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  1. Why are Anglos so VIOLENT?
  2. Swedes Here Not Representative
  3. Most inherently violent nationality?
  4. What's so wrong with colonialism?
  5. Why are British people so racist and intolerant?
  6. Which is nicest European country to live in?
  7. Who you calling a mamm?
  8. Human Development Index, do you think is real?
  9. Why is Botswana the superior African nation?
  10. Why do Latin nations produce so many artists?
  11. World population by race
  12. which country do you think have the most friendly people?
  13. which country do you think have the 'coldest' people?
  14. Why are us black people so hated?
  15. football cheerleaders from your country
  16. Most and least neurotic country?
  17. Which race is the gayest race?
  18. Why are us Brits so hard?
  19. Why is Finland and Germany full of psycos?
  20. What countries do you think have the most attractive people?
  21. Which nations do you like and dislike the most?
  22. Why are us British so tolerant and accepting?
  23. Are Australians more racist than Europeans?
  24. Do you, even without realizing it, adhere to the One Drop Rule?
  25. What Finns think of Estonians?
  26. africans most fertile?
  27. Unrelated societies that are strikingly similar?
  28. Race and sexual preference
  29. Without a strong East Asia, the world will be a greater India
  30. The aryan race, the inferior race.
  31. Why is natural blonde hair so rare among adult brits?Gender disparity?
  32. Why do Chinese women lust for white guys so much?
  33. What is the average age of getting married where you live?
  34. Was Michael Jackson a closet Nazi?
  35. Most extroverted and introverted cultures?
  36. do you think reintegrative shaming can work in america
  37. Foreign Accent Syndrome
  38. Why do chinese people feel that they deserve to be the next super power?
  39. Me against my brother, me and my brother against a foreigner somali non sense bravado
  40. What ethnic groups you think can relate or get along more with each other?
  41. Most aggresive, volatile nationality?
  42. Is the term "Brit" condesending?
  43. Are "alternative" styles less acceptable in some countries than others?
  44. Has masculinity become politically incorrect?
  45. Why are black people so stupid?
  46. Why are Euro-centric forums full of losers?
  47. Is a Sinoid/Negroid mix the superior race?
  48. Is there a hierarchy of who it is acceptable to insult?
  49. Which people make the best soldiers
  50. On Jews, Judaism and Teh Jewz
  51. Do some races tend to be more violent than others?
  52. Melkam addis amet!
  53. China begins to Rethink the One Child Policy
  54. What can you 'pass' for being?
  55. Dominicans VS Cabo Verdeans
  56. Are Somalis the Proudest People on Earth??
  57. Michael Moore: If the 'Mosque' isn't built, this is no longer America
  58. 'Eleven killed' in W Sahara raid
  59. France condemns Castro Roma 'holocaust' remark
  60. Deaths in Morocco Sahara clashes
  61. Who is off-White? Ideas..
  62. Europe in 50 years time?
  63. Are Ethiopian Women the Most Beautiful Women in the World? ON AVERAGE
