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  1. ANC youth leader Malema suspended
  2. ANC to decide on Malema's future
  3. Why do Andamase folks still look african?
  4. Female Soldiers from around the World
  5. Egypt Copts mourn unrest victims
  6. How do you salute peoples in your country ?
  7. Country where peoples have the best etiquette ? ?
  8. Do you think many Americans see "white" as "normal"?
  9. Attempted Assassination
  10. Egypt on alert after Israeli embassy riot
  11. Feminism in Somalia
  12. Any somalis here????
  13. Gbagbo son charged in Ivory Coast
  14. Affirmative action in the United States
  15. Non-white "Stormfronts".
  16. Miss black usa
  17. Sudan 'bombs southern oil state'
  18. Roosh's racial ladder, can men on the bottom beat men on the top?
  19. 'shadism'- sub-racism
  20. Roma in Norway...
  21. Prevalence of ethnic groups in literature
  22. UN seeks pause to Libya fighting
  23. Are mixed race women considered more attractive than mixed race men?
  24. Why are Secular Jews so into race mixing?
  25. What is more important in attracting women abroad, 1st world citizen or being White?
  26. Mubarak summoned for questioning
  27. Obama Fried Chicken
  28. Gbagbo troops 'hit rival's base'
  29. Blacks in Canada are healthier than whites, on average
  30. France recognises Libyan rebels
  31. How privileged are you in society?
  32. Your most recurring criminal offense?
  33. Gaddafi forces beat up BBC team
  34. Who are pashtuns??
  35. Egypt's Mubarak 'may stand down'
  36. Egypt minister criticises US role
  37. Texas - Mexican secret spanish jews today
  38. Why didn't Whites just exterminate the other races circa 1800+ ?
  39. Day two of south Sudan referendum
  40. Obama hails south Sudanese vote
  41. Irish men: Most ugly?
  42. Why do you have an interest in race?
  43. Reparations or seperate nations???
  44. Ethiopians
  45. Panamanian documentary- One dollar, el precio de la vida
  46. Who in Europe have the strongest gene ?
  47. Taboo. What is taboo to you?
  48. The Dual Track Policy is Causing Confusion
  49. Person of color - what does it really mean?
  50. White guilt, what's your take on it?
  51. What comes to mind when you think of these countries?
  52. People who Deny their Whiteness
  53. What are the two most similar countries in your opinion?
  54. Post the phenotypes you find least attractive.
  55. Least sought-after ancestry in your ethnic group?
  56. Educated Black People More Likely To Marry A White Partner
  57. What makes some people so anti-Semitic?
  58. Phenotype of Mexican Immigrants
  59. Biracial Women being represented as Black in the media
  60. Afrikaner-only towns in S.A.
  61. Ethiopian Christmas
  62. Habesha names
  63. Gated Communities
  64. Black Men and Stereotypes
  65. Are your biological parents still together?
  66. Blacks in Russia.
  67. Does this prove that race has no correlation to negative behavior?
  68. What people is more close to arabs? Lebanese Christians or Assyrians?
  69. Which is the most mixed race Anglo American country
  70. Funny racial satires
  71. number of books translated into your language (importance in development)?
