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Taliban1 and others:

Should youth who are struggling with the basics (faraaidh) be encouraged to do bayah with a shaykh? Are shuyookh likely to accept them as mureeds?
Bay't is not necessary but only a tool to help you in your struggle to follow Shariat. Young struggling people should be encouraged to spend time in pious company and if possible, they should be encouraged to regularly visit bayans of a proper Shaikh. If they feel like doing bayt they can do it later. When they start going into shaikhs company inshaAllah they will find it easy to practice the basics.

The purpose of tasawwuf is to make it easy for a person to follow Shariat. Nothing else. If a person spends all his life with a shaikh, gets khilafat, becomes a big shaikh but doesnt follow shariat himself then his tasawwuf is useless.

Shuyookhs are different. Some will accept them as mureeds, some wont. Being mureed is not important. Doing your islah is from the faraaidh.
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