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  1. Assyrians in Turkey reclaim education right
  2. H. G. Wells racial theories
  3. Rwanda rebels on trial in Germany
  4. Racial trends: what do men fetishize about women's bodies?
  5. Turkey calls on Col Gaddafi to go
  6. UN forces join Abidjan fighting
  7. Immigrant mentality and its pro and cons for the host society..
  8. milk
  9. Abidjan facing 'rapid offensive'
  10. The Hannibal and the Carthaginians
  11. Blacks and mixed-race people in professional fields (split) //mod
  12. Tripoli clampdown before prayers
  13. Libyan rebels set out conditions
  14. Egypt set for 'Day of Departure'
  15. Gbagbo 'agrees Ivory Coast talks'
  16. Ivory Coast crisis mission fails
  17. 2010 US Census Interactive Maps
  18. Brazilian politician's racist remarks on twitter
  19. 2011 Country Demographics
  20. The latina backside
  21. Can being a minority make you develop a higher libido?
  22. Personal experience or do you Southern Europeans hate being called mixed?
  23. Return to the Classics: Order country from lightest to darkest
  24. In what countries would an Indian person "fit right in" with the population?
  25. Census 2010: NY Hispanics concerned about redistribution
  26. Most Tolerant Countries ??
  27. Is "intolerance" part of the European Culture?
  28. "Black" population in Brazil on the rise
  29. National/Racial/Ethnic Genetic Integration
  30. Top 10 Most diverse cities in europe?
  31. New York: Hispanic community denounced abuses
  32. Conditional acceptance of diaspora or assimilated populations
  33. Black race grows in Puerto Rico
  34. Beauty Preferences among Your Ethnicity
  35. Would you clone youself?
  36. Which ethnicities do you tell jokes about?
  37. Census 2010 Shines Light On A Nation In Transformation
  38. Why is finnish morph darker than morphs from other places in northern europe?
  39. Emigrants: Do you feel weird when talking about politics in a host country??
  40. A question to women.
  41. How come there are more interracial relationships in UK compared to the US
  42. White people can't fight....
  43. If I act black, would i be consider a wigger?
  44. Do u believe in aliens?
  45. Personality...Northeners vs Southeners
  46. Native Palestinian Assyroid looks like this
  47. What do you think of the EDL?
  48. African Americans who don't fit the expected look
  49. What are your requirements in a mate?
  50. What makes SSA so different?
  51. Top Ten Criminal Mafias Of The World
  52. Americans most charitable people in the world
  53. Ethnicities most Underrated in terms of beauty
  54. Global Migration
  55. Europeans do you consider immigrant descendants to be European
  56. Does ones race or phenotype influence ones vocal tone and pitch?
  57. Americans do you consider America to be the most racist country on the planet?
  58. Notable ethnic & minority groups where you live?
  59. When will the US surrender to the metric system?
  60. Where do most of the tourists in your country come from?
  61. Woggiest anglosphere country?
  62. Ethnicities most overrated in terms of beauty
  63. Kabila guards 'shot protesters'
  64. Billionaires of The World in 2011
  65. Rwanda returns smuggled minerals
  66. Gaddafi son Saif 'trying to flee'
  67. Race and Racism in Latin America
  68. what do you dislike about your nation?
