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  18. 'Beautiful Mind' mathematician John Nash, wife killed in car crash
  19. 84 Percent of NYC Fast Food Workers Report Wage Theft in a New Survey Read more: http://www.thenation.com/blog/174375/84-nyc-fast-food-workers-report-wage-theft-new-survey#ixzz2TWPl1q00
  20. After election, pressure grows on Obama in Asia-Pacific trade talks - Chicago Tribune
  21. Our thanks to those in the political game - St. Louis American
  22. In US fight over gay marriage, both sides gearing up for more battles - Reuters India
  23. Reconsider tax exemptions for political religious - Minneapolis Star Tribune
  24. Shifting account of CIA's Libya talking points fuels Rice controversy - Chicago Tribune
  25. Ask USA TODAY: Longest amount of time to call congressional races? - USA TODAY
  26. Rice meets with Republicans, fails to win them over - Chicago Tribune
  27. Rep. Connie Mack pushes bill benefiting big donor - USA TODAY
  28. Obama: 'Susan Rice is extraordinary' - USA TODAY
  29. The Osama bin Laden Myth
  30. Large blocks voting for one candidate
  31. Will the president take the oath on the Koran?
  32. The real reason for Greece's problems?
  33. Keep your eye on this Bush
  34. Romney Was Not the Problem
  35. The Story of Your Enslavement
  36. Mitt Romney getting his fill of life after politics
  37. Which rich Republican is ok with a tax hike?
  38. What events have threatened freedom?
  39. Why is the USA not droning assad to save the children of syria?
  40. How many of you have kids or grandkids in the military . . .
  41. Memo From Nancy Pelosi Re: Democratic Caucus
  42. Wouldn't This be a HOOT!
  43. Why The Obama Victory is the Best Result For Resistance
  44. To Those Who Say People Voted for Obama Because they Want Freebies...
  45. Al Mohler talks about the election on NPR
  46. Isaiah 9:10 - The Harbinger - God's Judgment on America?
  47. Isaiah 9:10 - The Harbinger - God's Judgment on America?
  48. The spread between the popular vote and the Electoral College tally -
  49. January 1, 2013 - Obamacare/Medicare
  50. Obama re-election protest escalates at Univ. of Mississippi; racial slurs, 2 arrests
  51. We do we demonize people who don't agree with us?
  52. To the "Romney's Going to Win and Win Big" People
  53. A few of my random thoughts tonight
  54. Who Would Have Thunk
  55. CIA Timeline of Benghazi Murders
  56. Final Prediction
  57. Sensitive documents found amid the wreckage of the U.S. consulate
  58. A Projected Romney Loss???
  59. Uncle Joe's Not Proud?
  60. How Far Obama Has Fallen
  61. Republicans' Nov. 6th Winning Streak
  62. Where is This Member?
  63. Let no good deed go unpunished
  64. I want to know if this is true before I pass it along to friends as true....
  65. Facebook Censors Navy SEALS to Protect Obama on Benghazi-Gate
  66. The President should be impeached
  67. Christie praising Obama
  68. wanting the job
  69. Obama Did Not Deny Benghazi Requests for Help
  70. Advantage Obama in the hunt for 270
  71. Vice President One Heart Beat from Being POTUS...
  72. If He Wins...When Will He Admit He Was Born in Kenya?
  73. You all don't believe in polls, but . . .
  74. Vote American, Vote Christian
  75. Colin Powell's Former COS says "My Party is Full of Racists"
  76. Undecided Voters Explained
  77. Petraeus speaks on Benghazi
  78. Book critical of Biden largely ignored
  79. CIA operators were denied request for help during Benghazi attack, sources say
  80. As Food Stamp Recipients are on the Rise, the $1 Million Dinner!!
  81. Romney's New Stump Speech
  82. This makes me want to PUKE!!!
  83. Texas attitude towards UN
  84. Women turning toward Romney
  85. If President Obama is re-elected
  86. Birther Proof - President's Kenyan Birth on Video
  87. What a difference.......
  88. Tax Policy Center says Romney CAN'T Keep Tax Reform Promises
  89. Obama's Declaration of Martial Law
  90. Today on the alex jones show
  91. Keyes To The Republic
  92. How did christians become warmongers?
  93. Drug cartel, terrorists, and banks
  94. Army Told Preppers Are Terrorists
  95. Father of Slain SEAL: Who Made the Decision Not to Save My Son?
  96. Honest Opinions Of Obama Supporters On His Policies.
  97. NATO Using Al Qaeda Rat Lines to Flood Syria With Foreign Terrorists
  98. Franklin Graham Romney Hypocrisy Mirrors that of a lot of Christians(SMH)
  99. The Scottish independence campaign is losing ever more ground
  100. Colin Powell endorses Obama for second term
  101. Controversial political sign at Leakey church doesn't bother locals - San Antonio Exp
  102. In Amerika there will never be a real debate
  103. TRUMP Reveal
  104. Obama Plans for 10 More Years of Extrajudicial Killing by Drone
  105. Would Romney Win Legitimize the White Horse Prophecy/ and Truthfulness of Mormonism
  106. Bow to Nobody
  107. Richard Mourdock On Abortion: Pregnancy From Rape Is 'Something God Intended'
  108. 'Obama, Romney - same police state': Third party debate up close (FULL VIDEO) - RT
  109. The October Surprise
  110. Debate question
  111. Trump: I have something very, very big concerning....
  112. Romney's words get big play in ad for Utah candidate - USA TODAY
  113. Early Voting
  114. Vote
  115. Democrats criticize Republican for leaking sensitive Libya papers - Chicago Tribune
  116. Presidential candidates call truce for 1 night in heated contest - Tribune-Review
  117. Film "2016 Obama's America"
  118. A fierce ground war for votes - Tucson Citizen
  119. How important?
  120. 2013 for an Iranian nuke test.
