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Default Panini the Snuggle Bunny Bulldog really wants to enjoy YOU! Should find house by 7.11.11
Panini (13527091 )**URGENT*** PLEASE CROSS POST! She's till Monday 7/11/11 at-the latest!!! (LATER EDIT The name is misleading sorry SHE REQUIRES A RESCUE!!!) Panini is just a elderly English Bulldog that's looking for recovery ASAP! Panini was surrendered by her owners since she’s too old. She's an elderly, but over all she’s in very good condition to get a bulldog! Panini doesn’t have the normal skin problems that many elderly bulldogs have, but she does have a toe-touching limp with her back leg that might be a pyometra in addition to a split. We’re likely to spay her on Monday, but she requires a rescue get Monday night or even a rescue that may simply take her now and have the surgery done ASAP. SHE SHOULD KEEP FRIDAY AT THE LATEST! Panini is incredibly caring with people, but should be an only dog in her new house. She's never existed requirements and other creatures that she’s the only and one for the remainder of her years. That loaf of love is about interest and snuggles, and may oddly follow you around, occasionally shouting simply to tell you that her cute face is looking for bears. She appears to be housebroken and walks well on the lead (but only short walks are needed with this old girl!). With this consumption figures so large, Panini has limited time at ACCT. If you should be a recovery that may save your self Panini please contact: Jill Sweeney at jsweeney@pspca.org o-r 267-385-3800
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