  69. New offensive launched on Sirte
  70. Inter-religious relationships
  71. Key UN envoy arrives in Tripoli
  72. Libya's NTC set for Tripoli move
  73. Census shows big gains by Asian Americans, Latinos
  74. What's your favorite hair color in the opposite gender?
  75. POLL: Who are the best dancers?
  76. Which is the 'average person' where you live? (Country, City, etc)
  77. Why are they considered white in America?
  78. Egypt's Mubarak pleads not guilty
  79. Top 5 New world countries with the most attractive people
  80. Landmine kills Abyei peacekeepers
  81. UK aid for drought-hit Ethiopia
  82. Top 5 New world countries with the most attractive peoples
  83. POLL: Briefs, Boxers, Slips or ...Commando
  84. What was the Latino appearance to you?
  85. Burkina Faso mutineers encircled
  86. Uganda threatens Somalia pullout
  87. To those with mixed ethnicity: which one do you identify most with?
  88. Swiss freeze $1bn from North Africa
  89. Fewer Mexicans migrating, many returning
  90. Africans welcome Bin Laden death
  91. How Black People See White Culture
  92. Top 10 european countries with the most attractive peoples
  93. UN alarm at Ivory Coast massacre
  94. German steryotypes
  95. French take over Abidjan airport
  96. Are the Mongolians closer to the Russians or the Chinese?
  97. Is it ok for Mixed Latin Americans to be Racist?
  98. Court probes Gaddafi's 'crimes'
  99. You know you are addicted to ABF when...
  100. Libya rebels celebrate 'victory'
  101. Anti-Mubarak protesters hit back
  102. Deaths in renewed Cairo shooting
  103. Are you a pureblood?
  104. Why do most people in the united states think that cuban are all black or mix
  105. Envoys to 'offer Gbagbo amnesty'
  106. Canadian arrested for making Hitler salute in front of Reichstag
  107. Dominican Republic and Mexico(Mulatto and Metizso)
  108. UN points to Ivory Coast killings
  109. Not to beat a dead horse, but...Race, Genes, Intelligence
  110. Northern Ireland issue
  111. "It's basically over for Anglos"
  112. Don't think!just list the first 10 RANDOM things that come to mind about your country
  113. Why are there so many Japanese-Brazilians?
  114. Inequality in America
  115. Peoples who like to claim
  116. Australoids, Melanesians, Negritos, Papuans, Orang Aslis, Tasmanians, Veddoids, etc.
  117. Gypsies
  118. The difference between China and Japan
  119. Anthropology Research
  120. Irish people in America
  121. Black in Latin America-New PBS Series
  122. before "n*ggrmania"
  123. Which race-ethnicity of men would date outside their group in a heartbeat but
  124. anthro-related statements that I disagree with (in a generalistic sense)
  125. Is it wrong to dye hair to look more European?
  126. What do you think about gypsies ? do we must to force them to the assimilation
  127. Census shows huge Hispanic growth in Texas
  128. Would racism still exist If all races were seen beautiful?
  129. What do whites here think about whites marrying non-whites?
  130. Ashekanazi Jew's in the Carribean
  131. where to find a variety of different ethnic groups?
