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  1. EU tried unilateral independence before, in Cyrpus, it did not work
  2. UK refuses to release report on Israeli soldiers MIA
  3. Son of Holland's chief Rabbi is leaving Holland
  4. Murderous Psychopaths for Palestine
  5. In the UK public meetings allowed to bar (some) Jews
  6. Socialists are the new Franco
  7. EU: The state and the state alone decides what is permissible speech
  8. Dutch government funds Electronic Intifada
  9. “Israel is fighting our war”
  10. Sr UK Rabbi: Please kill me I will still love and tolerate you
  11. UK: ban Israelis but invite the Taliban
  12. Pay rises all round on EU gravy train: Extra £3,000 a year for MEPs after judges'
  13. 35th anniversary of Franco's death open old wounds
  14. If you read only one book this year
  15. London Review of Books: Universally nagative on Israel
  16. UK's Mozzam Begg: it's ok to murder British soldiers
  17. Jailed hate preacher Abu Hamza's home has a £40,000 makeover... paid by taxpayers
  18. Wikileaks, Pirate Bay and Nazis
  19. 26 Former EU leaders call for sanctions against Jews
  20. The pilot who had to hide and escape to avoid prosecution for stopping a hijacking
  21. The Rabbi of Malmo speaks out
  22. Government to ban Islam4UK under terror laws
  23. Though not limited to the EU: Feminist Israeli Derangement Syndrome
  24. As if the vuvuzela wasn't horrid enough
  25. Shechita threatened (again) in the UK
  26. It's a shame he's a gay prince.
  27. Insanity has no limits
  28. Guardian fires Guardian critics
  29. UK's Greens and Nazis join together
  30. Hungary: Darkness Falls
  31. European Moral Superiority
  32. 1 in 6 Germans: Jews are a problem
  33. EU - Israeli ties
  34. Catholic Spain is Catholic
  35. Europe moves to outlaw shechita
  36. I don't even know where to put this anymore.
  37. Don't worry, those are just some hydrogen bombs
  38. Hezbollah earns millions off illegal drugs in Europe
  39. Bad News Ed Milliband
  40. UK Palestinian NGO: Jews should be disqualified from public service
  41. EU claims transparency is evil
  42. The Mayor of Malmo's insane rantings
  43. Labour's 'secret plan' to lure migrants
  44. Anti Islamophobia group forced to drop antisemites
  45. New Labor losses means less support for Islamists in the UK
  46. Law striking down shechita struck down
  47. Wikileaks: Freeing Libyan mass murderer WAS about oil
  48. Nasr may have been fired by CNN, but thank God for the British!
  49. Jonathan Tobin and Melanie Phillips on David Cameron
  50. Guardian commends Turkey's defence of al-Bashir
  51. Jews are Nazis or the Klan, I forget which
  52. Blogger forced out of anti-Israel parliament meeting
  53. What is Cameron up to?
  54. An odd interpretation of tolerance in Malmo
  55. Robin Shepherd is angry about Europe's inner dumb
  56. The Lancet goes above and beyond for terrorists
  57. Dear apologists for fascist insanity: please defend this
  58. Yoram Hazony: Israel Through European Eyes
  59. Robin Shepherd is digusted
  60. Holland; lose the World Cup, so let's go gas some Jews.
  61. Ed Miliband keeps antisemite on the payroll
  62. Sooner; a Jew free Sweden
  63. In vino veritas
  64. Iran picked to lead UN G-77
  65. Spanish 'activists' assault Israeli girls
  66. Dutch Minister: Jews should leave for their own safety
  67. England
  68. Scottish Media: We're puppets of the JEWS!
  69. Spanish Media: Secret Jewish power control us
  70. Why Galloway is a scab
  71. Unions tell EU unions to get stuffed
  72. Can't you feel the love tonight
  73. Former P.M. of Spain speaks out
  74. Semi Official antisemitic rallies in Austria
  75. Finnish rally to support Israel
  76. Galloway is openly a Nazi
  77. UK Foreign Office funding 7/7 bombers and others
  78. How do you feel about polygamous marriage?
  79. UK Muslims want to strip Zionism from Jewish education in Jewish schools.
