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I've been attempting to post because I got home today, but actually thought I must first write myself as I'm angry as hell. We've an extremely large off lead region that's runs along a creek and wooded with walking trails, about 10-minute drive from my house. We exercise recognition in wooded walking area and perfect spot to simply take Rambo on warm days as he is able to cool-down in the creek. We'd just gotten in to the park when I see three little dogs running toward us. No owner-in view. I tell Rambo to remain and watch me. I called out please call your dogs. However no owner-in view. As he's standing beside me dogs are now actually smelling Rambo. Out of left field, among the dogs chew Rambo. Rambo barks but doesn't retaliate. I begin walking Rambo from pets. Pets keep shouting and following us. Pet owner ultimately makes an appear-ance. I tell him to contact his dogs and tell him that certain of his dogs had attacked Rambo. H-e laughs and says 'Oh, she often does that. Large pets make her nervous, but every thing ought to be okay since she often settles down and may perform after finding her nervous energy out.' WTF, I was speechless. Decided you cannot repair silly and just kept walking. These pets go to follow us however barking up a storm. Again told operator to call his dogs. Because they are perhaps not hearing him at all he's now shouting at his dogs. This continued for around still another 30 meters - Rambo ignoring and strolling with me and his three hellions pursuing people and ignoring him. I finally had enough. Told this person because they are afraid of larger dogs that his dogs shouldn't be revealed, and have simply no recognition. Continued to inform that reckless pet owners to this fool who let their little dogs to become yappy, unsocialized bitches are the very reason a lot of people can't stand the smaller types. Continued to inform him he should think about herself fortunate when I are actually a fairly relaxed individual and my dog is just a very friendly dog. Before she gets close enough to chew my dog again most useful h-e focus on a genuine good recognition since if your dog ever comes near my dog again, she'll obtain a good swift kick-in the butt. Operator ultimately corrals up his dogs and leaves. Reckless pet owners make me sooooo angry!
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