKinstry conducted a 15 month affair with Maureen Leathem after she came to him for advice over her failing marriage. The pair enjoyed marathon sex sessions in the parochial house of St Theresa's in West Belfast from 2002.

The kinky priest conducted these secret sex sessions before adorning his robes, taking Mass and listening to confessions.

In our exclusive interview with his former mistress Maureen Leathem, it was revealed how the priest begged for oral sex, enjoyed spanking and talking dirty Maureen disclosed how McKinstry tried to convince her to participate in anal sex.


"When he was in a state of arousal he begged me to talk dirty to him but I couldn't so he used to do all the talking. He would say some really sick stuff, things I wouldn't repeat. "He particularly loved oral sex, that was his favourite. He always had to have that and he loved me being on top too, that was another of his favourites. "He became very demanding in bed. If we were together for longer periods of time, breaks to Donegal and that he had to have sex every day. I thought his sex drive was exceptionally high," she claims.

As the relationship progressed the horny priest became more adventurous, he loved the thrill of the secrecy surrounding his clandestine affair.
"He liked sex in the kitchen, on the couch and various other places. It wasn't just the bedroom. At the start, as a lover, I would have to rate him as a zero but that was probably because of his lack of experience. He did get better though, and to be fair to him he wasn't a selfish lover.

"He was really experimental though, one occasion he even asked me to try anal sex, I was disgusted," she revealed at the time. Maureen revealed the details of first night they spent together, two weeks after she turned to him for advice in 2002.

"He told me it was wonderful and that it was fantastic to have a woman in his bed; he couldn't get enough of me. "I asked him why he wouldn't leave the priesthood, not for me but for himself, but he said he didn't see why he should.

"He said he was good at his job and God would forgive him for sleeping with me.

"What we did together was a sin before God but that didn't bother him. He thought nothing of going out and delivering dying people the last ntes or communion," the former mistress said.

Maureen exposed his revelations after the priest shunned her after their affair came to an end.


In the weeks after her expose it was discovered McKinstry had fathered a 19- year-old daughter, who we promised we would not identify. It was also revealed how he fathered a son, 42 -year-old 'Martin', who gave a heartbreaking interview to this newspaper. Martin revealed how he was dumped into an orphanage just one day after he was born to a former housekeeper of McKinstry's.
He was reared by nuns, never being put up for adoption in a move by the Catholic Church to protect the identity of his father.

"I always wondered why I was never put up for adoption. I used to think it was because of me, because nobody wanted me and nobody could love me but now I know it was to protect my father.

"I was only a baby, I was a child and I never deserved to be treated to way I was. I was rejected all my life and that is still heartbreaking for me; the nuns were my mummies" Martin revealed.

When Martin discovered the priest was his biological father over a decade ago, it devastated him. "Shortly after I confronted him I ended up in Windsor House, I had a total breakdown, I couldn't handle it.

"I had a terrible life, a lonely childhood in a children's home. I spent my life wondering why my parents never wanted me, never loved me.
At one stage, McKinstry demanded that 'Martin' have a DNA test, claiming it would prove he wasn't the 42-year-old's father.

'Martin' agreed, but only if both DNA tests were conducted at the same time, and by an independent medic. The DNA tests were never followed up.
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