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  1. Your national Diaspora in other countries?
  2. Why do Brown people (mainly non-Latinos) hate themselves and each other?
  3. Tatar life in Finland
  4. Chicago youth Play a game where they punch random people
  5. Is this blog post by a "pick up artist" a pile of garbage or a harsh reality
  6. Fighting in defending your race/ethnic group?
  7. The most hated race/ethnic groups?
  8. In what country would you say it truly sucks to be non-White?
  9. What is considered Black in the US
  10. Who is "Black" of this group?
  11. Afro-Latinos vs other Afro diasporans
  12. Where do you see these five countries in 50 years?
  13. Comapre countires
  14. Out of these people, how many do you consider "Black"?
  15. Over time, will groups which we consider attractive change? (read info)
  16. British people among world's ugliest
  17. Do you consider Mexico to be part of Latin America culturally
  18. auburn hair
  19. How do you think Africa will be like in the next century?
  20. Basque people of America
  21. 'The White Man Has Lost His Tribe'
  22. What is happening in Sweden with the rape rate?
  23. First song in Europe - Michel Teló and hypnotizing Brazilian crowd !
  24. Two Swedish journalists convicted for Terrorism in Ethiopia
  25. What races pheromones are the most attractive?
  26. The danger of the single story!
  27. White American vs White European (Western) women, who care more about race in dating?
  28. Pecking order in societies
  29. Is Latinamerica considered a part of 'the West'?
  30. The Early Mestizos
  31. Does it's okay to have racist friends if you aren't racist ?
  32. Racism in Mexican children.. shocking video
  33. so I'm going to have a job interview with a jewish guy
  34. why are Polynesians good looking?
  35. New World Blacks and African unification
  36. every ethnic group likes fried chicken and other fried things?
  37. Do You Sympathize With Somali Pirates?
  38. 'Immigrant' school gets the highest test scores in UK
  39. Swedish government fights "myths" about immigration on government website
  40. Best of the Best Horner Music
  41. Greatest African Americans
  42. Where was miscegenation most prevalent?
  43. Indians were also slaved
  44. Does albinism predominate in any country or region of the world?
  45. Is the West exotic?
  46. The evolution of political correctness in ads
  47. Have you ever met someone who came from a child mother?
  48. Countries With Potential and Why?
  49. Uzbek Arabs
  50. African Americans and Native Americans
  51. Why do Israel dont have a Royal Family like they used to do in the past?
  52. Why did the British not like the Irish?
  53. Do you think West African features are ugly and unprogressive?
  54. Diversity and immigrants in Turkey
  55. racism in Jamaica
  56. The Myth of Ta*no survival in the Spanish speaking Caribbean
  57. Are the Russians the most violent and tyrannical "Europeans" ?
  58. Why Halle Berry and Vanessa Williams are Bad for Black Women
  59. Kabila defends DR Congo election
  60. Jamaican chinese community
  61. Pheno variety and diversity in Afram communties
  62. SA drug dealer executed in China
  63. Dark skin is beautiful
  64. Interracial Couples
  65. Which Race is the Purest
  66. Why Pale Features with nonexistent lips Undesirable?
  67. What Became of the Ta*no?
  68. 'Underpants bomber' pleads guilty
  69. Why are West African features considered ugly and unprogressive?
  70. Uganda MPs suspend all oil deals
  71. Female infanticide in India
  72. Miss 2012
  73. Why Are So Many Threads About Black People?
  74. Are Quebec & Haiti Latin American Too?
  75. Why can't Black People Swim?
  76. UN Secretary General: Ban Ki-moon in Mogadishu
  77. Kenya pipeline fire 'kills 100'
  78. Could the guys of jersey shore show pass for Italians in Italy?
  79. Gaddafi's son 'arrives in Niger'
  80. In what places in Africa and Europe you'll find
  81. Tunisia security chief acquitted
  82. Don’t be close to bananas: Islamic cleric to women
  83. Most of you are quite patriotic.
  84. Nigeria army to open abuse probe
  85. Ever experienced racism?
  86. Do white parents find it harder to relate to their mixed-race offspring?
  87. Thousands flee Nigerian attacks
  88. Germany less racist than UK
  89. Peoples with mixed ethnicities are more attractive than peoples with single ethnicity
  90. Afram graduated women have difficuties to find a mate
  91. US hails death of al-Qaeda militant
  92. Uganda swearing in overshadowed
  93. which ethnic groups are the friendliest?
