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  1. Ethiopia aid 'spent on weapons'
  2. Bashir may face genocide charges
  3. Whats your opinion on Indians?
  4. A Puerto Rican Woman Claims Her Place In The African Diaspora
  5. Charges for cartoonist 'attacker'
  6. New World peoples of African descent are a subset of African diversity
  7. Kanamyaeoak ?
  8. Why White Folks tend to adopt children out of their own race?
  9. Somalia vs Ghana: Perth Africa Cup
  10. Tainos of Cuba
  11. VIDEO: White guy whoops black guy's ass on a Bus
  12. Would you sympathize with this man?
  13. Who are the Somali Bantu?
  14. Would this stop?
  15. Deadly poll clash in Ivory Coast
  16. Tanzanians elect first albino MP
  17. Protests at Tanzania poll delays
  18. How somalia looked before the war
  19. S Africa care home fire kills 18
  20. S African ex-police chief found corrupt
  21. Campbell ordered to Taylor trial
  22. US to allow Somalis to sue ex-PM
  23. Ability is not equally distributed among races
  24. Somali rebels seize pirate haven
  25. Best Day to be a Somali
  26. 'Fresh LRA massacre' in DR Congo
  27. Nigeria clerics meet ill leader
  28. Sudan opposition quits elections
  29. Landslide 'kills 100' in Uganda
  30. Niger appoints interim government
  31. Big surge in south Sudan hunger
  32. Nigeria: Lawyers Give Yar'Adua Ultimatum to Resign
  33. Belize vs Guatemala: Carribean vs Mestizo?
  34. Somali Government Celebrates first Anniversary
  35. Why is there so much tension between the DR and Haiti?
  36. Foreigners with Horner dresses
  37. Somalia's Shebab name market after slain Qaeda boss
  38. Racism In America. Who Started It
  39. Nordicists and European Mediterraneanists
  40. Why are there so many " 'ight skinded beetchus" in rap videos?
  41. Ethiopia and north Africa (split) //mod
  42. Does diversity make us happy?
  43. Northerner vs southerner
  44. Deadline looms for Ivorian result
  45. Beautiful Somali coast
  46. Ivorians await crunch poll result
  47. Sociologist Looks At Why West Indian Immigrants Succeed
  48. Racial Hierarchy
  49. Footage shows hostages in Niger
  50. Who is white?
  51. Sudan to monitor UN peacekeepers
  52. Somali leader in anniversary raid
  53. Nigeria president suspends team
  54. Namibians sue over sterilisation
  55. Somali blasts kill 'at least 30'
  56. Guinea-Bissau army head 'seized'
  57. Nordicism at Asia: Wanted in China tall, blonde, Finnish men
  58. How many races are in the human species?
  59. Who is an Aryan?
  60. Post pictures of coloured haired/eyed Horners
  61. Talk the talk: A-Z of South African slang
  62. Nigeria police held over deaths
  63. AQ's proxy gets the beating of its life in C.Somalia
  64. Museveni 'wants son to take over'
  65. Somali Islamists 'join al-Qaeda'
  66. Take a Punt on Puntland
  67. Zambia?s inflation hits single digit
  68. Sandra Laing: a black child born to white parents
  69. The Islamic Republic Hosts Somali FM
  70. Black Man Verbally Annihilates White Jewish Girl
