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Post Random acts of mass violence in America?
First and foremost, I'm a South African.Ever since the advent of democracy in our land, waves after waves of crime have crashed over our beloved land. The explanation of this is very simple as the Apartheid era was a socio-economic disaster, with 10 percent of our population controlling 80 percent of our entire economy. In a developing country, crime levels are gonna smash through the roof because of things like that, However, most of crimes are armed robberies and the likes, with murder in most cases due to criminals resorting to violence as a final, fatal alternative.Now, the United States are miles ahead of us in terms of socio-economics and politics, though it goes without saying that crime does occur in the most prosperous country on earth.Considering this particular context, can anyone explain these mass killings (like the Batman film killings in Denver) that seem to have become a... norm, shall I say... over there. They are senseless, no doubt, There is no financial motive, clearly. While people point to your rather liberal gun laws as a cause, I sincerely doubt that the proliferation of weapons encourages people to murder just because they can.
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