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  1. Three women win Nobel Peace Prize
  2. Racism in America: customer service-Black man arrested for cashing cheque at bank(!)
  3. Libya troops in big Sirte assault
  4. Top 5 American(USA) states with the most attractive peoples in average
  5. Birth of South Sudan
  6. Niger 'cannot close' Libya border
  7. How to define ethnicity? (split) //mod
  8. Are Australian aboriginals considered black in Australia?
  9. Gaddafi aide 'in Niger capital'
  10. Yaniyor Yurekler
  11. Racism in Colombia?
  12. Why are African Americans Always Sexually Active!
  13. Istanbul Universitesi'nde Kimlik Kontrolunu PKK Yapiyor
  14. Basbuglar Olmez
  15. Ways of Suicide Among certain Races
  16. Which Race is the least Social among others
  17. Do you want race to exist?
  18. Explosions shake Libyan capital
  19. Confusion about so called "pro-black" people
  20. Young Britains view on racism
  21. Barbaric Africans Burning Man Alive
  22. Paula Patton interview with Chelsea Lately I found
  23. Which is the least ethnicity you'd want your children to marry?
  24. Ivorian leader 'is losing troops'
  25. a weird experience
  26. A course of action for White Nationalists
  27. Did you ever had any prejudices?
  28. Ivory Coast: Gbagbo repels attack
  29. Which Race is less Tolerant of Others
  30. Gaddafi forces hit key rebel town
  31. Libya casualties spark UN moves
  32. Uyan Turk Evladi Uyan
  33. Funniest Ethnic comedy
  34. Rebels battle Gaddafi offensive
  35. Jamaican kid whose been called Arab, Pakistani, White, Italian
  36. Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities In The World.
  37. South Sudan vote confirms split
  38. Egypt protesters unmoved by talks
  39. South Africa's lesbians fear 'corrective rape'
  40. What ethnicity are you most attracted to?
  41. Are natural blondes going to exticnt or become less common in the Future?
  42. Girls: How many kids do you plan to have?
  43. Ivory Coast military call queried
  44. Tuareg origins
  45. Census Update: What the World Will Look like in 2050
  46. Black Churches - Does Your Church Do This????
  47. Black Hebrew Isaelites WTF ?
  48. Whites with black ancestry
  49. Who belongs to the White Race?
  50. Disney's Princess and the Frog
  51. Italian and Spanish guys, can any other type of men do better with the ladies than em
  52. Rat Faced Men (Muslims (Jews?) and Indians) Most Likely To Be Child Abusers
  53. Do Jews hate Blacks or just Ethiopians
  54. Who is (h)abesha?
  55. question of national identity in context of DNA results
  56. My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding
  57. Black Girl Going To Turkey with my Turkish Boyfriend
  58. People with Down Syndrome and Classifications
  59. A man's ethnicity and his success with the ladies, where does it rank?
  60. White babies are no longer the majority in the U.S.
  61. Does racism exist in Turkey ?
  62. Galliano- public insults or not
  63. List of U.S. cities with large African American populations
  64. Ancient anatolians
  65. Africans started slavery - how it REALLY happened
  66. Leave Dominicans alone!
  67. An invitation to Curiouscat, let's discuss genetics on this thread, just me and you
  68. Russia's Deadly Designer Drug: Causes green skin, rotting flesh
  69. Drumming for Blackness: Dominican Vudú, Palo Music
  70. Slaves, Freedmen Spied On South During Civil War
  71. Brazil's catwalks are too white, say protesters
  72. Which is more Important to you?
  73. Do White Southerners know their ancestors came from Europe?
  74. Who are the Black Irish?
  75. Do Whites Experience Racism?
  76. people who refuse to date within their own race
  77. study: children of mixed-race background are more likely to suffer health problems
  78. Guess child's ethnicity
  79. Racism among Democrats and Conservatives in the USA
  80. Indigenous peoples of the Colombian Pacific coast
  81. At what age women ..........?
  82. Is Catholicism a sense of underdeveloping and backwardness in Latin America.
  83. Interracial social groups
  84. Beyonce whitened
  85. Which ethnic group in the Americas would be the most accepting of you marrying a SSA?
  86. Why are people Anti-Semitic?
  87. Is it safe to assume Indian and Chinese men have been with women of all backgrounds?
  88. DR Congo delays election results
  89. UN toughens sanctions on Eritrea
  90. Malawi leader promises riot probe
  91. Archbishop on central Africa trip
  92. which generation is mostly concerned with racial issues?
