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  2. Things to Avoid When Going Live
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  5. Is the United States obsessed with war?
  6. Help! I'm afraid to live in the USA?
  7. Obamacare countdown: How will reform affect the economy? - Christian Science Monitor
  8. US new home sales edge down, prior estimates revised lower - Reuters
  9. US mortgage applications drop in latest week -MBA - Reuters
  10. China poised for 7.5% annual growth: minister - China Daily
  11. US economists anticipate less Sino-US trade friction - Chinadaily USA
  12. Economic growth still modest: Fed's Beige Book - Reuters
  13. Analysis: Beige Book an economic tale of 2 storms - The Courier-Journal
  14. Fed: Economy improves, but 'cliff' is a hurdle - The Courier-Journal
  15. WRAPUP 3-US new home sales stagnant, cast shadow on housing - Reuters
  16. Obama unveils economic plan: 5 ways it differs from Romney's - Christian Science Moni
  17. Fed to keep buying bonds despite firmer US growth - Chicago Tribune
  18. Politics, economy and trade stall Huawei's expansion in America - Shanghai Daily (sub
  19. Cuban economy to undergo changes after travel reform - Rochester Democrat and Chronic
  20. Women See Romney 'Binder' Remarks as Sideshow to Economy - Businessweek
  21. Ministerial meeting held in Almaty during TIFA - Trend.az
  22. Ministry of Environmental protection develops «Green Economy» plan - Caspionet
  23. Leading economic indicator dips in August - Live Trading News
  24. Stalled trade, Japan/China row, harm world economy: OECD - Terra.com
  25. Existing home sales rise in August, prices up from year ago - Review seeker (press re
  26. AT&T 4G LTE Available In Cincinnati - Business Review USA (press release)
  27. Hypocrites...
  28. Reagan-Era Conservatives Reject Economics of Todays GOP
  29. Biden is black! Well...sort of.
  30. Department of Justice Wall Street Fraud Convictions
  31. The Crazies are everywhere!
  32. Romney Ryan. If it were a drink, what would it contain?
  33. It's offical. Paul Ryan is Romneys VP Pick
  34. CNN/Time Contributor Suspended
  35. Trading at the speed of light
  36. Anyone notice this??? Obama administration guts work requirements for Clinton-era wel
  37. Jobs Report Time
  38. Congress Drags Feet on Obamas License to Kill
  39. Shopping for an MRI
  40. Left-Wing Activists Admit Allen West Terrifies Them
  41. Government Is Necessary to Really Get in the Way of Business
  42. Amtrak's Washington Union Station Master Plan
  43. Murdered 12 people in cold blood? "You didnt do that, someone else made that happen".
  44. where is anthjohn?
  45. The ghost of rodney king !!
  46. Michele Bachmann is on a Crusade
  47. Obama birth cert a fraud! Birchers were right!
  48. Business Owners .. What Do You Make of This Sentence?
  49. Romney narrows vp choices; condi emerges as frontrunner
  50. Obama heading to socialist fraqnce for 4th of july
  51. Another One Bites the Dust
  52. Birthers Gonna Birth
  53. Home buying in the greater DC area
  54. In Lancaster, CA Section 8 Renters Encounter Resistance
  55. Florida Outlaws Sex
  56. If this bill goes thru we will no longer live in the usa or be free
  57. Do Tea Partiers Drink "Sleepy Time"?
  58. Holy Wall Street Schizophrenia Batman!
  59. Debt Super Committee
  60. The Left is Starting to Eat Their Own
  61. This is Why I Love Being a Progressive: We Love the Republic and the Citizenry
  62. Stop it B!
  63. Gov. of Texas, Rick Perry, Gives up and leaves TX Debt Problem in "God's Hands"
  64. Koch Brothers Plaster Eviction Notices on Citizen's Homes
  65. CBO: The Rich Get Richer and the Poor Get Poorer
  66. "Who the hell is Grover Norquist?"
