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  1. Try to Google your ethnicity
  2. Latin America biggest social problem: crime
  3. Togo leader declared poll winner
  4. The Last Airbender Controversy
  5. North Europeans view of Africa inspired by Tarzan and the Phantom?
  6. Ethiopian jet 'black box' retrieved
  7. Rape Club - Japan
  8. Zuma apologises over love-child
  9. How old is too young for anything?
  10. Matric pass rate drops 2%
  11. What is the people, not of your race, that you admire the most?
  12. Is Racism natural?
  13. when will slavic men start wearing the pants in their households?
  14. Iq's in Italy
  15. Estonians in Finland
  16. Ethiopians in Cuba - How Cuba Helped Africa
  17. Are Westerners whiners?
  18. Is Haiti really a Pure Black country with no admixture?
  19. Does Somalia have a soccer team?
  20. Racial Problems in India
  21. What does IQ really measure? Nothing and its fallacious
  22. Are blacks and/or immigrants denied access to clubs in you place?
  23. Who are biological Africans
  24. Asiaphilia/ Asian fetish
  25. Inside story. Somaliland versus Somalia
  26. Apperance wise, would they be called "spanish" or black?
  27. An essay on the human race
  28. "The Last Jews of Baghdad"
  29. How do you respond to "underhanded racism"
  30. Who is really primitive?
  31. Mexican and Afram inter-marriage rate
  32. Lebanese Racism/Prejudice
  33. If you had the choice, where would you live?
  34. Venezuela's lower poor class
  35. The Cubans and Brazillians of Nigeria
  36. Natural health
  37. Voices/Accents
  38. The Games Ideas On Interracial Dating
  39. Are there higher or lower races?
  40. Modern DNA shows Horn Africans are not race mixed
  41. Will Europe turn into Eurabia
  42. Turks Vs Fins
  43. Hispanic America and Philippines: similarities and differences
  44. Do the British Jerk off on their Misery?
  45. Are you attracted to a specific race?
  46. Should African immigrants to UK be forced to take AIDS test?
  47. Africans infecting others with HIV? (split) //mod
  48. Malcolm and Martin, closer than we ever thought
  49. Black Americans mad Jolie was cast as Cleopatra
  50. Who pays for a wedding?
  51. Aframs, Malcolm X, some thoughts.
  52. Female Genital Mutilation Widespread Among Iraq's Kurds
  53. Sex Tourism in Slav Europe
  54. In 2009 all rapes in Norway were committed by non-Western immigrants
  55. Where is Excell
  56. Fenno-Turkish Syndrome
  57. Census estimates show Hispanic births, multiracial people adding to minority gains, d
  58. How many people is needed to preserve the white race?
  59. Mexicans Causing California Bankruptcy
  60. AA SISTA Says AA men to lazy to work
  61. Black community rampant joblessness, high drop-out rate and incarceration
  62. Hispanic Family Values
  63. Why is it OK to say "Nigga" but not "Nigger"?
  64. Black men and White women, exaggerated
  65. JihadWatch: 'The Da vinci code' a Somali muslim conspiracy
  66. If whiteness didn't exist, how would history have been?
  67. African women question
  68. Who discovered Europe/Europeans?
  69. Whiteness: What is it really?
  70. Brazilian Americans
  71. Lenders urge Ivory Coast solution
  72. The least insecure people on earth?
  73. Blue eyes/Brown eyes used in commercial
  74. Somali pirates get record ransom
  75. K'naan (World Cup 2010 opening)
  76. Tanzania's president re-elected
  77. The Future Face of America
  78. Ethiopian opposition leader freed
  79. DR Congo arrest over mass rapes
  80. Italian Americans
  81. Do black men lust more about white women than White man about black women?
  82. How would we treat Homo floresiensis if we found it alive?
  83. The actual Multiracial population of the US
  84. Do Most Louisiana Creoles Consider Themselves as Afram??
  85. Mandela aide 'got Campbell gems'
  86. Scouting for white models in Brazil
  87. If it weren't for the Jim Crow Laws, would African Americans still exist?
  88. Mexican-Americans have higher Testosterone than AA and whites
