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  1. Mbeki 'vindicated' by Zuma ruling
  2. Ghana: Voting ends, counting begins
  3. Guinea: Coup Bid After Death of Lansana Conté
  4. Mugabe 'willing to watch people die'
  5. Ethiopia misses Somali deadline
  6. Ghana: Desailly inaugurates charity project
  7. FIFA ranking: Cameroon is best in Africa
  8. Bashir 'war crimes' call arrest
  9. Eritrea given five weeks
  10. Gunmen killed in Nigeria battle
  11. Mugabe 'must show commitment'
  12. Jamaican star honours Lucky Dube
  13. MDC wants equitable sharing
  14. Corruption 'killing people in Zim'
  15. AU meets for Somalia crisis talks
  16. Botswana 'plotting Zimbabwe coup'
  17. Mugabe 'a stain' on Zimbabwe
  18. Senegal leader backs Guinea coup
  19. Somalia: UN Seeks Collective Action Against Piracy
  20. Mugabe insists 'Zimbabwe is mine'
  21. Sudan admits Darfur rebel bombing
  22. Tensions mount in Ghana vote
  23. Clinton to focus on Darfur
  24. Somalia's president quits office
  25. Coup-hit Guinea burying ex-leader
  26. Abdallahi president freed
  27. Guinea: AU to hold crisis meeting
  28. 'Thousands made slaves' in Darfur
  29. Ghanaians vote for new president
  30. SA: Thabo Mbeki flexes muscles
  31. Mugabe: ?Zimbabwe is mine?
  32. Morocco: Tons of hashish seized
  33. 20 doctors graduate in war-torn Mogadishu
  34. Nigeria: 90 Youths 'Executed' in Jos Unrest, Says Report
  35. Somalia: Islamists shut down radio station
  36. ECOWAS regrets closure of Ghana?s borders
  37. Zimbabwe: 5.5 Million People May Need Food, Says UN
  38. Ghana: Voting Gets Under Way in Presidential Poll
  39. Ivorian wins Best Blog award
  40. Guinea: African Union Suspends Country Over Coup
  41. Teacher jailed for beating pupil to death
  42. State of emergency a ploy?
  43. Charge Mugabe - rights group
  44. Malawi: Floods devastate 1,573 families
  45. Zimbabwe: Security Forces Gear Up for Mass Protests
  46. Zimbabwe: Tsvangirai Won't Be 'Bulldozed' in Key Talks
  47. MDC wants key ministries
  48. Somalia: Islamist Leader Elected President
  49. Zimbabwe abandons its currency
  50. Medics: End Zim suffering now
  51. Congo-Kinshasa: Breakaway Rebels Declare End of War
  52. MDC denies Zimbabwe deal claims
  53. Africa: Continent's Eyes Turn to Washington
  54. Somali MPs choose new president
  55. SADC holds crisis meeting on Zimbabwe
  56. 'Only Zim can solve crisis'
  57. Rwanda: Top Official Appears Before French Judges
  58. DR Congo rebel faction ends fight
  59. Nigeria: Legislators Squabble Over Constitution Review
  60. Southern Africa: Khama, Mugabe Face-Off in the Offing at SADC Summit
  61. South Africa: New Party Gears Up For Polls
  62. Somali rivals to seek MPs' votes
  63. Zimbabwe: Cholera deaths hit 3,000
  64. Tourists abducted in Niger
  65. SA: COSATU outraged at workers abuse
  66. Africa: IFC, partner to boost agriculture
  67. Nigeria: Obama's Energy Call 'Threatens' Nation
  68. DRC: Rebels pledge raises high hopes
  69. Africa: Clinton Outlines Obama Africa Policy
  70. Tsvangirai calls for party unity
  71. Kenya: Teachers end nationwide strike
  72. Senegal: President's son to succeed him
  73. Valentine's Day in Africa
  74. Water restored in cholera area
  75. Kenya: Tourism Surges Back Again
