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Default Sgt. Gwen Beberg and Ratchet
Gwen Beberg is a Sgt in the 101st Airborne Motorpool out of Ft. Campbell, KY. Sgt. Beber-is stationed in Iraq. On 11 May 2008, soldiers under her command were taking trash to a trash pile. They noticed in the pile of burning trash a little puppy. They rescued the puppy and brought it to their Sgt. Gwen Beberg. The soldiers took a vote and named the puppy “Ratchet.”

Sgt. Beberg and Ratchet bonded. Basically Sgt. Beberg became Ratchet’s mommy. However, the Army has rules against Soldiers bonding with dogs, cats, domestic animals etc… This rule against bonding and or adopting domestic animals is in the same category as the rule of not drinking or doing drugs. Arguably there is a reason for the rules about bonding or adopting domestic animals. Packs of dogs in Iraq of up to one hundred are not unheard of. These packs are hungry and without homes; attacking people or feeding on dead bodies may be the only way to feed themselves. Moreover, access to veterinarians and vaccinations such as rabies is severely limited in Iraq.

Nonetheless, many Soldiers and Marines in Iraq have bonded with animals and brought them home. One of the more famous cases is USMC Major Brian Dennis and his dog Nubbs. There is an organization dedicated to helping these Soldiers and Marines bring their four legged loved ones home- Baghdad Pups http://www.baghdadpups.com/
Money was donated specifically to Baghdad Pups to bring Ratchet home

Patricia Beberg, Sgt. Beberg’s Mother is standing by waiting to welcome Ratchet home. Ratchet was scheduled to fly out of Baghdad on 1 October 2008. However, on the way to the airport the Army Convoy that Ratchet was on was stopped by Army officials and Ratchet was detained and taken away from Gwen. Animals are not allowed on convoys. On 4 October 2008, Ratchet was returned to Gwen. On 9 October 2008, Sgt. Beberg returned from duty and found that Ratchet, his collar and chain was gone. Sgt. Beberg has no idea where Ratchet is. Sgt. Beberg contacted her First Sgt but to no avail.

Sgt. Beberg is terrified that the Army will put Ratchet to death before she can get Ratchet on the plane home. Some Commanding Officers work with their Soldiers to help bring their beloved animals’ home. Other Commanding Officers have forced Soldiers to write the order to put their dogs to death or have forced them to stand by and watch while the dog is shot. There is even one case of a dog-a little white puppy being beheaded.

We are Americans, our tax dollars pay for our Armed Forces. Our men and women in uniform have been through enough. Let the Army know that you know about Ratchet and Sgt. Gwen Beberg. Urge the Department of Defense to act compassionately.

Call Fort Campbell-Ask for Public Affairs Phone: (270) 798-3025 or (270) 798-9793

Call or Email the White House YES!! The White House comments@whitehouse.gov
202-456-1111 Switchboard: 202-456-1414

Contact your Congressperson and Senator to find their contact numbers and email go to http://thomas.loc.gov

Contact CNN and Fox NEWS www.cnn.com or www.foxnews.com
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Well I hope Ratchet does get to go home with the Army SGT but i do understand the stance the military takes on bonding with animals in theater. the Marines and Soldiers are in country to do a job taking care of an animal they find takes the focus off the job they are there to do. Also, from what my husband has told me the dogs over there are not like dogs here they are basically wild animals they are not looked at as pets or taken care of like pets they do not receive vaccines or dewormings those dogs could be carrying countless number of diesease. I agree with the military on there stance on bonding with the stray animals in Iraq and Afganistan.
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I'm really not understanding the last part, why would CO's demand dogs be put to death, why not just leave them behind? Especially if they were strays in the first place?

From my understanding they have American K9 dogs over there with their handlers. I'm wondering if the reason they don't want soldiers having stray dogs around is they could bring diseases to the military dogs.

Anyways all that aside, I do agree that the soldiers have gone through too much for too long, I think if they can find a way to get a clean bill of health for the dog, let her bring him home.
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