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Default Big bang!!
While I was laying in bed last night there were a lot of interesting things happeneing. A lot of energy was hitting me, I thank all those who sent this energy , I felt out of body a lot and I was not ''allowed'' to goto sleep for quite some time. At about 4am Lisa and I both jumped to a very loud bang ..I thought it was the cat jumping on something and something falling so I got up and trekked around the small apartment and found nothing out of place. My root chakra took a good hit though...and again I ''Though'' it was fear at first like if a spirit was amiss in the house. The bang orgininated from right inside the room. When I talked with Lisa about it this morning she said ''I saw this huge flash of red light .. my eyes were closed yet when the bang happened all I saw was Red everywhere''.

When she said that God put the image of a firework going off in the bedroom. Definately going to have to keep asking for an answer on this one Feels exciting!!

God Bless
Love and Light
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