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  1. USA: Northern Whites vs Southern Whites, who are more racist in your view?
  2. Is my mom or her bf racist?
  3. Why do both white and black children prefer light skin?
  4. How a society treats animals
  5. Indian (India) guys and interracial relationships, which have you seen before or met?
  6. Newly released Nixon audio tape
  7. Ivorian rival tells Gbagbo to go
  8. Nigeria to quiz Iranian over arms
  9. Scared Sudanese flee to the south
  10. Nigeria police station destroyed
  11. Do you celebrate Christmas?
  12. Acceptability of using racial epithets in arguments?
  13. Rwanda rebel chief held in France
  14. Clashes in Guinea ahead of poll
  15. Americans gets competition
  16. The end is nigh - Poland gets first out gay elected official ;)
  17. Uganda arrests 'bomb masterminds'
  18. Uganda rebels 'abducted hundreds'
  19. The New Master Race?
  20. Al-Shabab 'behind' Uganda blasts
  21. Uganda explosions leave 64 dead
  22. Why race-mixing can be one-sided
  23. Debate about the caste status of the Jatts of North India (split) //mod
  24. First Black MP in Poland
  25. Mexico prevent famous South African win
  26. Stem cells questions
  27. Child survives Tripoli air crash
  28. Libya air crash 'kills over 100'
  29. Sudan extends landmark elections
  30. Question for Indian Users about Race?
  31. Interracial relationships - pleasing up the race ladder
  32. Mogadishu residents told to leave
  33. Why do habesha women in the west dress like prostitutes?
  34. Do you agree India is the most ethnically diverse country in the World?
  35. Congratz Russia and Qatar!
  36. Interpol man jailed over cocaine
  37. Wikileaks Documents on Persians
  38. White man robs banks wearing a mask that made him appear black.
  39. Why are non-europeans so obsessed with blondes
  40. White whining and the failure of europeans to propagate
  41. US states which suffer from a lot of racism?
  42. On White Genocide !
  43. Northern vs Southern European women (split) //mod
  44. Côte d'Ivoire/Burkina Faso: Elephants Held to Surprise Draw in Hot, Steamy Cabinda
  45. Who are the Blackest Afro-Latinos(Haiti doesn't count)
  46. Somali Family in the west
  47. White Switzerland Strikes Back !
  48. PreIslamic Somalia
  49. Are Asian parents the best parents a kid can ask for?
  50. Does this man have the right to call himself German?
  51. Worst places (geographic locations) in the world to be a non-White?
  52. How far would you go to change your race?
  53. Is it possible to get rid of an attraction towards a group of people you dislike?
  54. People don't like me because of my views
  55. Guys: Light skin or dark tan on white girls?
  56. Concept of race out dated?
  57. Affirmative Action: Does going to a top university really even matter that much?
  58. When an Indian and Hispanic person date or marry each other, which is more common?
  59. American crime rate linked to Congoid percentage
  60. Greatest City Names
  61. Why do the Finns and Norwegians hate Sweden? //mod
  62. Jewish anti-Negroid racism?
  63. are aframs really interested in "white" music?
  64. White Britons 'could be minority by 2066'
  65. Do they look alike?
  66. Nigerian penis thief!
  67. Filthy India- Corpses and shit
  68. Why do Punjabis have a bigger body build than most Indians?
  69. Are red states really as racist as they make them out to be and
  70. Sudan's SPLM backs independence
  71. The flourishing Jewish community of Germany (already the 3rd largest in Europe)
  72. First carbon exchange for Africa
  73. Crap rap Swedish state propaganda telling to Swedes that they "should mix"
  74. Rape in South Africa, what's it all about?
  75. Why do some African Americans have this obsession with Ancient Egypt being "black"?
  76. If you had your own country
  77. Schools report finds ‘jaw-dropping’ gap for black boys
  78. what is ataturk's origin?