  94. Do you think British actor Dominic West can pass for a quadroon?
  95. "The integration of muslims in Europe is impossible"
  96. Gbagbo moved out of Abidjan - UN
  97. Should all Black People be Offended by the N Word
  98. Ouattara urges Ivory Coast calm
  99. Hunza people the healthiest?
  100. Egypt moves to reassure allies
  101. African Americans who long to be something else
  102. Egypt rejoices as Mubarak departs
  103. Interracial marriages and relationships
  104. Which white people are the most African influenced culturally in the Americas?
  105. Nationalist Occupiers
  106. Tunisia imposes curfew in capital
  107. David Duke arrested in Germany
  108. Karaite Judaism
  109. Ta*no People Honored by the Mashantucket Pequot Nation
  110. Ivorian policemen die in clashes
  111. What race will dominate future?
  112. new racist women on tram
  113. Bedouins of arabia
  114. Who do dominicans(not d.r) overlap with the most
  115. Poor Somalia.
  116. who is a self hater?
  117. The Ta*no are extinct
  118. West Coast Afram griffes???
  119. How many people have Jewish ancestry in the world?
  120. Little Ethiopia on the Simpsons
  121. UK women are 'fattest in Europe'
  122. Brazil becomes a magnet for European immigrants
  123. What region has destroyed most ?
  124. Which nations are most patrotic and which least- and why?
  125. Is it okay to hate a culture?
  126. Positive/negative associations with groups
  127. Latin-Americans, do you feel offended when you aren't considered American?
  128. Do you consider modern Egyptians to be "arabs"?
  129. Ex-GDR, a new land for Poles and Czechs
  130. 'Esquire' names Rihanna 'Sexiest Woman Alive'
  131. Does surname = ethnicity?
  132. Russian reporter shows middle finger at Barack Obama
  133. What society has contributed the most to modern civilization?
  134. Should US immigrants who don't learn English be allowed to stay?
  135. What region has contributed more to the World?
  136. Who is a Jew
  137. How do I deal with accusations of racism flying around?
  138. Why do companies ask your (racial) group?
  139. Post you national cultural dance (video)
  140. Even the eyes are too sexy?
  141. Interesting demographics of the original settlers in Los Angeles
  142. Is it common for Indian/south asians to be treated like this in arabia?
  143. Why do whites have less children today?
  144. Whitest parts of America vs Darkest Parts
  145. Are most Neo-Nazi's circumstantial racists?
  146. Danish right-wing extremists are preparing for race war, warns the Danish security
  147. Legislation eradicates Dominican “Indians”
  148. Are you a WASP?
  149. Tv Show:a Spaniard telling a moor to shut up and go back to her country.
  150. Oromo vs Habesha look
  151. Do you agree with this map?
  152. Most different neigbouring countries
  153. How the "Latino race" was created
  154. White children now a minority in London schools...
  155. Social attitudes of American ethnicities
  156. Who were the Moors in Spain? I'm confused about this.
  157. Why do Mexicans immigrate to the United States
  158. Population Statistics in Turkey
  159. Honor Killing in rise
  160. British women become the fattest in Europe
  161. Austria bans Jesus fighting Santa commercial...
  162. Cultural Marxism's Western Impact on the races
  163. UN seeks South Sudan bombs probe
  164. white and biracial Haitians documentary
  165. 3 things you should know before coming to...
