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  1. bejas are separated from the cushitic family, how come?
  2. Samuel Jackson voted for Obama because he's black
  3. Jason Whitlock apologizes for offensive Jeremy Lin comments
  4. White Hispanic population by national origin in the US
  5. The End of White America: Soon to be the United States of Mexico
  6. The True "Negro" is a racist myth
  7. “Shotgun house,” an African-American house design
  8. Racist Internet Troll Exposed
  9. 11-Year-Old Black Entrepreneur Creates Eco-Friendly Clothing
  10. Why Chinese give short names.
  11. Part 2- White/Asian. Who would you pick?
  12. 'The Eagle Dad' and your views on parenting
  13. the old faces of somalis
  14. Would people perceive her for Black, Biracial or Latina in the USA?
  15. .......
  16. Albino's that could pass as Caucasian?
  17. You are a Spaniard when...
  18. Is yellow fever a bad thing?
  19. White men, Asian women and whether humans are hardwired to fancy other races?
  20. SA to drop miner murder charges
  21. Mobile Azalea Trail Maids
  22. Europe According to Turkey
  23. Why aliens look like Asians
  24. were nethanderals white?
  25. My tongue in cheek youtube video about not having black gfs
  26. Not all Black conservatives are Uncle Tomming rightwingers
  27. New Egyptian cabinet sworn in
  28. Ethiopia leader 'getting better'
  29. Dating Indians and Middle Easterns?
  30. Black History By The Shovel Full
  31. Crystals and Conjuring at the Charles Carroll House, Annapolis, Maryland
  32. What group creates the Best Wives?
  33. Making Güeras: Selling white identities on late-night Mexican television
  34. Which racial or ethnic group are the dirtiest in the world?
  35. Kenya camp aid workers 'released'
  36. What are some ethnic groups you recently discovered
  37. A collection of enclaves is not integration
  38. African peoples great achievements
  39. Mubarak jailed for protest deaths
  40. Cultural differences between Aframs in different regions of the US
  41. my conspiracy theory about hip hop
  42. At least 20 killed at Cairo rally
  43. The most Nordid/Alpine/Medit countries are?
  44. Treatment of the elderly among cultures
  45. Why do I have to prove my self worth and intelligence to others?(race related)
  46. Can't judge a book by its cover? Perceptions
  47. Mali neighbours impose sanctions
  48. Mali neighbours to mull sanctions
  49. Why are proper Negroid men so much more attractive than Aethiopids?
  50. Stop blaming the rest for your failure.
  51. East Africa port project launched
  52. Finns, Estonians, and Hungarians
  53. Brunette vs blonde in the white community
  54. Somali militants in surprise raid
  55. Latino and other ethnic Students in Arizona come out against ethnic studies Ban
  56. Afro Latino influenced parades and carnivals
  57. Riots in Egypt lead to sackings
  58. Would you say racism is a touchier subject than sexism?
  59. Egypt football clash kills scores
  60. Thousands flee South Sudan unrest
  61. Is having Eastern European ancestry bad?
  62. Is the blood stronger?
  63. "She is pretty for a darkskinned girl" -Low self-esteem among Afram women ?
  64. Child forced to feed on dog milk!!!
  65. Are central Italians closer to Northern or Southern Italians?
  66. Blacks have low iq theory
  67. Bachata - Dominican Republic music
  68. What do you dislike about Latin Americans?
  69. Since we are talking about Turks...
  70. Irish women clear skin
  71. What is light skinned or Dark Skinned to you?
  72. Should Turkey give land to Kurds?
  73. what do you dislike about Turks?
  74. Ceuta and Mellila
  75. Without Multi-Culturalism Europe Fails or is Doomed?
  76. Being White in Africa
  77. Archaeologists Find Hidden African Side to Noted 1780s Maryland Building
  78. How would she be percieved in you community/area?
  79. "Racism is a Disease of White People?"