  121. US funding for UNRWA helps pay for this
  122. Election 2012: FYI: Debate Schedule
  123. US delays Iran sanctions 6 months
  124. 35% drop in Israeli migration to US
  125. It is up to us to clean up politics - Cincinnati.com
  126. Cash Low, Romney Striving to Find New Large Donors - New York Times
  127. We will give political alternative to people: Arvind Kejriwal - Orissadiary.com
  128. Prophet film puts spotlight on US Copts - WGME
  129. US honours Suu Kyi, ends sanctions on Myanmar leaders - gulfnews.com
  130. US govt gives MEMRI $200,000 to study antisemitism
  131. Neil Armstrong, first man on the moon, dies
  132. At least 10 people shot outside Empire State Building
  133. Phyllis Diller, outlandish comedian, dies at 95
  134. Will Obama Declare Martial Law before Election? There are credible leaks....
  135. Gore Vidal Dead at 86
  136. Like it or not, Newt is correct, the US pays Arab terrorists
  137. Gang Violence Smolders On Hot Chicago Streets
  138. IDF magnet for US olim
  139. Colorado Massacre
  140. Sylvia Woods, Soul-Food Restaurateur, Is Dead at 86
  141. BIG storm....
  142. Pollard camp: Clinton comments slap in Israel's face
  143. Romney to Break Fast of Temple Mount Mourning with Netanyahu
  144. DEBT CLOCK & Billion Dollars - What is it?
  145. Ernest Borgnine, Oscar-Winning Actor, Dies at 95
  146. Obama: Use of chemical weapons by Assad would be 'red line'
  147. Andy Griffith Dead
  148. Congressional Candidate Charles Barron Slammed
  149. Election 2012: New ad being run by Catholic Church
  150. Ray Bradbury Dies at 91
  151. Host of Family Feud Richard Dawson Dies at 79
  152. Just lie, the antisemites will believe anything
  153. To Repeat: Walt & Mearcheimer made up facts out of whole cloth
  154. Naked man killed by Police near MacArthur Causeway was eating face off victim Read
  155. US Senate Redefines 'Palestinian Refugee'
  156. Robin Gibb - Bee Gees, Deat at 62
  157. Maurice Sendak, Author of Splendid Nightmares, Dies at 83
  158. Jews Shift Toward GOP, Survey Claims
  159. Levon Helm, Drummer in the Band, Dies at 71
  160. US mulls prosecution of Schalit deal prisoners
  161. 'American Bandstand' Host Dick Clark Dies at 82
  162. Israeli ambassador to New York Times: Netanyahu does not interfere in U.S. elections
  163. California Bans Kosher for Passover Coca-Cola
  164. What is team zero's responsibility in the murder of our ambassador ?
  165. Veteran newsman Mike Wallace dead at 93
  166. Mac Flashback Infections
  167. Video Blasts Obama's Commitment to Israel
  168. Obama says US support for Israel bipartisan
  169. Justices Approve Strip-Searches for Any Offense
  170. USD$ 55 million to UNRWA
  171. Earl Scruggs, Bluegrass Pioneer, Dies at 88
  172. The Killing of Trayvon Martin
  173. US to UNHRC: Stop anti-Israel bias
  174. Dharun Ravi found guilty in Rutgers webcam spying trial
  175. AIPAC Not Just for Jews Anymore
  176. Israel to delay strike on Iran until after US elections?
  177. Sept 2012: Obama's Relationship with Israel Reaches New Crisis
  178. Methodists reject motion to divest from Israel
  179. 62% of US Jewish voters want Obama reelected
  180. Obama: I'm Not Bluffing About Iran
  181. NYT's Tom Friedman drops all pretense
  182. Republican Congressional Candidate Says 'Holocaust Never Happened'
  183. Monkees Singer Davy Jones Dies in Florida at 66
  184. "Our Friend" Zbigniew Brzezinski
  185. This is how Nuremberg comes to America
