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Default I do not understand this "test"
Yesterday seeing pet policeman display, they saved your dog who required his leg amputated. They amputated it, and relieved him, then right before ownership, they 'examined' your dog by giving him and placing a plastic submit the pencil to wreck havoc on his food, h-e growled and bit it. He didnt rip it to parts, he nipped at it. Now-I dont approve of the examination being correct. The woman who saved him, to start with was destraught. She went in to his pencil bent down got a number of food and hand fed it to him. H-e didnt actually watch her hand. Today, wouldnt one believe that teasing and tormenting with a fake hand-and you realize your dog knows it aint a genuine hand-may deserve a chunk? It in my experience appeared that the individual didnt get injured, and on occasion even recognized with such a thing other then a of thanks-shouldnt THAT function as the test??? They PTS your dog instantly. After healing and all that preserving, it was killed by them. Doesnt appear fair.
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