  72. Can racial superiorirty actually exist?
  73. What cities in California have the highest European demographic?
  74. Which of these tribal women would you date?
  75. What do you think of the average Aboriginal people?
  76. Was slavery and the black experience a holocaust?
  77. The Dyula people
  78. What exactly is a self hater?
  79. Are white people the pinnacle of beauty?
  80. Who are East Africans more likely to marry?
  81. Which country in the Americas has the MOST overall Indigenous/Native American pride?
  82. Most ignorant video, Light skinned vs Dark skinned
  83. Which are the most dangerous/violent race hate/xenophobic/sexist groups in the world?
  84. What are your fav accents?
  85. Does the media really have a large influence on the way many people think?
  86. Why do some people believe race determines behavior?
  87. How relevant is the Latin American caste system in modern Latin American socieities?
  88. Racists Blacks hating Asians
  89. Those keen on interracial marriages, would you want your kids to look like you?
  90. What race are the Adaman island people?
  91. You 'Racism' standards
  92. What are the countries where White people are mostly like to face racism?
  93. Racism in Peru
  94. Northern European women most sexually liberal?
  95. Which country has the prettiest blondes?
  96. Which type of Black woman do you guys prefer
  97. Kelis: "I was racially abused at London airport"
  98. Why do so many girls bleach their hair BLONDE
  99. Record majority approves black-white marriages
  100. Will things get bloody in the US and Uk if whites become a minority there?
  101. Why is it that so many guys seem to chase after white women?
  102. If race mixing or having a significant amount of other ancestry destroys race, then..
  103. If the West falls...
  104. Dominant minorities that you're aware of?
  105. Have you ever been a victim of racism? post your stories
  106. Which are the toughest (in terms of warfare) tribes in the world?
  107. Where did the Black men only get Obese or ugly white women myth start?
  108. Who are the most oppressed people in this modern era?
  109. Most beautiful biracial type
  110. Attitudes to national ties- poll
  111. What is considered 'good' or 'nice' hair in the USA by the black populace?
  112. What would be the reaction of your friends and family if you dated interracially?
  113. Who's the American? An American or a Mexican?
  114. What's the standard of Beauty for West and Central SSA's?
  115. Kabila 'wins DR Congo election'
  116. just want 2 share this beautiful picture with you
  117. Women what makes a man attractive in your eyes?
  118. What really makes a woman attractive?
  119. South African judge rules apartheid-era anthem is hate speech
  120. Black girls are the least attractive?
  121. who exactly are the Tuareg
  122. Niger's army 'intercepts' convoy
  123. Would some people take severe inbreeding over breeing with another ethnic group?
  124. Who's Native American?
  125. Hate crime in Barbados
  126. South Sudan oil production drops
  127. The other races by Caribbean nation?
  128. Happy Ethiopian New Year! :D
  129. What do you consider to be Black?
  130. What do you actually consider White ethnically?
  131. Are there any pure Bantu?
  132. Photoessay on the 200,000 or so Africans living in China's 3rd largest city
  133. Gaddafi town 'close to falling'
  134. Fierce street fighting in Sirte
  135. Does your family have peoples of other race ?
  136. 'Battle under way' for Libya town
  137. Are there Modern Khoisans? (split)
  138. Libya interim leaders urge unity
  139. Race and homosexuality, the real deal
  140. Most Friendly/Least friendliest groups of people in the world
  141. Uganda drops all Besigye charges
  142. what do you think of mixed marriages???
  143. World leaders greet South Sudan
  144. Racial Relations?: Hispamerican ...
  145. You know, you're habesha when..
  146. Women, what hair do you like on men?
  147. Talks focus on post-Gaddafi Libya
  148. Libya rebels 'push back troops'
  149. An insight of Libya : facts about tribal and cultural divisions
  150. New Ivory Coast mass graves found
  151. self hate?