  80. White Americans majority will to end by mid-century
  81. Africanist archaeology and ancient IQ
  82. Two Thousand Years Of West African History pdf
  83. Neo-Nazism in Israel
  84. How would he be percieved in your community/area
  85. Does still exist countries in western world where have a children before wedding ...
  86. Igbo skin tone percentages
  87. Do you believe white genocide is happening
  88. Native Americans are still suffering!!!
  89. Brazil Changing
  90. Laz Alonso on Being Latino & Black in Hollywood
  91. White/Mestizo/Afro/Indigenous/Mulato Salvadorians
  92. If jessica alba was from ireland,scotland, or wales
  93. Non-white women dating white men
  94. It's funny how a beautiful white woman can just be white/euro and nothing else
  95. Dark Skin Girls documentary
  96. Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj and the rest of them
  97. Heidi Klum, Seal Divorce: Separation officially announced
  98. Non Afram Blacks being lumped or seen as African American
  99. Which countries are Middle Eastern to you ?
  100. Alex Haley's roots
  101. which race/ethinicities would you love to date?
  102. Beyonce Touts L’Oreal Cosmetics That ‘Match’ Your Native American Shade
  103. How come Latin Americans of Spaniard descent are darker than Spanairds
  104. Is this self hate...
  105. How My Illiterate Grandmother Raised An Educated Black Man
  106. America, how did you let this happen?
  107. Brazilian Big Brother girl 'raped on live television
  108. Theres Nothing Wrong With Racism
  109. Which phenotypes are exotic in your area?
  110. La Isabela, Dominican Republic, Graveyard DNA Rewrites African American History
  111. Self-Identification
  112. 1800s Afram engineering in Geogria
  113. Speaking of Afram Holocaust.......
  114. The Last Stand of the "Black Caribs" (Garinagu) on St. Vincent
  115. Dig reveals story of America's last slave ship -- and its survivors
  116. Timbuctoo, N.J., an Antebellum Afram settlement
  117. Mun2: Black-Latino Documentary
  118. Angry White B****
  119. will the terms black and white be decimated in the future?
  120. Are Sicilians mixed to any extent?
  121. Ashkenazi Jews are mostly Italian
  122. Hispanics use the term Spanish liberally
  123. Hispanic and the wrongly defined race
  124. Asian Americans are the Fastest Growing demographic in the us
  125. Thomas Sowell: Black Rednecks and White Liberials
  126. People from Latin America and the U.S. Census...
  127. Your favourite BLACK...
  128. 2012 OIL drillings in SOMALIA
  129. the main reason why nations hate judaism and jews
  130. Unnacurate version of PR history at the Smithsonian
  131. Colonialism: Latin America vs Africa
  132. Moderate Muslims challenge extremes.
  133. The Handsome Central Asian
  134. Aframs and other New World Blacks...what parts of Africa do you want to visit?
  135. Are blacks abandoning Christianity for African faiths?
  136. How would these Northwest Europeans be percieved in the White American community?
  137. Why do you people claim ancient civilizations?
  138. Should Jews call themselves Israeli/Hebrew-American?
  139. Do you think there will ever be a 'race change' operation?
  140. Megan Fox, Rumer Willis, Anne Hathaway, and Hillary Clinton are biracial, right?
  141. Is Hollywood 'whitewashing' Asian roles?
  142. Common Turkish hair types
  143. Top 50 most violent cities in the world
  144. Differences in Intelligence and Behavior between human races
  145. how would he be percieved in your community?
  146. An ancient ethnicity you are descendant of
  147. Black Invention Myths
  148. What's a cuisine you wish your area/community had more of?
  149. How would these women be percieved in your community
  150. Japan vs Haiti: Racial, Cultural or Economical issue?
  151. Classism in your country, how big is it?
  152. Question for the racist members...
  153. Clarence E. Walker. We Can't Go Home Again: an Argument about Afrocentrism
  154. Mudug Somali's
  155. The Parallel Paths of the Basque Country and Scotland
  156. Quota for black models in Brazil
  157. White couple drives through DRC alone
  158. How come tanning is not seen as self hate
  159. Chimpout on train, white girl gets attacked
  160. Is nappy a derogatory word?
  161. Racial/Ethnic terms that drive you crazy
  162. 2011 Human Development Index (HDI) map
  163. Guns,Germs,and Steel
  164. Is she the typical African American?
  165. Why are non-white posters obsessed with white women dating non-white?
  166. Are White men more loyal to White Women that vice-versa?
  167. Culture shock
  168. Austrians and Germans
  169. why do people think africa is cultureless?