  67. Mrs Weiner the Saudi
  68. Grossly Incompetent
  69. They said no to Comcast
  70. Barnies Fwank Farts on the Maddow Show
  71. Very interesting poll results-for the first time ever-people want their reps booted
  72. Gold volatility reaching dangerous levels
  73. Their Side of the Story
  74. Postcard Jobs Plan Sent to Washington
  75. Wis. Governor CAVES IN - Yellow Belly Guv says CB can stay
  76. The Tea Party Downgrade ..
  77. Can Capitalism Support the Welfare State?
  78. Boehner and GOP Cave????... $1 trillion in tax increases
  79. Philadelphia Native To Command Last Space Shuttle Mission, Bring Along A Tastykake Or
  80. Future of NASA
  81. Michele Bachmann signs pledge to ban pornography, same-sex marriage, Sharia law as pr
  82. Herman Cain: GOP debate winner?
  83. Consumers increased their debt for the third straight month
  84. Who will fight for them?
  85. Obsessive Housing Disorder
  86. Consumer credit lines continue to increase as US Gov't considers raising its own cred
  87. Why USPS sucks
  88. A Justice Dept. 'Fast & Furious' coverup?
  89. Uh Oh .. What Will the EPA Do Now?
  91. You Wanted Gridlocked Government? You Got It
  92. Soldier near Fort Hood base arrested with bomb-making materials
  93. The Deception of Baseline Budgeting ..
  94. John Boehner is irrelevant
  95. Obama Signaling Banks: No Default
  96. In Your Hands
  97. Pay Your Fair Share
  98. Wealth gap widens between whites, minorities
  99. "A Has Been?"‏
  100. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/07/21/heat-wave-2011-states-cut-programs-electric-
  101. I Thought Public Workers 'Right' to Collectively Bargain is the Moral Fiber of the US
  102. Correlation Between Obamacare and Stagnant Job Creation
  103. $16T of Your Printed Dollars
  104. Obama is stubborn!
  105. "A Journalistic Enema"
  106. What Are The Thoughts On The Gang Of DCIKS Plan?
  107. Apple Inc ....
  108. Bachmann's Migraines Incapacitating ?
  109. Bachmann Takes 1 Point NATIONAL lead
  110. "Status Update"
  111. She Just Couldn't Help Herself
  112. The damage of redevelopment authorities.
  113. Would They Run That Fast For a Job?
  114. The Republican Party Has 'Gone Insane'
  115. Easy "Solution" to Debt Talks
  116. August 2nd
  117. Obama's New Commercial - Elephant in a Suit Pushing Granny Down the Steps
  118. "The Same Stale, Moldy Characters"
  119. GM CEO calls for $1 gas tax hike
  120. The People vs. the People
  121. Jerome Corsi and WND....Still D-Bagging it Up
  122. Supreme Court Conservatives Make It Harder to Sue Big Companies
  123. Obama follows in Bush's footsteps on War Powers
  124. Congratulations New York!
  125. Is This Obama's Economy Yet ..
  126. OMG What happened to Bristol Palin's Face?
  127. Obama in 2012. Really? You don't even know who is running for office
  128. "Really! Hermain Cain?"
  129. Joe Klien on the Presidential Campaigns
  130. Weiner to Resign?
  131. Big Obama Donors Get Plum Jobs
  132. Despite openness pledge, President Obama pursues leakers
  133. "I Can't Spare This Man, He Fights."
  134. Group hacks US law enforcement sites, steals data
  135. Obama beating Romney in Iowa polls
  136. Mitt "The Chameleon" Romney‏
  137. Please boycott new 1 dollar coins
  138. Congress cracks me up...
  139. Government fines church $4,000 for improper tree pruning
  140. Newt Gingrich and his $500K Line of Credit at Tiffany's
  141. Help Marcy Kaptur to reinstate Glass Steagall now
  142. FCC Commissioner leaving for Comcast: Conflict of interest?
  143. US higher education: nothing but a giant Ponzi scam
  144. Apologies to Oil Companies...
  145. John McCain, and why I know hes so adamantly anti-torture
  146. Santorum Foot In Mouth
  147. "The Misguided and Misinformed Misfits"
  148. A Poem to a Man Who Will Never Be President of the United States
  149. Rich vs. Poor or Young vs Old?
  150. Who You Calling President Hoover?
  151. Casey Anthony: license to kill
  152. Birthers Are Dead, But Deathers Give Birth To New Conspiracy Theory
  153. The Difference Between Paul Ryan's and Obama's Budget
  154. Silly of Me.
  155. How is Obama just a repetition of Bush?
  156. Paul Ryan, GOP Congressmembers in the Hot Seat - Kill Medicare
  157. Yes, you know more about inflation than the gov't
  158. RomneyCare's Not Working
  159. "Scorn and Degradation"
  160. China's economy will surpass that of America in real terms in 2016
  161. An American Embarrassment with a Million Dollar Bank Account...Revisited
  162. "Finding Fugitive Sex Offender Act of 2011"