  89. Athlete Semenya free to compete
  90. Israelis Should Go Back to Germany and Poland
  91. Ghana welcomes Black Star heroes
  92. For non-Americans, whats your perception of Americans?
  93. DR Congo police chief suspended
  94. Skinheads Beat Up Three Greeks in Eastern Berlin
  95. Extreme violence in the subway of Brussels
  96. Nigeria swears in new president
  97. Adriana Lima, The African Bias
  98. Nigerian President Yar'Adua dies
  99. Do you boys find these ladies fine? Sri Lankan girls,
  100. Finland - an Arctic culture
  101. Face-off at Terreblanche hearing
  102. Hrant Dink Lawyer Found Hanged
  103. The Doll test, an example of socially induced black self hatred?
  104. Terreblanche revenge vow revoked
  105. Correction:Warsangeli Racial Type- NOT SOMALI
  106. Roman Catholic bishop stabbed to death in southern Turkey
  107. Ballot fraud row simmers in Togo
  108. was this a common practice in latin america?
  109. Racial Stereotypes..The Urban Dictionary
  110. Taylor's son faces torture ruling
  111. Rashaida video
  112. Nigeria makes US air-check appeal
  113. Italian man speaking flawless tigrignya
  114. Just watched the Cathy Hughes interview with Farrakhan
  115. How long will it take for the south to become peaceful?
  116. USA:Interracial marriage still rising, but not as fast
  117. German mercenaries planning to install an American-Somali as the President of Somalia
  118. Whats your favorite Pan Mestizo Hispanic myths
  119. Aminarts: Government for dummies
  120. Guess Bird and Bride Groom
  121. Who have more Nilotic/Bantu admixture? Ethios or Somalis?
  122. The Science of Eurocentric Thought
  123. Why are the Euro/Caucasoid-centric posters obsessed with purity?
  124. Somaliland-Ethiopia border clash 'kills 13'
  125. Are people from Djibouti Somali?
  126. Somali President And Delegation Arrive In Turkey
  127. Is Portugal the most mixed-race (mulatto) European country?
  128. Whats your favorite Caucasoid-centric lunancy/barbarity
  129. South Africa endemic violence
  130. What's your favorite Afro-centric Barbarity?
  131. Best tribute to the biggest city on east coast Africa
  132. World historical and predicted populations
  133. Why do Bolivia, Peru and Guatemala have so many pure Indians?
  134. Egypt to invade Ethiopia --Water wars?
  135. Most disliked immigrants or groups in Sweden? (split) //mod
  136. Are the kassites the ancestors of the Agazians
  137. Is she somali?
  138. Genetic-discrimination in the future?
  139. Interesting Facts about Eritrea
  140. Dominican indio skin color myth
  141. Djibouti Today
  142. In which races or ethnicities do people look the same?
  143. Do you have any racial/ethnic insecurities?
  144. Do you guys watch any of Tyra Banks shows?
  145. Zimbabwean becomes China's first black news anchor
  146. Do these look like "Somali pirates"?
  147. For the Blacks in the forum: What's your take on interracial porn?
  148. Yemeni Jews and Their Foreheads
  149. Mexicans are the most Amerind of Hispanics
  150. Mbeki to mediate in Ivory Coast
  151. lol Elias is censoring my posts
  152. What would you identify as the most insecure ethnicities or nationalities??
  153. Russian pilots kidnapped in Darfur
  154. Nigeria lead poisoning 'doubles'
  155. MIA Horners.
  156. Abuja 'foiled earlier bomb plot'
  157. Do Ethiopians have patriarchal clan systems like Somalis do?
  158. Liya kebeda in "Desert Flower"
  159. Naomi Campbell set for war court
  160. Nigeria 'drops team ban threat'
  161. Is "Mulatto" considered a racist word in the US?
  162. Lead poisons 100 Nigeria children
  163. Somalia vs Ethiopia - African Cup
  164. Would these African American be Black in your country
  165. Nigeria axes anti-corruption case
  166. London more Dangerous than New York?
  167. South Africa bus in deadly crash
  168. Somalia bans the Burka
  169. Galmudug state national anthem
  170. SA warning against race violence
  171. can wogs be from anywhere in europe and are all southern europeans wogs?