  93. The Race Ladder - How does it work?
  94. Gaddafi loyalists flee to Niger
  95. Do you really believe race exists?
  96. What's the most integrated country in the Americas?
  97. So there can be beautiful full Euro women, but not beautiful fully African women?
  98. Somali rebels pull out of capital
  99. Somalia Islamists lift aid ban
  100. Somalia 'human tragedy' warning
  101. Black Confederate
  102. Nigeria speaker held over 'fraud'
  103. Are northwest Iraqis (Mosul,Sinjar, Hatra) more arabs than lebanese people?
  104. UN probes Sudan oil state clashes
  105. Ivory Coast's president sworn in
  106. Curly Hair
  107. Ivorian forces storm Gbagbo home
  108. Acacia africa is nominated for two World Travel Awards...
  109. Ivorian leader denies surrender
  110. Integration, Muslims.
  111. Gaddafi forces claim major gains
  112. Black women and hair
  113. Race, Culture and Equality
  114. Egypt 'reform committee agreed'
  115. Brotherhood 'to join Egypt talks'
  116. Fun Side of Turkey
  117. Ivory Coast 'expels' UK, Canada envoys
  118. Which Race has the most Morals
  119. At what point do you stop claiming or do you?
  120. Sudan 'needs new deal over oil'
  121. Woman takes attacker's manhood to the police
  122. Semite-topia and Pan-Semitism
  123. Do you want all the races to mix/blend into one?
  124. UN 'to bolster Ivory Coast force'
  125. Are Chinese people Racist!
  126. The ‘Exotic Woman’ Fetish
  127. Xenophobia and Sociopathy
  128. Why do Whites say all Beautiful Black Women are mixed
  129. Black African have worst survival skills
  130. More men than women raped?
  131. Cultural Impact of Turkic Immigrants on Turkey
  132. Which human race has the largest life longevity?
  133. Bobby Fischer: "The US is an illegitimate country"
  134. Afghanistan of the 1950's and 1960's
  135. Sex habits of American ethnicities
  136. UK: Four Muslim extremists jailed for battering Religious Studies teacher
  137. Manscaping (body grooming) around the world
  138. Are Germans ruder than the British?
  139. South Korean plastic surgeon attempts to create world's most beautiful face
  140. Most Attractive *Male Version* (African Skin Tones)
  141. Most Attractive (African Skin Tones)
  142. Which group of black women do you find more feminine/attractive? (pictures).
  143. Beauty ideal in America (With pictures)
  144. Who such Komi?
  145. How would Americans feel about a confederacy?
  146. Whites believe they are victims of racism more often than blacks
  147. Do Blacks have poor impulse control?
  148. Are African Americans more admixed than White Americans
  149. The Rape-aXe - Anti Rape device. Seriously WTF
  150. Why is Africa in such a bad way?
  151. Did Beyonce bleach her skin?
  152. mixed race experience
  153. Black women less attractive? Black men more attractive?
  154. ethnic homogeneity vs. diversity
  155. Ethnicity and Nationality in English vs Iberian colonized nations
  156. Is it harder for you to classify children?
  157. What is your Ancestoral Totem?
  158. Italian/Afram mixes
  159. What region has the best cuisine?
  160. Anonymous Poll for Europeans
  161. What does this R1b map of Europe mean?
  162. What do you think of certain tribes having sex with relatives
  163. Have Africans 'rape gene'?
  164. should we strive to preserve unique races and phenotypes?