  80. Lithuania: the swastika is a symbol of the sun
  81. EU Diplomat Quits Delegation Over 'Anti-Israel Propaganda'
  82. UK unions umbrella group refuses a joint Israeli-Palestinian union group
  83. UK coalition may scrap Trident submarines
  84. France frees the killer of the former Iranian PM
  85. UK MP Dennis McShane criticizes Brazil's new relationship with Iran
  86. NATO is on life support
  87. UK firm implicated in sending dirty bomb materials to Iran
  88. Why al Beeb should be blown up
  89. CST report on antisemitic discourse in the UK
  90. There will be elections in the UK
  91. UK: Liberal Democrats Deputy in Lords causes walkout
  92. Irish Unions want to boycott Israel
  93. Lib Dems ahead in British polls
  94. EU Trains Israeli Journalists to Back Saudi Plan
  95. Hungary is (almost) but not yet rotten to the core
  96. British media ignores Malam report
  97. UK Green party candidate calls Hamas the French Resistance
  98. EU governments funnel funds through shady NGOs to fight Israel
  99. UK: The Kotel is NOT part of Israel
  100. IK accepts Yemeni Jews as tourists, not refugees
  101. UK throws obstacles in the way of renewing British Passports for Brits in Israel
  102. Non Muslims quoting Koran can now be jailed
  103. Spain's leftist auto de fé
  104. UK acknowledges Palestine is a state already
  105. Norwegian UNIFIL workers helped Arab terrorists escape in 1992
  106. Wilders on trial for incitement
  107. UK UNITE (union) votes 100% to boycott Israel
  108. New UK government brags to Muslim groups about pressuring Israel.
  109. UK bars any Mossad presence
  110. Livni angrily threatens to come to the UK
  111. Do medical journals have a bias?
  112. Cherie Blair referred for professional conduct
  113. Miliband expels an Israeli diplomat
  114. EU FM Lady Ashton, didn't remember seeing any Hamas in Gaza
  115. Lockerbie Bomber to live a long life
  116. The British anti-war Left: proud sponsors of antisemitism since 1900
  117. If you don't agree with hatred we will disinvite you.
  118. Belgium: It's a Festival, murder a Jew.
  119. EJC: Jewish communities collapsing across Europe
  120. UK Communities Minister attends conference with suicide bombers.
  121. al Qaeda targets Britain and France
  122. EU Commissioner outraged at 'Jewish' lobby
  123. EU taxes Yesha goods, hurts Palestinians.
  124. Man would rather be jailed than support the BBC
  125. EU strips Greece of voting power, blow to sovereignty
  126. Lockerbie bomber still not dead
  127. The Oslo anti Jewish riots
  128. Jews abandoning Sweden
  129. The Islamisation of Paris
  130. An analysis of the Financial Times & Israel
  131. Lancet (UK): Palestinians beat their wives, it's the Jews fault
  132. Seismic Shock
  133. NGO Monitor Sues EU for non transparent funding of anti Israeli hate groups and NGOs
  134. NATO member threatens war with Israel to defend Iran and terrorists
  135. Healthcare - a privilege or a right?
  136. The Scottish PST openly espouses holocaust denial
  137. Holocaust obscurism
  138. The fires of Copenhagen, or, we don't want to anger them
  139. Norway: Let Jews Die.
  140. Anti burqa ban movement in Britian
  141. Ireland's men of terror scuttle back out of the shadows as Al Qaeda beckons
  142. UK Methodists vote to boycott Israel
  143. Britain decriminalizes antisemitic violence
  144. book release
  145. European Sports - Rugby
  146. UK Taxpayers Alliance says UK funding anti-Semitic PA curriculum
  147. Berlusconi dreams of Israel joining EU
  148. UK: We would rather die of cancer than embrace Jews, thanks.
  149. 'Londonistan' new terror capital of the West
  150. Lady Ashton had nothing better to do
  151. Hamas admits they are behind arrest warrants of Israelis abroad
  152. No no to Mega Mosque
  153. UK: Warrant Against Livni
  154. Sharia law tribunal is proposed
  155. FINALLY the EJC has a permanent office in Brussels
  156. 1492. It's coming back
  157. German leftists to thine own self be true