  71. Mogadishu's last hope
  72. France is about 10% North African
  73. Arabs say 'white' isn't enough on the 2010 census
  74. Sex tourism on the rise in West Africa
  75. Mugabe anger at Zanu-PF fighting
  76. Three Years Late, First Local Satellite Set for Take Off
  77. R94 000 overtime for deputy mayor's guard
  78. Rambo girl in action
  79. Race mixer and multiracial propaganda in Western countries, your opinion!
  80. Cathy Buckle reports - 10.10.09
  81. Madagascar: Ravalomanana Attacks International Mediators
  82. Sudan: Advocacy Groups Press Obama Administration for Tougher Approach
  83. Warya Son
  84. Ever accused of being a Racist?
  85. Cameroon: Bakassi rebel commander quits
  86. Benito Mussolini a freind of africa?
  87. Africa: Brother Barack Admonishes - and Encourages - Africa
  88. Unislamic practices of somalis
  89. Madonna wins appeal on adoption case
  90. SA new party Cope collapsing
  91. Zimbabwe: Journalists freed on bail
  92. Zambia: Chiluaba's case to be determined
  93. Cameroon: Anti-corruption commission roars
  94. Is the white race the biggest parasite to the earth
  95. Most inspirational girl
  96. Malawi: Ex-leader?s case adjourned
  97. White Australia policy
  98. Chad: Minister wounded in hotel shooting
  99. Zimbabwe: Australia to pump $ 10 million
  100. Malyun Osman
  101. What if Blacks never came to the Americas as slaves
  102. PM visits political prisoners
  103. Chinese president arrives in Mali
  104. Sudan: Africa Urges Suspension of Bashir Arrest Warrant
  105. No arrest warrant for Beshir
  106. Nigeria: 3 new judges for ECOWAS court
  107. Israel apologises for wounded
  108. Zimbabwe: Security on red alert
  109. Cameroon: New officials for universities
  110. South Africa: Top Court Sparks Upset Over Zuma, Mbeki
  111. Mugabe back in Zimbabwe
  112. Court to rule on Zuma graft case
  113. Sudan: Attacks on foreigners loom
  114. Black people bleaching thier skin
  115. Inglehart-Welzel Cultural Map of the World
  116. Somali risked death for love
  117. Sheekh Maxamed Rashaad dies on the day of Arafah
  118. Does this man have the right to call himself Swedish?
  119. Northern Somali Command
  120. First Horner International Super Star
  121. Effect of Global Warming in the Horn of Africa
  122. Online Dating Mysteries Revealed (Even the Politically Incorrect Ones)
  123. Ceel Dheere Village
  124. Mixed-race students report more troubles
  125. Does this Man have the Right to call himself Serbian?
  126. The Silent Genocide in South Africa Against White Farmers
  127. Uganda: Civil Society Condemns Anti-Gay Bill
  128. Charles Taylor 'duped' by Nigeria
  129. Sweet Rush
  130. Uganda: Police Clash With Kabaka Supporters on Kampala Streets
  131. Burundi: Congolese Refugees Too Scared to Move Camp
  132. Uganda: Three Killed in Violent Kampala Riots
  133. Quakes rock India, Japan
  134. "Ghana must take leadership role"
  135. War Dance
  136. ?Somalia needs a bottom-up approach?