  170. Please Be Honest....
  171. In what region of the world would you like to live in?
  172. George Lucas: Hollywood Didn't Want To Fund 'Red Tails' Because Of Its Black Cast
  173. Is it possible for an Ashkenazi Jew to be pure European?
  174. Statements/comments dealing with race/ethnicity you're tired of hearing about
  175. The future of the United States
  176. The Racial Double Standard between admixed SSA and Europeans
  177. Can this British popband member pass for North African
  178. Derailing for Dummies
  179. "Passing" by Nella Larsen
  180. On being white and Europeans
  181. Where does it stop being 'lightskinned' black and becomes mixed
  182. 'Dozens dead' in Guinea capsize
  183. Normative Whiteness
  184. Black woman+Perm=Self hate? I think not
  185. Beyond Extinction: Consciousness of Ta*no and Caribbean Indigeneity
  186. What was the highest % of whites and light caucasoids in history?
  187. white people happier?
  188. Clinton in Senegal on Africa tour
  189. if disney was to make an african disney animation
  190. French creole cultures of the americas
  191. Which diasporas are the most different of peoples of their country of origin ?
  192. Amaury Nolasco insults Puerto Rico
  193. Should Caucasus people be considered Europeans?
  194. "Embroidered Edge Theory"
  195. Which country (outside of Europe) would you like to visit and why?
  196. Would people perceive them in your community as average "black"?
  197. How would this actress be percieved in your area?
  198. Mursi sworn in as Egypt's leader
  199. Place people in a different ethnicity they could pass for
  200. Is Tommy Morrison an AA or white?
  201. Somali aid money 'goes missing'
  202. Non-Europeans, Which European Country Would You Visit, Why?
  203. Which big city people interact most with diversity?
  204. How would she be percieved in your community/area?
  205. German man 'killed in Nigeria'
  206. How are rape victims treated in your country?
  207. Somalia MPs die in suicide attack
  208. "Is 'white' a term for lightskinned multi-ethnic mongrels?"
  209. Gang shootings in Sweden?
  210. What % of White American girls say things like this?
  211. Most diverse country by phenotype in the world
  212. would you strictly marry your own race?
  213. Nigerian diversity phenotypes
  214. Gunshots fired in Mali capital
  215. South Africa:Let us live
  216. If you could make a new country what features would it have? Culture phenotype etc..
  217. Interracial adoption
  218. Mali rebels 'surround Timbuktu'
  219. If Anartica was inhabited
  220. Familial Germanic Sympathies for American whites?
  221. Malema defiant at ANC expulsion
  222. Could you stay away from your ethinicity/culture for long?
  223. Do you think Hollywood is pro-White?
  224. Race and Ethnicity in Highschool
  225. Unrelated people who look alike
  226. AFRO LATINOS OF NIGERIA (mainly brazil)
  227. Middle Eastern/Arabic men in Europe aggressively pursuing White females, that bad?
  228. What's the difference between Congo-Kinshasa and Congo-Brazzaville?
  229. The racist origin of the big-ass video vixen fetish
  230. Colorblind Ideology is a Form of Racism
  231. SA lesbian killers get 18 years
  232. Why do people with light brown and olive skin generally hate darker skin and admire
  233. How thoses peoples would be percieved in your community/town/area?
  234. How would this actress be percieved in your community/town/area?
  235. Italians passed as Native American
  236. French blacks skeptical of race neutrality
  237. 'More troops' to South Sudan town
  238. Nigeria attacks prompt emergency
  239. Is internet racism a really good indicator of racism in real life?
  240. Answer this poll ESPECIALLY if you dont know nothing about money
  241. Historical and Contemporary Blackface/Black caricatured products
  242. "If Black America was a country"
  243. UK: White on Black violence assumed to be racism
  244. Had Ancient Egypt been in the heart of Sub Saharan Africa
  245. White "Liberals" (on race), mythical creatures or real life beings?
  246. Just how did so called "Caucasoid" traits enter East Africa?
  247. Jessica Alba:" Don't Call Me A Latina!!"
  248. Racial identity is changing among "Latinos"
  249. Why are White Americans not called "European Americans"
  250. Do you see Indigenous peoples in Brazil's major cities?