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Default Does Fort Huachaca involve Israel & Uranium - or just Israeli UAV testing ?
Background - I was shown a prototype of a UAV during an interview at a large defense contractor in the mid-1990's.

The UAV is trailer-mounted and launched and is identical in appearance to the Israeli Heron.

While I worked at this defense contractor, it became obvious that Fort Huachaca was the development & testing ground for the contractor's UAV. Also that being stationed at Huachaca had its good points & bad points - there wasn't much to do there except rack up the Over-time. Away from the family for the married guys, no social nothing for the single guys.

One of the other engineers was good buddies with a guy in my department, and would stop by every few months to talk shop.

A picture of the Israeli Heron UAV -

I was not aware of the Israeli Heron connection until I actually saw a picture of the early Heron - it was identical to what I saw during the initial interview. It was shown to me without any qualifications re. "Classified", confidentiality, etc.

The term "Heron" is used for a range of Israeli UAV's. The prototype I saw was a smaller device, about 10 feet long.

Being interested in the (ore) Miners, I recently looked at a picture of Uranium Deposits in the USA. I was struck by the amount of uranium deposits in Arizona.

I then got curious, and looked up Fort Huachaca on Google Maps. Yes, it is right in the middle of Uranium territory.

See that purple area in Southwest Arizona ? Fort Huachaca, a US Army Base, sits right in the middle of it.

Anyway, I already know that Israel has their tentacles deep inside the as-yet-un-named defense contractor, and therefore maintains "friendly relations" with the US Army at Fort Huachaca. (Being an Israeli boot-licker is key to Career Advancement at most US defense contractors, especially this one.)

So I have to wonder - behind all the walls and rooms of "stuff we're not supposed to talk about" - is Israel using Huachaca to procure or enrich Uranium ?
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Good question, they have to get it from somewhere, for their 'non-existent' nukes. Your thoughts are about as good as any on that subject.
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