  132. What do Jewish Women think about non-circumcised men?
  133. mustaches
  134. Question about Maories/New Zeeland
  135. Why wouldn't you consider them white?
  136. Are jews/israelis ashamed of being middle eastern?
  137. ICC seeks Sudan minister's arrest
  138. Japanese and Koreans are white!
  139. Europe crisis 'threatens Africa'
  140. Rare interracial relationships, do you think a guy should be discouraged?
  141. Russians and other Slavs? Are they pure white or not?
  142. Ghana anger at UK gay aid threat
  143. Can you educate me a bit on North Indian people, just answer some questions.
  144. Hundreds of civilians flee Sirte
  145. Inter-ethnic relations in society mirrored by dna fora members
  146. Clashes in new Sudan border zone
  147. Race issue in America could have been solved by LOVE!
  148. Col Gaddafi 'ready for long war'
  149. Are the British closer to Scandanavians or the French
  150. Eritrea seeking end to isolation
  151. common perception and view of your people
  152. Japanese idols and surgery
  153. Asians Dominate Intel Science Talent Search
  154. What do you consider "Middle Eastern"
  155. Eritrea is the only African Nation to cut off US AID
  156. Libya rebels back AU talks offer
  157. The Top Two MMA Fighters
  158. Iranian Jews?
  159. If reincarnation exists, what ethnicity/nationality do you least want to have next?
  160. Moroccans approve king's reforms
  161. Is modern racism based solely on race, physical features, skin color?
  162. Burundi's Somali force 'unpaid'
  163. Chinese recall Mummy exhibit for looking Caucasian
  164. War crimes by both sides in Libya - UN
  165. Average faces of women across the world
  166. US forces kill Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan
  167. Rival forces battle for Abidjan
  168. Mara Salvatrucha 13 (MS-13), will they be taking over America?
  169. What's the most UNFAVOURABLE characteristic of your own culture/ethnicity/nationalit?
  170. The origin of names of every country
  171. Fierce battle in Ivory Coast city
  172. UN urges mass Libyan evacuation
  173. Ethiopian girl on Interacial relationships??
  174. Will White people really become a minority in the US?
  175. Fierce clashes rock Egypt capital
  176. Mubarak under pressure to go now
  177. What would these North Africans be considered on first glance?
  178. Preconceived Notions. A real problem for people to focus on.
  179. Murder by Gender and Race, corrected for population size
  180. UN to visit Ivorian 'abuse sites'
  181. Romania and its huge Gypsy problem
  182. Mubarak calls for unity after Egypt blast
  183. Are Italians closer in looks to Spaniards and Portuguese, or Greeks?
  184. I just thought...
  185. Isn't it ironic?
  186. Afro-centrism is a disease...
  187. Black supremacists (split) //mod
  188. Where do the surnames of your best friends come from?
  189. What race/ethnic group receives the most hostility or racism in your area?
  190. Response to "Why Chinese Moms are Superior"
  191. 'Too Asian' article in MacLeans
  192. CNN's - The world's coolest nationalities:
  193. Ethiopian Masinko music
  194. A girl Like Me. The skin complex in African american community.
  195. Rumanians and Modernity
  196. Post your country's national soccer/football team and...
  197. Do people really just bring racism upon themselves nowadays or no?
  198. Why Chinese girlfriends are superior
  199. how will look like the "race of the future"?
  200. Benjamin Jealous, Pres. and CEO of the NAACP
  201. ABF Syndrome
  202. US warns of Nigeria's Islamists
  203. Kenya warns al-Shabab by Twitter
  204. UN concern over Libyan weapons
  205. Zambia anti-corruption boss fired
  206. Were you smacked as a kid? Would you smack your own kids?
  207. Why Chinese Mothers are Superior
  208. Leaders gather for Libya summit
  209. Asians and their obsession with being skinny
  210. Defiant Gaddafi son vows to fight
  211. What it be weird for an Ashkenazi Jew to identify as middle eastern?
  212. What does the term "Nordic" mean?
  213. 'Doubts' over Strauss-Kahn case
  214. How do you define racism
  215. South Asian/African Mixes
  216. Islamists claim Nigeria attacks
  217. Should this father be punished?
  218. Zuma to seek peace deal in Libya
  219. Rudest people on Earth?
  220. If you were stranded on an uncharted island with another person...
  221. Somalia's child casualties surge
  222. Nicest people on earth?
  223. Inferiority complexes in Europe/ races
  224. UN to withdraw staff from Tripoli
  225. American vs European (sports atmosphere/sports culture)
  226. Panic as anti-Polish hate crime sweeps Scotland
  227. Distorting the Truth About Crime and Race
  228. Showdown for Ivory Coast rivals
  229. 'Refugee crisis' on Libyan border
  230. Gaddafi is 'delusional', says US
  231. Mubarak vows to quit after polls
  232. How do you get rid of this mentality of being hated due to your race/ethnicity?
  233. you hardly see NEAsian-SEAsians interacting
  234. The Braaiday song
  235. Thousands gather at Egypt protest
  236. Deadly blast at Egyptian church
  237. How openly do you talk about race in real life with your friends?
  238. Nigeria hit by new year 'bomb'
  239. Feminism in society
  240. Sex, ethnicity, and facial skin perception
  241. Who is white for your own opinion and for the opinion where you live ?
  242. When a guy tells you he is not attracted to White women, do you believe him?
  243. less occasional sex, more prostitution
  244. [Video] White Men - Does This Logic Apply To Your Daughters Dating Preferences?
  245. Three humans of three different ethnic groups walk into a bar...
  246. What are the cultures/people more obsessed with money?
  247. women have less sex drive than men but who wants to admit it?
  248. White Supremacists threaten Boycott of Thor over "Black" Heimdall
  249. Muslims and Leftards biggest threat to Jews
  250. What Is Pure Black?