  165. Ivory Coast's Gbagbo in The Hague
  166. Do you think East-Asians and Africans look similar?
  167. The Totem Pole Of Race Attractiveness (men)
  168. When/how did you become interested in race and anthropology?
  169. 'Dozens die' in Nigeria attacks
  170. Somali aid push in famine zones
  171. Basque people/Vascos/Euskaldunes/Vascongadas
  172. Somalia famine 'may kill 750,000'
  173. Are ethnic groups socially constructed, or are they a timeless phenomenon?
  174. Gaddafi stronghold talks 'failed'
  175. Phenotypes of some Kurdish women
  176. White dudes with hispanic last names
  177. Several dead in Somali aid raid
  178. What kind of racist are you?
  179. Egypt ministers found not guilty
  180. Eric Clapton infamous speech
  181. Bloody end to Burkina Faso mutiny
  182. Talks on funding Libya's rebels
  183. Ivorian leader 'hiding in bunker'
  184. Would racism ever end
  185. Muslim members, what branch of Islam do you practice?
  186. Libyan rebels locked in battles
  187. Do you think indians look african american?
  188. Mubarak moves to restart economy
  189. Obama raises pressure on Mubarak
  190. South Sudan welcomes Bashir words
  191. Does culture/society influence in the genders of racemixers?
  192. 'Black and White' twins...misleading?
  193. Black African ancestry in Portugal
  194. Jews and Hollywood
  195. Med+asian=?????
  196. Africans colonizing the Americas and Europe
  197. Most Racist european countries?
  198. Why do you think people are quicker to discern European in Blacks
  199. Spanish Vs Turkish pre 19th century achievements
  200. Dogs from your country
  201. What do you think about racial preservation?
  202. Region vs phenotype
  203. is "arab" like "latino/Hispanic"?
  204. Can the Kaulitz twins pass for Eurasian or Somali/Euro mix?
  205. From my own perception about people viewing others as 'mixed'
  206. Are white people less religious in general terms?
  207. Ethnicities that accept foreign mixes as their own?
  208. Worst and best tourists according to interviewed Europeans
  209. An observation
  210. Germanics who want meds out of their country.
  211. white men and black women in slave days
  212. Tomorrow belongs to...
  213. "Utrecht uses €100 trick to 'discourage' Kenyan marathon runners"
  214. If U.S.A had a large Native population
  215. Europe: Nationalist resurgence BBC..
  216. Approval of U.S. leadership, does it have to do with race/idiosyncrasy?
  217. California Republican sends E-mail depicting Obama as an ape
  218. Why is there no one drop rule for Mestizos?
  219. One Drop Rule: How black is black?
  220. Cavalli Sforza on the future of African Americans
  221. Pro-social behavior and tolerance in OECD countries
  222. How did german ancestry became the most common throughout the US?
  223. guess this woman and classify..
  224. Why are anglo-americans blonde than mainland brits?
  225. Protests at climate change summit
  226. The Roma Gypsies
  227. Do you care to learn the culture of your friends?
  228. Liberia's Tubman to boycott poll
  229. Sudan troops seize key rebel town
  230. Deadly attack hits Somali capital
  231. are more heterogeneous countries more unequal by nature?
  232. How people from your race or country celebrate political gains?
  233. Which European countries are most open towards North Americans/Latin Americans?
  234. Why Southern European countries are more racist than Northern European countries?
  235. Libya pro-Gaddafi town surrounded
  236. Few blacks in the nominations in Puerto Rico
  237. 'Decades' to clean up Nigeria oil
  238. More Somali areas hit by famine
  239. Halfies
  240. How much does race/ethnicity effect relationships?
  241. Brother/Sister countries
  242. Ben Ali found guilty in drug case
  243. Libya looms in Russia-Nato talks
  244. Mexicans overtake Native Americans in Oklahoma
  245. Nato uses attack helicopters in Libya
  246. Language you think in? (survey for immigrants).
  247. White boy adopted to filipino parents
  248. African migrants abandon the American dream..
  249. Blonde guy - Blonde girl couples, am I the only one who thinks it is odd?
  250. Libya aid ship comes under fire