  172. Brazilian soccer player: "I'm not Black"
  173. Ill Nigeria leader 'to step back'
  174. Horner mtDNA
  175. Nigeria: Govt Protests U.S. Tough Stance on Nationals
  176. Hottest place on Earth
  177. A Pirates' paradise
  178. John F Kennedy and PM Ali Sharmake
  179. With this picture, we can conclude that Ethiopia and Somalia are under Tigray
  180. Population replacement in Algeria?
  181. Japan to open it's first foreign military base since WWII
  182. Land of Punt's location 'solved'
  183. A Jihadi Americans story in South Somalia
  184. Is Racism about appearance??
  185. What did the first Africans or Humans looked like?
  186. Mixed Race People More Attractive (in the UK anyway)
  187. Should the world work to genetically preserve the andamanese & the nicobarese?
  188. Somalia 2010
  189. What black and white Americans think about Race
  190. A colonial british anthropologist comparing Oromo with Massai
  191. Somali Music vs Ethiopian Music
  192. Why are Habeshas so much shorter than Somalis in general?
  193. Nubian Music
  194. Miss Noisy
  195. Picture of the Day
  196. Did Michael Jackson have this disease?
  197. Ivorian crisis as rivals sworn in
  198. World backs Ivory Coast 'winner'
  199. 8 pirates handed 20-year jail sentence
  200. Algerian civilians 'to be armed'
  201. Isaias Afewerki (split) //mod
  202. Rwandan rebel to face ICC trial
  203. Militant charged for Nigeria bomb
  204. Brazil: the whitest whites of South America
  205. Nigeria bombing suspects named
  206. British oil worker shot dead in Ethiopia
  207. Kenya appeals for peaceful voting
  208. DR Congo buries fuel inferno dead
  209. Should Latin America admire Europe?
  210. Congo activist death probe call
  211. Bribes cost Ivory Coast '$300m'
  212. Gunman kills SA strip clubs owner
  213. Calm urged after Terreblanche killing
  214. Pan-Somalism at its best
  215. Eugene Terreblanche beaten to death
  216. Does mongrelization leads to homosexuality?
  217. Nomad Radio Station
  218. Brown firm on Zimbabwe sanctions
  219. Obama: Uganda gays bill 'odious'
  220. Miss Tourism South Ethiopia Contest.
  221. Korean-African American relations
  222. 2009: 68 journalists killed worldwide
  223. Apparantly United States has more West African slave descendant Whites than Blacks
  224. Socotra belongs to Somalia not Yemen
  225. Somali Warlords
  226. You know your somali when.....
  227. Brazilian footballer with the name Somalia
  228. How do Horner view themselves in terms of race?
  229. Fighting Al-Shabab
  230. Some questions about Asians and Racism
  231. Polygamous Relationships
  232. Dark Cushtic Horner Phenotype
  233. Ivorian poll results overturned
  234. Ivory Coast army 'seals borders'
  235. Somali President in London and the Somali community
  236. Candidates level in Ivory Coast
  237. Ex-Mend chief arrested for blasts
  238. The Military of Somalia in the 80s
  239. Jail term for SA ex-police chief
  240. DR Congo tanker fire 'kills 220'
  241. Ghana's Cup dream ends on penalties
  242. DR Congo activist discovered dead
  243. Inspiring Young Leaders 2010 - A unique event from ACYE
  244. Fear for Somali pirate hostages
  245. 'No delay' for Sudanese elections
  246. Sudan opposition gives ultimatum
  247. Pressure to look a certain way
  248. Nigeria PDP wants Muslim for poll
  249. What's the best place for a black person to live in?
  250. You know you are racist against Indians