  64. Study on Body Type Preferences: Race–Ethnic and Gender Differences
  65. Why are British people so tolerant of criticism?
  66. Where are men the most masculine?
  67. North-south rivals clash in Sudan
  68. Are the Spaniards just not as tough as us Brits?
  69. What type of men do Western women like?
  70. Why have black people integrated into British society better than Muslims?
  71. Roosh's Totem Pole of Race Attractiveness
  72. Suicide raid hits Somalia airport
  73. Patriotic Black British?
  74. Would you want to live in a mono-ethnic society?
  75. Fraud claims delay Guinea run-off
  76. Why is the white man always trying to keep the black man Down?
  77. I wish I was African
  78. Will Muslims eventually fully integrate into European ways?
  79. Somali defence minister resigns
  80. Have Western women got too much power?
  81. Most boring nationality?
  82. Are black people highly regarded? Do people aspire to black culture?
  83. The Chinese need to be heavily controlled
  84. Sarrazen discussion in Germany
  85. Why do you think Asian women desire white men so much?
  86. Mayweather call Pacquaio 'yellow' chump
  87. Is Japan proof well-populated countries don't need much immigration?
  88. Thilo Sarrazin - Poll: Is immigration bad for the Society?
  89. Terreblanche buried amid tension
  90. Why are Western Europeans and Anglos the most charitable?
  91. How is the US not classist?
  92. Which country is least tolerant?
  93. 'New human-like species' revealed
  94. Are East Asians effeminate pansies?
  95. Nigeria 'ignored attack warnings'
  96. Which East Asian country hates faggots the most?
  97. How hispanic is modern Florida?
  98. Which is the most cultured sub-Saharan African country?
  99. How significant is the far-right in Japan?
  100. US seeks Nigeria massacre trial
  101. Why is there so much anti-English sentiment?
  102. How do Chinese regard ethnic minorities?
  103. Least white "white" country?
  104. Turks' ethnic background /split
  105. Assembly backs Yar'Adua step-down
  106. Was Europe taking non-European immigrants en masse before the US?
  107. ICC rejects Darfur rebel charges
  108. Blackest country in the Americas
  109. Nigeria: Will Power Brokers Listen and Act?
  110. African Americans who look Ethiopian or Somali
  111. Which nationality do you dislike the most?
  112. Which European country is most similar to the UK?
  113. Are the Japanese and Chinese racist by Western PC standards?
  114. Whitest country in the Americas
  115. Which is the most racist country in Europe?
  116. Domincian kids dancing like rabbits?
  117. Good Picture-Video of Ethiopia
  118. Indians, Native-Americans, Amerindian, Hindu. What is the correct term to refer to ..
  119. Who would not marry/breed with you?
  120. Westerners Vs the World
  121. Mexican Cartels Murder Foreign Migrants.
  122. Guardian newspaper biodiversity poll
  123. Saudi couple hammered 24 nails into Sri Lankan maid
  124. Dating practices around the world
  125. "France is racist", says UN committee
  126. Is it the Body or is it the Face?
  127. do you think future generations will learn chinese rather than english as a lingua fr
