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  1. Franz Kafka: The Trial
  2. Ivan Turgenev: Sketches From A Hunter's Album
  3. Per Petterson: Out Stealing Horses
  4. Eca De Queiroz: The Maias
  5. Lieberman begins an EU charm campaign
  6. Goran Petrovic: The Hand Of Good Fortune
  7. Hans Henny Jahnn: Perrudja
  8. Montesquieu: Persian Letters
  9. Vicente Blasco Iba?ez:The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
  10. Obama "snubs" Spanish outreach to Muslim world
  11. UK discusses labeling "West Bank" imports
  12. Italo Calvino: Invisible Cities
  13. Wilhelm Raabe: The Hunger Pastor
  14. UK: Dirty Bomb Threat.
  15. Christa Wolf: Quest for Christa T.
  16. Lib-Dems: No Israel Arms
  17. John Banville: The Sea
  18. Hugo Claus: Desire
  19. Hate cleric leads jihad cash appeal
  20. Voice of Moderate Islam in Britain Arrested for Stabbing...
  21. Juan Mars?: The Girl In The Golden Panties
  22. E.T.A. Hoffmann: The Life And Opinions Of The Tomcat Murr
  23. Eduardo Mendoza: No Word From Gurb
  24. Britain gone mad: 3 Policewomen ordered to wear Burkhas for the day
  25. Ending Israel's conditional legitimacy
  26. Bohumil Hrabal: Closely Observed Trains
  27. Ilija Trojanow: Autopol
  28. UK Anti-Semite Peer Jailed
  29. Gilbert Adair: The Act Of Roger Murgatroyd
  30. Gilbert Adair: A Mysterious Affair Of Style
  31. Gilbert Adair: And Then There Was No One
  32. Gilbert Adair: The Key Of The Tower
  33. Gilbert Adair: The Dreamers
  34. Czech president compares EU to Soviet Union
  35. Gottfried Keller: Green Henry
  36. Howard Jacobson article on UK anti-semitism
  37. Major UK Anti-Semitism Conference
  38. Please don't hate us: UK ad campaign to target extremism
  39. A must watch....
  40. Bragi ?lafsson: The Pets
  41. Worrying Coverage: Gaza Convoy
  42. Melanie Phillips Rides Again
  43. J.M.G. Le Cl?zio: Fever
  44. J.M.G. Le Cl?zio: The Giants
  45. W.F. Hermans: Beyond Sleep
  46. British Jews On Israel
  47. Beryl Bainbridge: Harriet Said...
  48. J.M.G. Le Cl?zio: Desert
  49. British Diaspora View
  50. Italo Calvino: The Nonexistent Knight
  51. Kr?dy Gyula: Sunflower
  52. Sj?n: The Blue Fox
  53. Gudbergur Bergsson: The Swan
  54. Italo Calvino: The Baron In The Trees
  55. Peter Handke: The Goalie's Anxiety At The Penalty Kick
  56. Ivan Turgenev: Smoke
  57. Italo Svevo: Zeno's Conscience
  58. Simon Vestdijk: Else B?hler
  59. Harry Martinson: Aniara
  60. Honor? de Balzac: Beatrix
  61. Charles Dickens: A Christmas Carol
  62. Antoine de Saint-Exupery: Wind, Sand and Stars
  63. Jewish School Policy Racist: UK
  64. M?rai S?ndor: Esther's Inheritance
  65. Italo Calvino: The Cloven Viscount
  66. J. G. Farrell: Troubles
  67. Pox Britannica
  68. Spain?
  69. US to join UN rights body that Bush rejected
  70. Nuclear Non Proliferation and the radicals who want a bomb, who work with them
  71. Case Of The Missing Muslims
  72. British City May Twin With Gaza
  73. Dhimmi Netherlands starts to segregate sexes
  74. Christopher Isherwood: The Berlin Stories
  75. Daniel Kehlmann: Me And Kaminski
  76. Jaan Kross: The Czar's Madman
  77. Martin Amis: The Rachel Papers
  78. Ilija Trojanow: The Collector Of Worlds
  79. Thomas Mann: Royal Highness
  80. Menis Koumandareas: Koula
  81. Charles Dickens: Great Expectations
  82. Derek Raymond: The Factory Novels