  79. Gaddafi 'wrong' over south Sudan
  80. Rape thread part 2: 5 Blacks rape white woman in front of her son
  81. In what other state in the US would I most definitely see Indian guy - Latina girl?
  82. Are Somalis more or less incapable of being law-abiding people?
  83. DR Congo bans 'conflict mining'
  84. Morocco 'breaks up militant cell'
  85. Have you ever wished you were born a different race?
  86. The top 10 most powerful people, according to Forbes
  87. China's One-Child Policy: Is it a success?
  88. Prejudice against Northeastern Brazilians on Twitter
  89. Iniesta fires Spain to World Cup glory
  90. What advice would you give to someone who is not happy being their racial background?
  91. Fifa 'pressures' Mandela on final
  92. Music and race.
  93. Campbell to testify at war trial
  94. How can i form a Nordic Star Alliance League on here?
  95. Mandela to miss World Cup opening
  96. Stereotypes in Movies
  97. Italy plans expulsion law
  98. Darfur Jem rebels: New war threat
  99. Do you think that most Latinas prefer Black men over their own men?
  100. do you think this is true about interracial dating
  101. Swede Says Swiss Are Racist
  102. Sudan holding landmark elections
  103. Brown hair in Japan
  104. Nigeria women protest at killings
  105. Nigeria charges over Jos killings
  106. Being A Visible Minority in Russia
  107. Americans: Did you vote
  108. Do African Americans Exist?
  109. Mandela's 1990 release remembered
  110. Do you think Iberians look similar to British Isles groups?
  111. Ethnicity vs Religion and their importance and place in society
  112. Tunisia: Hunger strike for jailed journalist
  113. Japanese Brazilians
  114. Do Asian guys really have it as rough in the dating world as many of them whine of?
  115. Third Idaho hate-crime trial results in guilty verdicts
  116. Immigrants top native born in U.S. job hunt
  117. Is there a media bias against Asians?
  118. Turkey undermines German sovereignty
  119. Do Light skin Middle Eastern looking Indian men really have it easier with the ladies
  120. What's the deal with Africa(and Haiti)?
  121. Britain has caught teh ghey? Same sex kissing
  122. Do you think that a man's race/ethnicity limits how well he does with the ladies?
  123. Body build/Somatotypes and European Subraces
  124. Why is their an issue among Ethiopians not being black and rather being Caucasian?
  125. Homophobia in Sub-Saharan Africa...
  126. Syrian boy, 5, engaged to 3-year-old girl
  127. Slovenia's black mayor
  128. Do Indian (India) guys really have it toughest with the ladies?
  129. First black mayor in eastern europe..
  130. Why do some Indian Punjabi's act like Italian Guido's?
  131. Which of these groups would you mistake Mexicans for?
  132. Which country are smokers treated most adversely?
  133. Indian guy with Black girl or Indian guy with Latina, which is more common?
  134. Why are more females than males in university education?
  135. Do you think Filipinos (and other SE Asians) look Latino/Hispanic?
  136. Why do black people commit so much crime?
  137. Why is it so hard to discuss Brits from an impartial point of view?
  138. Are homogenous countries safer than multi-ethnic countries?
  139. Failed States Index
  140. The beginning of the end of European multiculturalism
  141. Which country has the most unfriendly people?
  142. What is it Like to Teach Black Students?
  143. European Court Fines Russia
  144. Eastern European Woman Dress
  145. Juan Williams Fired For Talking About Muslims
  146. What do you think in the face of this "subtler" racism?
  147. Guess these three people's ethnicities
  148. What do your culture do for fun?
  149. profanity in american media
  150. Brown Pride!
  151. How tolerant are Brits?
  152. Swedes show tolerance against minorities
  153. What would you do in the face of Islamaphobia
  154. What Would You Do In the Face Of Racism???
  155. Two Bosnians charged in Denmark for threatening their sister
  156. Why does US rank so low on HDL and other indexes?
  157. Iceland - the least multicultural country in the rich world.
  158. Are there 'urban tribes' in your country? Which ones?
  159. You Speak German So Well...
  160. Is "Evil Industry" Belonged To Whites
  161. Is Finland the most conservative Nordic country?
  162. So what if I don't act like my race?
  163. Which country do you like the most?