  163. So Why is the Government Really Against Online Poker?
  164. Coconuts in Congress
  165. After Glenn Beck's Contract Cancellation - Sells CT Mansion
  166. Wisconsin and the Roe Effect
  167. Why New Taxes Will Hit the Middle Class
  168. Greatest Con Game.
  169. 27 States Link Drug Testing to Welfare/Unemployment Benefits
  170. S&P puts United States credit rating on Credit Watch, outlook negative
  171. American Companies Have 6th Highest Effective Tax Rate
  172. Layoffs in Detroit
  173. Is this overkill
  174. Budget Deal Cuts $353 Million ...
  175. Don't Let Ignorant People Vote
  176. Cincinnati not so great
  177. Slavery Caused the Civil War
  178. "Serving the will of Corporations"‏
  179. 150 years later and economics is pushing us apart again. Could we have another...
  180. America land of dreams come true = land of broken dreams ??
  181. Bill Clinton is a Racist
  182. Sarah Palin's bus-ride tale of Paul Revere with apologies to Longfellow
  183. "Change Has Come to America" Part II
  184. Hospital Advertising is Driving up Healthcare Costs
  185. Like A Warm Place in the Sun.
  186. Why We Need a Government Shutdown
  187. "The Real World or the World of Bazzaro?"
  188. I am mad as hell and I won't take it anymore!
  189. The John Kerry FlipFlop Award goes to...
  190. Our Tax Code Is Corrupt
  191. Say What ?
  192. US Finances Rank Near Worst in the World: Study
  193. Taxes and BAS/BAH?
  194. Today, We are all Al Queda
  195. I Am Convinced that Most of The Lefties here Work for the Govt
  196. The NeoCon - Liberal Alliance
  197. No Country Leans on the Rich More than the USA
  198. US Attorney Calls Currency Minting Terrorism
  199. Sarah Palin, Irrelevant yet still a hoot.
  200. "Whores of War Return"
  201. Limbaugh Mocks Japan Quake Victims
  202. African American spelling bee
  203. If We Use Military Force in Libya
  204. ATM Fees to reach $5 per transaction
  205. The Civil War has Begun
  206. "Rise of the American Nitwit"
  207. Do you have confidence in U.S. disaster preparedness?
  208. The Invisible American Welfare State
  209. "Accepting No More Destructive Behavior from Elected Officials Who Cut Funding of Ame
  210. American Select
  211. French See Case Against Strauss-Kahn as American Folly
  212. A moral budget
  213. "An Act of Betrayal to the Citizenry"
  214. NY Rep Weiner's Weener Is a Non Story
  215. "Reigning Champions"
  216. Smart Immigrants Flee the United States
  217. History Doesnt Repeat Itself, But it Does Rhyme
  218. Living credit card free...
  219. US Trade Deficit Continues To Widen
  220. More Free Stuff!!!
  221. Do any of Our Liberal Friends Understand ...
  222. 10 signs the double-dip recession has begun
  223. Clinton Never Planned to Balance the Budget
  224. Most Americans Concerned About Overly Powerful Government
  225. Goldman Sachs Gets Subpoena
  226. Pawlenty Calls for the end of Farm Subsidies in Iowa
  227. Democrat wins "safe" Republican Seat in Special Election
  228. two stories on drug policy - two very different messages
  229. Final Chapter
  230. "Not a Chance."
  231. Could Ron Paul 2012 Outperform Ron Paul 2008?
  232. Good thing violent rhetoric is only on the right...
  233. Wife of White House staffer, Ashley Turton found dead in burning car
  234. Welcome to the USSA's Adjusted Recovery
  235. A pass for Obama on the debt crisis?
  236. Why Voters are Tuning Out Democrats
  237. Remarkably Inept
  238. V for Vendedta
  239. Greenest cities in north america
  240. Birthers turn Citizenshipers
  241. Michele Bachmann says she's like a pedophile serial killer.
  242. Christie : Balancing lost casino revenue by toll bridge rape
  243. The Influencing Machine by Brooke Gladstone
  244. "Not You Again"
  245. Foreign Banks Tapped Fed's Lifeline Most as Bernanke Kept Borrowers Secret
  246. Are Central Planners More Intelligent than Bill Gross?
  247. WAL-MART CEO: Brace For Shockingly High Price Increases In Its Stores
  248. Glenn beck can go f#$% his mother!
  249. San Francisco
  250. The 2011 Collapse