  83. Niccol? Ammaniti: I'm Not Scared
  84. Bram Stoker: Dracula
  85. Irmtraud Morgner: The Life And Adventures Of Trobadora Beatrice
  86. Lu?s de Cam?es: The Lusiads
  87. Graham Swift: Last Orders
  88. Antoine Saint-Exup?ry: Wind, Sand and Stars
  89. Knut Hamsun: Pan
  90. John Wyndham: The Midwich Cuckoos
  91. Terry Pratchett: The Truth
  92. Rex Warner: The Aerodrome
  93. Gustaw Herling-Grudziński: The Island
  94. Vladimir Nabokov: Speak, Memory
  95. Lionel Britton: Hunger And Love
  96. Ian Fleming: Live And Let Die
  97. Mikhail Bulgakov: A Dead Man's Memoir
  98. Andre? Makine: Dreams Of My Russian Summers
  99. Ian Fleming: Goldfinger
  100. Heinrich B?ll: The Lost Honour Of Katharina Blum
  101. Arthur Schnitzler: The Road Into The Open
  102. Jeanette Winterson: Sexing The Cherry
  103. J.M.G. Le Cl?zio: Onitsha
  104. George Bataille: Story Of The Eye
  105. J.M.G. Le Cl?zio: Terra Amata
  106. Leopold von Sacher-Masoch: Venus In Furs
  107. Boris Vian: I Shall Spit On Your Graves
  108. Jacques-Pierre Amette: La Ma?tresse de Brecht
  109. Ivo Andrić: Conversation with Goya
  110. The Baltic Quintet: Poems from Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania and Sweden
  111. E?a de Queiroz: To The Capital
  112. Patrick S?skind: The Story Of Mr Sommer
  113. Marguerite Yourcenar: Memoirs Of Hadrian
  114. Kert?sz Imre: A Kudarc/Fiasko
  115. Mika Waltari: A Stranger Came To The Farm
  116. Colm T?ib?n: The Blackwater Lightship
  117. W.G. Sebald: Austerlitz
  118. Jeanette Winterson: Written On The Body
  119. G?nter Grass: Cat And Mouse
  120. Camilo Jos? Cela: The Hive
  121. Joseph Kessel: Belle de Jour
  122. Roddy Doyle: The Snapper
  123. John Berger: From A To X
  124. Juan Goytisolo: Makbara
  125. Italo Svevo: A Perfect Hoax
  126. Rainer Maria Rilke: Letters To A Young Poet
  127. Gilbert Adair: The Death Of The Author
  128. Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette: My Mother's House and Sido
  129. Arno Schmidt: Collected Stories
  130. Vernon Lee: Hauntings
  131. ?ric-Emmanuel Schmitt: Oscar And The Lady In Pink
  132. Linda Grant: The Clothes On Their Backs
  133. Dino Buzzati: The Seven Messengers
  134. Franz Kafka: Letter To His Father
  135. Tom Rob Smith: Child 44
  136. Iris Murdoch: A Severed Head
  137. Florian Zeller: Julien Parme
  138. Virginia Woolf: Mrs Dalloway
  139. Patrick McGrath: Dr Haggard's Disease
  140. Patrick McGrath: The Grotesque
  141. Frans Eemil Sillanp??: Meek Heritage
  142. Graham Swift: Ever After
  143. Fyodor Dostoevsky: The Brothers Karamazov
  144. Boris Vian: Foam Of The Daze
  145. Juli?n R?os: Larva
  146. M?rio de S?-Carneiro: Lucio's Confession
  147. E?a de Queiroz: Cousin Bazilio
  148. Maggie Gee: The Flood
  149. Guillaume Lecasble: Lobster
  150. Bohumil Hrabal: Harlequin's Millions
  151. Juan Goytisolo: The Blind Rider
  152. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn: One Day In The Life Of Ivan Denisovich
  153. Nicola Barker: Darkmans
  154. Salman Rushdie: The Enchantress Of Florence
  155. Jules Verne: Around The World In Eighty Days
  156. G?nter Grass: Peeling The Onion
  157. Claudio Magris: Microcosms
  158. Thomas Warburton: A Translator's Memoirs
  159. Milan Kundera: The Book Of Laughter And Forgetting
  160. Fernando Pessoa: The Book Of Disquiet
  161. Thomas Bernhard: Frost
