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Default just wondering if anybody has experience with british bulldogs?
A couple weeks before I fell in love with all her wrinkles! and played with a lovable language bulldog! I've done some research online concerning the type but I thought perhaps you folks might have some firsthand knowledge to share! I learn about maintaining the creases clear - I'm an authorized esthetician therefore skincare is right up my friend hehe. Also that they're heat/cold delicate and need exercise since they have a tendency to be sofa potatoes to remain healthier. I also find out about a number of their medical issues. What else should I learn about before I get one? I actually do have a at home previously but Homer is well socialized and an all over great dog. I'm no puppy whisperer but I absolutely trust Homer to become around a broad number of people and animals of all ages without the problems.
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Bulldogs have a flat coat and their tiny face is trademarked with ears like a bat and this breed of bulldogs is very unique and rare with a heavy big size head and bone structure. Bulldogs have friendly nature and smooth temperament, attentive and energetic.

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