  166. Warn the tourist!
  167. Liberia's Sirleaf promises unity
  168. What Europeans think of each other.
  169. Rap music originated in Scotland
  170. 'Huge' turnout in Liberian poll
  171. Favorite foods
  172. Al-Shabab 'driven from Mogadishu'
  173. Which West Asian ethnicities do you feel connected To?
  174. Why is it rare to see black disable/deformed person?
  175. Race and IQ - The IQ data is out
  176. Zanzibar to probe ferry disaster
  177. Pfizer pays Nigeria drug victims
  178. U.S. establishes drone base in Arba Minch, Ethiopia
  179. Whats up with Americans fashion sense
  180. Uganda LRA war crimes trial opens
  181. Stereotypes of your country.
  182. Senegal suspends Habre expulsion
  183. Origin of Caucasian people?
  184. Norway: ALL Sexual Assaults ending in Rape commited by Non-Westerners
  185. NON-BLACKS, would it bother you if...?
  186. NON-WHITES, would it bother you if...?
  187. Survey Finds Anti-Semitic Attitudes Rising in America
  188. White cops use South Africans for dog training.
  189. Europe is a "Lazy Society!"
  190. Libya rebels 'take key airport'
  191. Whats your opinion on Europeans?
  192. Ivorian leader held after siege
  193. U.S "Latino" Self Identification
  194. Air strikes near Gbagbo residence
  195. European Countries: two faces
  196. UK Riots Official Ethnic Stats: Major Black Overrepresentation
  197. Pred Ameridians in Mexican media
  198. EU heads gather for Libya summit
  199. Is Porn Evil
  200. Gaddafi loyalists mount onslaught
  201. Egypt's Mubarak resigns as leader
  202. Americans are all mixed
  203. Hardest working peoples
  204. US demands clear Egypt transition
  205. Two dead in Ivory Coast clashes
  206. Is it possible to be Progressive politically and ethnocentric (racist)?
  207. Ivory Coast unity cabinet offer
  208. last of the Jamaican Germans
  209. Darker skinned people, majority??
  210. Has Obama's presidency increased anti-Jewish, anti-Israel sentiment in the U.S.?
  211. How would you parents react if you disrespected someone because of their race?
  212. Gingerism - PC racism
  213. How do North Africans view themselves in terms of race?
  214. how do you feel when your race's women date others?
  215. Al Maghrebi Berbers
  216. Arabs vs Jews, who wins??
  217. What hair color are you attracted to most in women?
  218. Why are some people so obsessed with Nordic features?
  219. Over 80% of blondes in the U.K. are fake
  220. Football fans in pictures!
  221. for fun- Ozzy Osbourne about his DNA test
  222. The Dard people (northern pakistan)
  223. Two questions about USA.
  224. Most ridiculous white people conspiracy
  225. African women to die for.
  226. Black Mexicans Documentary
  227. Most ridiculous Jewish conspiracy
  228. Mountain Yemenies
  229. The Swiss to ban immigration.
  230. Are Arabs a barabric people?
  231. Forgotten Faces of Haiti
  232. Forgotten Faces of Jamaica Trailer/ white Jamaicans Asian Jamaicans
  233. Ethnicities in which women look better than men or viceversa
  234. Racial Composition of NBA, NFL and MLB Teams and Racial Composition of Franchise...
  235. “THE COLORS OF ETHIOPIANS: WHERE ARE YOU FROM?” by Ethiopian German actress/write
  236. An apology to black people.
  237. "white" definition in europe
  238. if white Americans/ canadians originate from Europeans, why do they look different?
  239. What is exactly Patronizing Racism ?
  240. Was/Is Tupac a good role model for black youths?
  241. "Interracial" Marriages in America
  242. Are Italian men as loved in Europe as they are in America?
  243. Solkim's coming out
  244. Exotic beauty. Wth
  245. Four dead in DR Congo poll unrest
  246. Non Afram black descendants in America society
  247. Plea for calm after DR Congo poll
  248. What if Alicia Keys, Halle Berry considered themselves White and not Black
  249. American Pimp Documentary
  250. How much trouble would the couple shown in the picture receive in your area?