  162. Jonathan Littell: The Kindly Ones
  163. Jorge Semprun: Le Grand Voyage
  164. Umberto Eco: Foucault's Pendulum
  165. Robert Walser: The Assistant
  166. Jeremias Gotthelf: The Black Spider
  167. Hermann Hesse: Beneath The Wheel
  168. Doris Lessing: The Fifth Child
  169. Tim Krabb?: The Vanishing
  170. Anne Enright: The Gathering
  171. Robin Jenkins: The Changeling
  172. Bohumil Hrabal: I Served The King Of England
  173. John McGahern: The Pornographer
  174. Leo Tolstoy: Anna Karenina
  175. Dominique Fabre: The Waitress Was New
  176. Magdalena Tulli: Moving Parts
  177. Miljenko Jergović: Sarajevo Marlboro
  178. Magdalena Tulli: Dreams and Stones
  179. Charlotte Roche: Wetlands
  180. Carlos Ruiz Zaf?n: The Shadow Of The Wind
  181. Sa?a Stani?ic: How The Soldier Repairs The Gramophone
  182. Horace Walpole: Hieroglyphic Tales
  183. Karinthy Ferenc: Metropole
  184. Javier Cercas: The Speed Of Light
  185. Patrick S?skind: Perfume
  186. Vladimir Nabokov: Mary
  187. Roddy Doyle: The Deportees and Other Stories
  188. Stefan Zweig: Buchmendel & The Invisible Collection
  189. Milan Kundera: Ignorance
  190. Thomas Mann: Doctor Faustus
  191. Bohumil Hrabal: Too Loud A Solitude
  192. Bohumil Hrabal: Cutting It Short
  193. Tadeusz Konwicki: A Dreambook For Our Time
  194. Jean-Dominique Bauby: The Diving Bell And The Butterfly
  195. Luther Blissett: Q
  196. Jarosław Iwaszkiewicz: The Birch Grove and Other Stories
  197. Leonid Tsypkin: Summer In Baden-Baden
  198. Florian Zeller: The Fascination Of Evil
  199. Simon Vestdijk: The Garden Where The Brass Band Played
  200. Friedebert Tuglas: The Poet and the Idiot, and Other Stories
  201. Paul Verhaeghen: Omega Minor
  202. Viivi Luik: The Beauty Of History
  203. Jim Crace: Continent
  204. Gϋnter Grass: Crabwalk
  205. Bengt Ohlsson: Gregorius
  206. Gordon Burn: Born Yesterday
  207. W.F. Hermans: The Darkroom Of Damocles
  208. Janice Galloway: Clara
  209. Jenny Erpenbeck: The Book Of Words
  210. Georges Perec: A Void
  211. Adalbert Stifter: Rock Crystal
  212. Quim Monz?: The Enormity Of The Tragedy
  213. Andrey Kurkov: A Matter Of Death And Life
  214. Rosa Liksom: Dark Paradise
  215. Hjalmar S?derberg: Doctor Glas
  216. Raymond Radiguet: The Devil In The Flesh
  217. Ismail Kadare: Agamemnon's Daughter
  218. Arto Paasilinna: The Howling Miller
  219. Andre? Makine: The Woman Who Waited
  220. Blaise Cendrars: Gold
  221. Philippe Grimbert: Secret
  222. Tarjei Vesaas: The Ice Palace
  223. Alain Elkann: Envy
  224. Smoking Ban in Bars Right or Wrong
  225. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you go ?
  226. Best European city for quality of living ?
  227. Ireland & European Battle Groups
  228. Log Burning Fires
  229. Life guards
  230. Roller shutter help.
  231. Plumbing Problems
  232. Weather Pulse
  233. Calender on Forum
  234. Limon Express
  235. Books about Spain
  236. Bris A Mar
  237. What the Spanish think of us
  238. Water Fluoridation: Is it Moral?
  239. pranayama
  240. Who knows about Omar Chkhaidze?
  241. Art Exhibition
  242. Brisamar up Date ( Pool)
  243. Cockroach's
  244. Going to the Notary??????
  245. Packing Boxes - Available
  246. Any jellyfish?
  247. Free Ryanair Flights
  248. British Supermarket
  249. If you donated money to a charity...
  250. Are you really your father's child ?