  186. NJ Arab Leader Aref Assaf Accuses Jews Of Being "Israel-Firsters" In Coming Election
  187. Eric Holder: no matter what the law says, Jewish lives are cheap
  188. Obama wants to give money to UNESCO after all
  189. F-35 continues its long fall into failure
  190. Muslim Brotherhood kicks Obama in the head
  191. US Marines photographed with SS flag
  192. RIP Whitney Houston
  193. Obama's "Flexibility"
  194. Sy Hersh; inveterate liar and nincompoop
  195. US State Dept sends a representative to PLO Doha conference
  196. Hillary Clinton: recognizing the Armenian genocide would violate free speech
  197. A Jewish leftist points out the antisemitic tropes in the Jewish left.
  198. Predicting the Presidential Election: 2012
  199. Americans prohibited from leaving (kidnapped) by the Egyptian government
  200. Why American Jews are somewhat suspicious of Obama
  201. 20 Companies And Trade Groups That Spent Monster Amounts Of Money On Lobbying
  202. Jimmy Carter: the Jews are ethnically cleansing Christians (like they always do)
  203. Interesting note on the RQ-170 crashed in Iran
  204. US quashes military drills with IDF but engages Egypt for same
  205. More visas from Saudi Arabia than ANY OTHER COUNTRY
  206. Is sopa silly?
  207. Transit Check pre-tax has NOT been extended....
  208. Occupy the Dream: The Mathematics of Racism
  209. Saudi F-15s are where they are not supposed to be
  210. Pentagon determines Ft Hood massacre is not terrorism
  211. Obama tells Iran, through Turkey to go ahead and build nukes
  212. Top 5 Reasons to support Romney
  213. Bishop orders priests to read anti-Obama letter at Sunday sermons
  214. Pro-Life Means Anti-Drone
  215. Scary Poem
  216. Weird Uncle Joe
  217. Bloomberg Endorses Obama
  218. Abortion: The many deceptive faces of Mitt Romney
  219. Important voting information
  220. New ads encourage women to break up with Obama
  221. Mike Huckabee Warns Christians Voting Obama Will Go To Hell
  222. Gov Romney and FEMA
  223. A possible reason to support Gov Romney
  224. NEWS FROM THE FUTURE: President Obama Addresses the Nation
  225. N.H.S. Death Panels ?
  226. Antisemitism as a liberal value
  227. Report of the quid pro quo for the Egyptian hostages
  228. WaPo spreads Arab hate speech
  229. Turkish bank financing Iranian oil says no US pressure to stop
  230. A chronicle of antisemitism in the Occupy movement
  231. 'I wouldn't send US troops to fight Nazis'
  232. Joe Klein, Time Magazine and the next Shoah
  233. Another kidnapped American in Egypt. Israel not involved US says screw you.
  234. Kim Jong-il Dies
  235. Kerry calls for US funding to Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood
  236. What's an Iranian Revolutionary Guard commander doing at the White House
  237. Thomas Freidman goes full paranoid neonazi
  238. A made up people
  239. 911 and the UN: Richard Falk is a troofer
  240. Obama hosts forum on terrorism...specifically does not include Israel
  241. US gives Netanyahu ultimatum on resuming talks
  242. Obama and Rashid Khalidi
  243. Clinton: We don't know who the MB or Hamas are.
  244. Obama's Questionable Birth Certificate
  245. Cost of war, inflation adjusted
  246. ISM Exposed
  247. Occupy Miami: Nuke Israel, Jews back to the ovens
  248. 9 of top 10 US foreign aid recipients voted against condemnation of Iran
  249. David Frum: has the GOP lost its mind?
  250. George Friedman on the arc of Iranian power in the absence of America