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Default Itís here that Mafia City shows some of its cracks
Once youíve finished up the majority of the chapter two segments, you may find yourself somewhat underleveled for the jump to chapter three and at a loss on how to work your way through those missing levels. Itís here that Mafia City shows some of its cracks, as the process of grinding up between chapters can be a little bit tedious, especially when you have to do it multiple times if youíre trying to complete all mafia crime games character stories. Thankfully there are a handful of areas that are ripe for easy farming. With large experience rewards and easily breakable enemies, these areas make for the opportune place to spend a bit of time grinding up your party members, and their ease of access and proximity to major settlements for quicker recovery and consumable top ups makes these farming spots ideal.

Hereís where you should go when you are stuck in the following level ranges:

Level 20-30: Inside the Tomb of the King on the path to stoneguard.

Level 30-35: Inside the Tomb of the Imperator near Stillsnow. The ideal enemy here is the cluster of bats.

Level 40+: North Riverford Traverse, just outside Riverford. The insect swarms are easily broken with AOE ice attacks.

For more information about Mafia City, please visit Yotta Games Studio.

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