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Default Um..I Clicked on the Old Man Who Messes with Simon
hahahaha....oh guy, I believe juice can kick my butt with this one, however you choose. Therefore, a number of you remember the issue I have been having with that aged person that lives behind my house...yeah, the main one that HATES simon and messes with him when he considers him outside. on my part, my instruction with simon went sooo well...you'd all be therefore proud...even with the brand new neighbors hole also. He is reacting right down to instructions no issue and ignoring another party. Issue is... This person is dead set on both simon down and pissing me or possibly killing him. I am nearly certain, but i know he's achieving a minumum of one of these things. I usually show respect to seniors. That is how I used to be lifted. but this guy....holy garbage! He's constructed... i swear...some type of trident seeking spear issue out-of a part about 8-feet long. i attempt not to let simon out once the old guy is out, but this person may actually wait allllll freakin' day...even in the torrential rain, for me to let him out. i really believe he's sorta... you know... senile or something. but and so I need to allow simon move outside....he's your dog, for crying aloud. this jackass, costs the wall together with his home-made 'tool' in the event that you can screaming at my dog!!!! Therefore, what do i do? Move completely batshit on him. first i instructed simon inside, which he high-tailed it quickly, b/c he realized i was pissed. and me... 5'3' went down with this man. I understand it's poor, b/c he's like in his 80's, but he's been at this for such a long time now and no civil discussion did with him. Therefore, I am yelling at him and telling him h-e better never even look at my pet again....blah blah... i called him 'old guy' (omg...my family could be therefore ashamed). i told him i was tired of his sh*t and therefore forth. no, it gets worse.... my b/f comes back home. Sam-e day.... later that night. Previous guy does this another time... except my b/f sees it this time around. and his reaction... oh about 5 million times worse. he really informed the man he was a individual who preferred finding on our dog and asked if he'd therefore my b/f could stop his ass...LMAO..ok.. a son he could deliver over. That is not interesting, but type of... and he then said the worst thing... cause the person kept muttering reasons for having simon being among 'these dogs.'... Therefore then my b/f said verbatim 'you are only a mean old bastard who hates his life and hates every thing around him and is gonna die soon.' Yes, he explained it. We are usually SOOOO sincere of seniors and my b/f significantly more than me even... I am talking about his grand-parents were his world. so... I suppose really... does era count when you're protecting your 'infants.' remember... the man did make some type of tool to jab simon through the fence.... okay... I would like to own it. i know i possibly did actual bad... Along side mr. motormouth.
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