  158. I thought that Libyan guy was dead.
  159. So what of this new EU President and FM?
  160. Austria forgets Israeli national anthem
  161. But in the meantime taxes on Israeli goods will be cut
  162. Because there are no new ideas
  163. Sanity from Germany
  164. EU money: NGOs directed to isolate Israel
  165. The UK Israel Lobby: 8oc tonight C4
  166. EU FM shortlister does not like Israel
  167. Jackie Mason: UK Muslims
  168. British Blood Boils!! Video
  169. Hitler And The BNP
  170. UK:Faith Schools Biased
  171. W.G. Sebald: The Emigrants
  172. Halachic Debate In UK
  173. Imre Kert?sz: Detective Story
  174. Mad Mel: Andrew Roberts delivers an inconvenient truth
  175. Ilf & Petrov: The Golden Calf
  176. Par Lagerkvist: Barabbas
  177. Andrei Makine: A Hero's Daughter
  178. Geert Wilders banned from UK
  179. Hartmut Lange: Das Konzert
  180. Mufti of Berlin
  181. Will Europe arrest an IDF officer one day soon?
  182. Jos Saramago: Manual of Painting and Calligraphy
  183. Hans Eichner: Kahn & Engelmann
  184. Jan Potocki: The Manuscript Found In Saragossa
  185. Milan Kundera: Life Is Elsewhere
  186. Anna Katharina Hahn: K?rzere Tage
  187. Antonio Tabucchi: The Missing Head Of Damasceno Monteiro
  188. Lotta Lotass: Tredje flykthastigheten
  189. Sarah Waters: The Little Stranger
  190. Philippe Delerm: The Small Pleasures of Life
  191. Vladimir Nabokov: Nikolai Gogol
  192. George Orwell: Decline Of The English Murder
  193. John Boyne: The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas
  194. Emmanuel Carr?re: Un Roman Russe
  195. Emile Zola: L'Assommoir
  196. Tatyana Tolstaya: The Slynx
  197. Claudio Magris: Danube
  198. Stratis Haviaras: When The Tree Sings
  199. Geert Wilders Poll Victory
  200. Leonardo Sciascia: Sicilian Uncles
  201. ‘‘You’re Jewish? You can't be English"
  202. Vilhelm Moberg: Ride This Night!
  203. Harry Mulisch: The Procedure
  204. Per Olov Enquist: Hour Of The Lynx
  205. E?a de Queiroz: The Tragedy of the Street of Flowers
  206. Des Dillon: Singin I'm No A Billy He's A Tim
  207. Antonio Tabucchi: The Black Angel
  208. British diplomats in Israel afraid of the Jews
  209. Ireland outlaws blasphemy
  210. Javier Marias: A Heart So White
  211. Selma Lagerl?f: Jerusalem
  212. Mikkel Birkegaard: The Library Of Shadows
  213. A.L. Kennedy: Original Bliss
  214. Arthur Schnitzler: Fraulein Else
  215. Stamford Hill's Haredim
  216. Volker Braun: Trotzdestonichts oder Der Wendehals
  217. Elias Canetti: The Voices Of Marrakesh
  218. Julia Franck: The Blind Side Of The Heart
  219. Marcel Beyer: Kaltenburg
  220. Jean Echenoz: Piano
  221. First Jewish Commons Speaker: UK
  222. Francois Mauriac: Viper's Tangle
  223. Wolfgang Borchert: The Man Outside
  224. Klas ?stergren: The Hurricane Party
  225. W.G. Sebald: Rings Of Saturn
  226. Adalbert Stifter: Indian Summer
  227. Philip Hensher: The Northern Clemency
  228. Raymond Queneau: The Flight Of Icarus
  229. Facial lifts/nip & tuck and silicone.
  230. Heinrich Von Kleist: Michael Kohlhaas
  231. Doris Lessing: Alfred & Emily
  232. EU-Israel relations still on the cooler
  233. Nick Cohen On Left
  234. R.M. Rilke: The Notebooks Of Malte Laurids Brigge
  235. George Galloway get his head handed to him
  236. World calling for support of Islam
  237. Andre Makine: A Life's Music
  238. Miguel Delibes: The Holy Innocents
  239. Sweden gives Goldstone a humanitarian award
  240. Juli Zeh: Corpus Delicti
  241. Danilo Kis: A Tomb For Boris Davidovich
  242. Wolfgang Bauer: The Feverhead
  243. J.M.G. Le Cl?zio: The Flood
  244. J.M.G. Le Cl?zio: The Book Of Flights
  245. Cracks in the EU
  246. Luigi Pirandello: Eleven Short Stories (Undici Novelle)
  247. The EU is a racist place, according to the EU
  248. Hamas' Mashaal to lecture the House of Lords
  249. Christoph Martin Wieland: Die Geschichte des Agathon
  250. Anyone seen this type of error before?