  164. Merkel: Multiculturalism has failed
  165. Why are Southern Europeans (mainly Italians and Spaniards) so racist?
  166. What race/ethnic groups have you mistaken North Indians (India) for?
  167. Switzerland and Immigrants
  168. U.S. Hispanics outliving whites, blacks
  169. Italy's anti-gypsy crackdown
  170. Permanent Racial Separation
  171. Which country do you dislike the most?
  172. African American woman who moved to Nigeria and now calls it home.
  173. Pfizer: No Nigeria dirty tricks
  174. Anti-N!g@er sites
  175. AU suspends Ivory Coast over poll
  176. Nigeria's unions suspend strike
  177. Does anybody know anything about Moldova?
  178. A great example of failed Multiculturalism in action
  179. Which countries have "chav" cultures?
  180. Nigeria strike on despite talks
  181. Is it possible for Ashkenazic Jews to have slavic ancestry?
  182. Far East Movement and Asian America in Mass Media
  183. How would you change your country?
  184. Rheto-Romance identity
  185. Sudan ex-rebels 'snub peace deal'
  186. UN concern over Sudan referendum
  187. Are people of the British Isles descended from celts or germanics?
  188. Slavic men abused by their wives
  189. Guinea poll head guilty of fraud
  190. Why does the UK rank so low on the Human Development Index?
  191. If Obama was just white and not black at all would he still been elected President?
  192. The young and restless in China
  193. Campbell agent denies court lies
  194. Who are the most racially accepting Europeans?
  195. Taylor 'gave diamonds to model'
  196. Is Tina Turner divine?
  197. Best country to live in the world?
  198. Most racist/ethno-centric country in Europe?!
  199. Indian (India) guy with a Latina, is it really that rare?
  200. Hunt for 'killer cult' in Kenya
  201. Switzerland and Germany
  202. Twelve on drugs trial in Gambia
  203. why american people aren't knowledgeable about other coutries
  204. Zimbabwe court acquits PM's ally
  205. What are some social differences between Catholics, Protestants and Orthodox ...?
  206. Somali Islamists ban BBC output
  207. Affirmative Action for the Majority..??
  208. There is no racially diverse wealthy country!
  209. An Ethnic Map of New York City
  210. ANC seeks Winnie Mandela answers
  211. Why do so many British people move abroad?
  212. Most classist country in Europe?
  213. Rebels 'pour into Somali capital'
  214. algeria football players what can the pass for?
  215. European country with most ignorant people?
  216. New acting president for Nigeria
  217. Which groups of Africans do you find attractive?
  218. Race and Color in Ethiopia
  219. Why is Spain so popular with British people?
  220. Togo 'will play in African Cup'
  221. Which is the best South American country to live?
  222. Islamization of London by French journalists
  223. Why are Germanics and Latins not as belligerent as the British?
  224. Netherlands to ban the burqa
  225. An exhaustive list of African American Men and NonBlack Wives/Girlfriends
  226. Muslim Slavs vs. Christian Slavs
  227. How is patriotism perceived in your country?
  228. USA: African = "black", European = "white"
  229. Ethnicities you often mix up or think look alike!
  230. Is it true that people would date someone similar or similar looking to themselves
  231. What is the best Eastern European country to live?
  232. Why is the average marriage age lower in the US than in Western Europe?
  233. Are there overlaps between Castizos and Quadroons?
  234. Your opinion on inter-cultural marriages?
  235. Swiss Vote on Foreigner Voting Rights
  236. Danish Psychologist “Integration of Muslims in Western Societies is not possible”
  237. British radio presenters are better looking than Spanish presenters
  238. Does Africa have the most righteous and traditional culture?
  239. I believe the UK and Spain are very similar
  240. Do Anti-Immigrant Euros Think Europe Will Look Like THis
  241. What percentage of France is "ethnic French"?
  242. Why Are Slavs So Anti-Semitic
  243. African Americans Most Charitable
  244. Arabs harass female 'peace' activists; Left silences victims
  245. racial politics and militarism are crap
  246. Thilo Sarrazin Vs Muslims
  247. Canada is the most tolerant of a multicultral society?
  248. Do you believe that?
  249. Which diaspora groups look overall unrepresentative of their land of origin?
  250. Do black women lust for white men?