  137. Kenya: Acute water shortage hits Nairobi
  138. Pirates of the Caribbean
  139. Zimbabwe: Police pick up two journalists
  140. Food insecurity prevalent in urban Gambia
  141. How do you differ from your ethnic group?
  142. DRC: Rising attacks against aid workers
  143. Cameroon: Donors to stop malaria funding
  144. Malawi: Suspect chained to rot
  145. Guinea Bissau: President laid to rest
  146. Tsvangirai vows to rebuild Zim
  147. Zimbabwe: Tsvangirai to Pay Civil Servants in Foreign Currency
  148. Nigeria: Niger delta youths seek peace
  149. Sudan: UN Chief Warns Govt Over Indictment
  150. Oh dear ...
  151. Sudan must act 'responsibly'
  152. Zim: Tsvangirai assumes post as PM
  153. 'Astronomical' fees slammed
  154. Zimbabwe: Tsvangirai Party to Decide Fate of Power-Sharing
  155. Bashir case 'may spark attacks'
  156. SA: Ruling ANC launches election manifesto
  157. Morocco organises Gaza aid
  158. E. Guinea soldiers arrested in Cameroon
  159. West Africa: Regional Leaders Suspend Guinea
  160. Nigerian women vs Somali women, lol
  161. Does this man have the right to call himself English?
  162. Miss somali UK
  163. Malawi: One dies in earth tremor
  164. Central Africa: Build Cohesion in Divided Societies, Urges U.S. Envoy
  165. Gambian president escapes fire accident
  166. $800m undersea cable lands in Lagos
  167. Clinton urges fair Angola polls
  168. Mugabe: Some whites spared
  169. Nigeria: 24 women deliver in forest
  170. Gaddafi in a historic visit to Italy
  171. IMF, World Bank support Ghana with $3.2b
  172. Zimbabwe journalist granted bail but?
  173. Fuel crisis hit South Africa
  174. Ethiopia: Chinese company warns to pullout
  175. Kenya: Students plan demonstrations
  176. Tsvangirai hopes for democracy
  177. Mugabe's 85 birthday
  178. Zimbabwe Debate
  179. South Africa to vote on April 22
  180. South Africa: President Calls April Election
  181. Tank ship expected in Kenya
  182. Kora awards 2008 faces setback
  183. ECOWAS suspends Guinea
  184. Guinea: Region Pushes for Election This Year
  185. ANC launches election manifesto
  186. CAR: Regulatory body suspends newspaper
  187. Pirates release second ship
  188. Somalia: Piracy Surges Again
  189. Lion Defends His Kill, Somalisa Camp, Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe (November 2009)
  190. Guinea junta arrests 'plotters'
  191. Africa: $336m to fight malaria
  192. Woeful report for Gauteng dept
  193. Chaos as 5 000 queue for jobs
  194. Sudan: Fears of New Attacks in South
  195. S Africa strike threatens World Cup
  196. Windows 7 to launch in Africa
  197. Nigeria: Ericsson swallows 450 Zain staff
  198. IMF, World Bank supports Ghana with $3.2b
  199. South Africa: Zuma sworn in as president
  200. Poster-war in Johannesburg with SA elections coming up
  201. South Africa introduce new passport
  202. Gambia: Press roars over missing colleague
  203. Mauritania: Ghaddafi arrives, meet Muslims
  204. Iran to expand ties with Africa
  205. Zimbabwe: PM in Botswana for medical care
  206. Darfur peace talks to restart
  207. Central Africa: Rwanda Needs Internal Talks to End DRC War
  208. Cameroon moves to prevent bird flu
  209. Madagascar: Dozens Killed in Weekend Protests
  210. Madagascar bloodshed slammed
  211. Nigeria: Govt Tries to Head Off Oil Workers' Strike
  212. Kenya: 10m at risk of hunger
  213. Zimbabwe troops 'eat elephants'
  214. Sudan: Country in Danger of Splitting, Warns Report
  215. Saudi tanker 'freed off Somalia'
  216. Nigeria: Former leader backs Guinea coup
  217. Somalia: Multinational Force to Combat Pirates
  218. Money row threatens I Coast poll
  219. Kenya-born al-Qaeda pair 'dead'
  220. Sudan: Fifty Feared Dead in Rebel Attack
  221. Guinea: Ecowas Calls on Junta to Step Down
  222. ICC seeking speedy Kenya trials
  223. Exclusive: 2Face speaks with AfricaNews
  224. Appeal on Bashir genocide charges
  225. Africa's longest serving president dies
  226. ''Consider poverty in disaster management''
  227. DRC: President Kabila grows wild
  228. South Africa: No deputy for Zuma yet
  229. Malawi gets set for elections
  230. Nkongmondo: Where it all began for Samuel Eto'o
  231. Liberia: President shakes up her cabinet
  232. Zambia: Former vice president dead
  233. Kenya: Outrage over activists killings
  234. Mugabe, Tsvangirai 'get along'
  235. 'Mugabe messed up'
  236. Ghana artist performs at US show
  237. Somalia: Mortars Welcome New President to Mogadishu
  238. Civic groups pressure SA on Zim
  239. Ghana: Atta Mills Preaches Unity, Rule of Law at Inauguration
  240. US to lead new anti-pirate force
  241. Ghanaians expectations of new government
  242. Gaza: Egypt to open aid passage
  243. Senegal court jails nine gay men
  244. Senegal settles US land sale lawsuit
  245. Congo-Kinshasa: New Multinational Partnership Launches Peace Efforts
  246. Clinton threatens Eritrea action
  247. Africa: Climate Change Threatens Food Supply, G8 Warned
  248. Liberia: Opinion Divided On Truth And Reconciliation Findings
  249. G. Bissau: UN worried over killings
  250. Boereraat / South african remedies