  128. Bacha pazi of Afghanistan
  129. Are blacks the healthiest race?
  130. Course: Zionist Editing on Wikipedia
  131. Immigrants to found their own Parliament in Finland
  132. France sends scores of Gypsies back to Romania
  133. Do you fit in any of the stereotypes of your race/ethnicity?
  134. Miss Norway 2010
  135. Newsweek - The World's Best Countries
  136. Are their any light skinned groups of people with negroid type features?
  137. What Race Are Your Best Friends??
  138. Importing wives to countries (split) //mod
  139. What race are the Dravidian's from India?
  140. WhiteWomenBlackMen.com
  141. So apparently I'm actually a black Jew.
  142. 9/11 Truth
  143. Liberians warned off Ivory Coast
  144. Questions about your Y
  145. Top 5 most common phenotypes in your area
  146. Oxford new index; Somalia is richer than Ethiopia
  147. Nigerian militants attack oil rig
  148. Are you a typical example of your ethnicity?
  149. Lubanga trial will resume at ICC
  150. Zimbabwe PM furious at president
  151. Differences between Amhara's, Oromo's, Tigray's?
  152. Has the term "Habesha" been changed?
  153. Mixed Ethiopians
  154. UN seeks to placate Rwanda leader
  155. Why Mixed Ethiopians Look Un Biracail?
  156. Pirates quit captured sugar ship
  157. Cameroon denies gay men harassed
  158. Cultural & Genetics: Are East Asians More Prone to Collectivity?
  159. Blacks in Turkey(Afro-Turks)
  160. r-K selection in Europids
  161. I almost got shot today
  162. Blacks in Italy!
  163. $1bn of cocaine seized in Gambia
  164. Sharp rise in Darfur death toll
  165. Prosecutor seeks justice in Kenya
  166. Many Americans subconsciously associate blacks with apes
  167. Africa technologically behind 3000 years ago.
  168. Sudan opposition to boycott poll
  169. 'Hundreds dead' in Nigeria attack
  170. Mongolian Neo Nazis
  171. 'Scores killed' in Nigeria riots
  172. Nigeria election 'gravely flawed'
  173. Race traitors.
  174. Yemana Gebrab on Dawit Isaak
  175. Gambia-Senegal enters peace deal
  176. Black RACISTS Attack Mexican immigrants in S.I.
  177. Prostitution in Thailand
  178. US Gang Culture and the influx of Immigrant Street Gang
  179. Colorism and Classism in Mexican Society
  180. Mongrels! You're all mongrels!
  181. Will white people be gone in the future ?
  182. Ethnic Enemies
  183. Hate crimes by liberals
  184. A question on/to English Americans
  185. Is there an overlap between southern Russians & Caucasians?
  186. Gypsies Enslave Poles in Sweden
  187. Indian mentality?
  188. Map : the ancestral stock of "white Americans"
  189. If you couldn't be what you are, what would you be?
  190. Should Races and Ethne be eliminated
  191. Race, Intelligence, and Affirmative Action -- Politics and Philosophy
  192. Ethnicities in fighting sports (split) //mod
  193. Opinions of this study?
  194. Evolution $ Social disparities: social privilege or biology.
  195. Djibouti & Guinea join fight; Museveni: Al Shabaab to be "swept out of Africa"
  196. Black hair vs blond hair (split) //mod
  197. Nigerian Eritreans - The history of Hausa and Bargo in Eritrea
  198. My own Stereotypical observation of Somali clans
  199. How do you know that the people you see are African Americans
  200. Are Akhkenazy jews white or semitic/middle eastern?
  201. Are spaniards european/white?
  202. Germans and their likening for sunbeds?
  203. First white boy to run under 10 sec @ 100 m
  204. Stormfront?
  205. Lying About Your Religion Is Rape In Israel
  206. K-Town, the Asian Jersey Shore about to hit MTV or VH1
  207. Abuse of Filipino maids
  208. Live from Somalia
  209. Why are blacks seen as less intelligent?
  210. The secret to cooking injera
  211. Muslims - A distinct race ?
  212. No Homo in Uganda
  213. why are africans considered black?
  214. are dravidians white or not
  215. Spain: Multiculturalism gone wrong
  216. Why the hell do they stare?
  217. Brooding Russians: less distressed than Americans
  218. Ethnic homogeneity in national football teams
  219. “French” Rapper defecates on the French flag and calls to civil war
  220. Which small differences distinguish different europen ethnic groups?
  221. 74 killed by Al-Shabaab bombing in Uganda for watching World Cup
  222. Nigeria files Dick Cheney charges
  223. Polish vs African immigrants (split) //mod
  224. Why do people continue to speak of beauty in absolute terms?
  225. Kenyan policeman in gun rampage
  226. UN worker 'kidnapped in Darfur'
  227. Thoughts on blacks in Paris
  228. Desmond Tutu ends public career
  229. Whitephilia / Amerikan fetish
  230. Poverty within South African Whites
  231. Fuckin insane over here
  232. Oldest Chr. illustrated manuscripts carbon dated at Abba Garima Monastery in Ethiopia
  233. How African Americans Really Live in America
  234. This is Africa
  235. Handsome Wogs!!
  236. Fear of rape 'traps Kenya women'
  237. Menelik's Bodyguard alive in Ethiopia ?
  238. Killings to 'upset Sudan's vote'
  239. Negroid re-emergence in new generation Ethiopian children??
  240. More Nigeria poison deaths feared
  241. Nurses are no longer top human export
  242. How is it that in the USA you have safe and unsafe neighbourhoods?
  243. Nigerians lobby for deputy leader
  244. Israel Grows Uneasy Over Reliance on Migrant Labor
  245. Opposition leader Silanyo wins Somaliland election
  246. The Bass cannot understand something
  247. How Much Money Do You Need To Date Interracially?
  248. Racism: within and outside of the USA?
  249. White Woman Explains Why She Loves Black Men
  250. SPLM boycotts poll in north Sudan