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Default Need some naseeha regarding these paths
Assalamualaikum warahmutullah

Brief background: From the US, age 22, has a b.s. from University

Im putting in a sincere request for naseeha and advice on which option to pursue for Islamic knowledge. Just as a reminder, naseeha is an amana and I will take whatever input (if any) very seriously. (edit: also give some reasoning behind the naseeha, saying take this and this path isnt a problem, I know to take one, it just depends on which is better than the other)

Alhamdulillahi rabil alameen, I am not sure how these paths have opened up for me but they have and they are as follows with the following concerns.

The first option I have is that of South Africa.

Dar Uloom Zakariyya (already accepted)

Pros: Many Ulema/students of knowledge
well organized and direct tarbiyya of students (not to be underestimated)

Cons: Marriage (very hard)
After 2 years I will be put in a situation where I will have to accept zakat to continue studies (at this point if i find no other support i will stop schooling and refuse zakat)
I will most likely not return to the US so I dont have to worry about prying eyes

Medina with University of Medina (already accepted)

Pros: Medina life (and other perks such as 0-30 dollar Umra packages)
Marriage is of medium difficulty because work is available for students
No/very little prying eyes on return
Can finish with financial independence
Opportunity to become strong in the arabic language
Cons: One/two ulema to learn from outside the University (university is a medium to live in medina rather than a medium to learn)
University is of poor quality and runs the risk of turning me into a hamster like most other students (again, university is a vehicle for visa)
Lack of senior scholars and students, which directly correlates with tarbiyya
Mauritanian (teacher is Mauritanian) style (as I know) requires mentorship from other students (there are no other students I am aware of)

Medina with work (ex. teaching eng.) (currently job hunting in medina)

Pros: All of the above
Financial independence and the natural tarbiyya of life
dont have to deal with pressure from Univ of medina
Cons: Same as above

U.S with e-alim from a well known dar uloom

Pros: In the US at the service of my mother (not to be underestimated)
Work is readily available/ career advancments
Marriage easier

Cons: Weak syllabus/light learning
Environment (not to be underestimated)
Light contact with other students and limited tarbiyya from scholar (Ibrahim Memon Madani is responsible for this e course)

Mauritanian school

I have a small idea of what the schooling is like but not enough to comment on like the above

Obviously marriage is a concern to me, but if one option stands out among the rest, regardless of whatever cons show up, Ill take that one inshaa Allah.
Those are all the ones I can think of at the moment. Also those are the pros and cons according to my limited understanding, so some might or might not hold at the face of new information.
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If you are as serious as you indicate, I would suggest Dar Uloom Zakariyya:
Spend the next 12 months here in the US working hard, living like a faqir, and save every penny you can. Then go to the Darul Uloom and study in a position of not having to depend on zakaat - perhaps even helping others. 12 months is not a long time - life isn't *that* short

After some quick searching, it seems that you can live in the Darul Uloom very very cheaply. You probably only need to work for a few months to save up the extra cash for another 2 years (from your post it seems that you already have enough saved up for all but the last 2 years).
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Brother vagabond,

How much would he need per year?

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It's certainly a difficult decision to take with so many path's open for you

Personally I would either choose the U.S. or Mauritania.
Reason for this is because I've heard many brother's on this forum and other Islamic
forums complaining about the level of education and structure at universities like Al-Azhar or Medina.

I'd rather go to a traditional madrassa deep in the deserts of Mauritania, far away and cut off of
civillization, where one will learn in the traditional way.
I think the biography of Hamza Yusuf might give you a good reference where he talks about the difference in these systems.


As for the US, I think your mother is very important and marriage would be more easy.
Your mother might prefer grandchildren and it's certainly a very important option if the level
of education is decent in the US. You could go to Mauritania for 6 month's to study
in the traditional way after mastering Arabic and having a good foundation of knowledge (after having studied in the US).

This is what I would do I guess if I had the options.
But listen also well to the opinions of the other members here, they will give you a different
point of view.

you'll make the right choice, intention is what counts.
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