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Default I nearly killed...
My veterinarian. Observation As some of you know I visited the veterinarian today for heidi to obtain some body work done. My mother believes it's possible Heidi is working this way due to the food. We changed the meals because it is started round the same time. We use to feed professional character today we feed totw pacific flow. Therefore my mother chose to provide the back-of the bag showing what we provided and the moment the veterinarian found the bag she said it had been shit. So I stated that I needed to stay to it and it was great food. The veterinarian explained says who, who says so I responded lots of people claim to it it's good food. Because it's feed free and it's advantageous to cali, Cali has allergies. Theres fish, it's advantageous to calis skin. All she'd to say was there's no medical blah blah blah anyways I got angry cuz at the conclusion she was telling my mother to modify food because I didn't understand what I was discussing and because she's a veterinarian she's to be correct. Grrr I needed to join her and strike her. Anyways my mother said I'm never returning to the veterinarian with her again. Suppose I'll save your self my mother and some veterinarian statement will purchase it glade I got this off my chest because of who actually got time and study
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