  152. Polls close in Nigeria election
  153. Has anyone mixed their race out completely ?
  154. Libyans 'will fight' no-fly zone
  155. Libya no-fly zone 'UN decision'
  156. Are Mexican's Native Americans or Spanish? I don't understand. Help.
  157. Why are the coldest countries in South America the most developed?
  158. Egypt protesters keep up pressure
  159. South Sudan votes on independence
  160. Examples of Cultural Misunderstandings
  161. The Stereotypes VS Reality
  162. Glenn Beck defends racial term
  163. Katt Williams makes anti-Mexican rant
  164. What do you consider an "interracial" relationship?
  165. Are Greeks considered dark Europeans?
  166. Facebook Photo of White Man with Black Child's Body Shocks South Africa
  167. Most Insensitive Culture
  168. Is it easy to have dual unbiased identity?
  169. Cherokee Nation Expels Descendants Of Tribe's Black Slaves
  170. Do most eastern europeans have some german in them?
  171. Do all European have Germanic blood in them?
  172. Black Colombian female/Korean male Interracial/cultural couple
  173. Britain's favourite 12 year old transsexual boy
  174. In which countries is it acceptable for men to cry?
  175. Face changing fun
  176. Half Chinese/Half European = Latino look?
  177. Pictures of cities in 1980's era China
  178. Black Americans escaping discrimination before Civil Rights movement???
  179. Are there a lot of US soldiers marrying Iraqi girls?
  180. Migrant stories from europe.
  181. Learn to read Tigrinya/Amharic
  182. Congo election results 'imminent'
  183. Kenya to 'join AU Somalia force'
  184. Ethnicity of People of the Nile Valley Civilization
  185. Liberians vote despite protests
  186. Hannibal portrayed on Deadlist Warrior as a white man!!
  187. nationalism, romanticism and racism?
  188. Libya troops renew Sirte assault
  189. Rockets fired from Libyan outpost
  190. Gaddafi denies fleeing to Niger
  191. Zimbabwe torture camp discovered
  192. China minister arrives in Sudan
  193. South Sudan becomes newest nation
  194. South Sudan counts down to split
  195. Libya rebels advance on key town
  196. Freida Pinto wants to take a DNA test to prove she's Indian
  197. East Africa 'faces food crisis'
  198. Deadly attack on Nigerian police
  199. Witnesses describe mobs, some people claim racially-charged attacks
  200. Malawi says UK envoy 'insulting'
  201. Countries or Ethnic groups you feel connected to?
  202. Al-Qaeda denies Morocco cafe link
  203. Skin color variation in family members
  204. Black and White Relations Before the Colonial Era
  205. More bodies found in Ivory Coast
  206. African tribes admixture and the relation to slavery
  207. 'Nato raid' kills Libyan rebels
  208. Gaddafi forces launch air strikes
  209. Spider-Man becomes biracial
  210. Huge protest rejects Mubarak move
  211. Reinforcing the stereotype.."Captain Mexico".
  212. Charles Taylor lawyer storms out
  213. Jewellery on men
  214. Kiir in Sudan pre-vote peace call
  215. 500+ years later and Indigenous peoples of the Americas still threatened
  216. Bashir: Sudan not ready for split
  217. Russian Navy vs. Somali pirates
  218. Does bad nutrition during childhood is a cause to uglyness ?
  219. China searches for the next Yao Ming
  220. Origin of surnames in the Senate of your country
  221. Average faces of men across the world
  222. What is the country who have the most influence in the culture of your country ?
  223. Americans who have been across America, what do you think is the most racist area?
  224. CIA uses typology in 2011?
  225. Why extreme uglyness can be consider attractiv for men and not for women ?
  226. Irish little girl wants to demolish her school
  227. which generation of immigrants- should abandon 'roots'
  228. Are Cubans seen as Black people in Europe?
  229. "Recession worsens racial wealth gap"
  230. Koreans flock to the Philippines to learn English
  231. Is the USA a multicultural Country?
  232. Why is Latin America so Colorist & Racist?
  233. NYTimes | More Hispanics in U.S. Calling Themselves "Indian"
  234. Anti-Negroid Lebanese social attitudes
  235. Drinking games among the social groups.
  236. Beauty or Cruelty
  237. Family oriented society or Individual?
  238. Do Whites have a harder time detecting Mulattoes?
  239. Was the rape Justified?
  240. Happy 12th July!
  241. Europe seen by the Americans...
  242. Gaddafi son 'in Mexico entry bid'
  243. Poll on Preference of Dominican Women
  244. Liberia poll protest turns deadly
  245. What Would You Do / Racism In America
  246. Tanzania 'detains Congo soldiers'
  247. Real % of white hispanics in the us
  248. US warns of Nigeria hotel attack
  249. Do you think poligamy could help to restore the family values?
  250. Racist Asians hating Blacks youtube videos