  76. Nigeria: Young Governor Re-Brands Niger Delta
  77. Madagascan army on alert as unrest claims 27
  78. Zimbabwe: Power-Sharing Talks Fail to Break New Ground
  79. PM: Golden handshake for Mugabe
  80. Chopper crash kills seven
  81. Uganda death penalty ban rejected
  82. AfricaNews.com launches mobile website
  83. Madagascar: Political Rivals Urged to Negotiate
  84. Kenya: 39 missing in fire outbreak
  85. World: Switch off to save planet earth
  86. Zanu-PF rejects MDC demands
  87. Liberia: Army worms invade farms
  88. 80+ killed in Madagascar unrest
  89. Kenya: Fish price hikes as stocks fall
  90. Zimbabwe: U.S. President Plans Increased Pressure On Mugabe
  91. SA: Mandela?s wife spanks Mugabe
  92. Zimbabwe: Tsvangirai Returns Home for Key Talks
  93. 50+ die in Kenya oil spill fire
  94. Africa: Obama Pledges to 'Extend a Hand' to Other Nations
  95. Zim hunger crisis nearing peak
  96. SA doctor on his way home
  97. Zimbabwe: Last Ditch Bid to Revive Talks Begins
  98. Tsvangirai returns to Zimbabwe
  99. 24/7 border post still on cards
  100. Zimbabwe rival agrees unity plan
  101. Tsvangirai goes back to Zimbabwe
  102. DR Congo rebel leader 'arrested'
  103. MDC: We will not be bulldozed
  104. Nigeria: Navy rescue 100 from drowning
  105. Polls: 87% of Ghanaians believe in Obama
  106. SA now a ‘rogue democracy’
  107. Zimbabwe: Cholera Death Toll Now More Than 3,000 - UN
  108. Eritrea: Religious Persecution Still Persists, New Report Says
  109. Zimbabwe parties 'agree timeline'
  110. Bennett denied food in jail - MDC
  111. Somalia elects new president
  112. Zimbabwe: New cabinet swears today
  113. Mbeki hails MDC decision
  114. Mugabe admits cholera crisis
  115. Burned bodies found in Madagascar
  116. Somali executed for 'apostasy'
  117. French helicopter in Gabon crash
  118. Culture fights poverty in tourist village Malawi
  119. Zimbabwe rivals holding key talks
  120. Zim: SADC summit set to convene
  121. Liberia: President Sirleaf to meet Obama
  122. Pirates kill Greek captain
  123. Angola: Pope storms Africa in March
  124. Tanzania: Officer sacked for whipping teachers
  125. Ethiopia completes Somali pullout
  126. Congo troops bar UN and aid staff
  127. Madagascar: Street Protests Turn Deadly
  128. Nine dead in Congo rebel drive
  129. Biti blasts Zanu-PF
  130. Somalia: Pirates Try to Seize Another Six Ships
  131. Côte d'Ivoire: UN Appeals for Nearly $40 Million to Help Over 300,000 People
  132. Envoy in Cairo for Gaza talks
  133. EU: More sanctions for Mugabe
  134. Mugabe calls for government deal
  135. SA scraps wheat import tariff
  136. SADC plans new Zim summit
  137. New directive issued to protect albinos
  138. Zimbabwe: Government Abandons Local Currency
  139. Cyclone hits at 210km/h
  140. Rebels destabalise Great Lakes
  141. Rwandan soldiers enter DR Congo
  142. Cholera moves to rural Zimbabwe
  143. New charges against Zim farmer
  144. Zimbabwe: Detained Minister Charged With Treason
  145. Cholera 'has yet to peak'
  146. Nigeria: Yar'Adua Reforms Scandal-Ridden Oil Industry
  147. Sudanese 'war crimes spy' jailed
  148. Africa: Labour Body Says 51 Million Jobs May Go
  149. New SA party promises reforms
  150. Zimbabwe: Regional Summit Sets Deadline for Constitutional Ammendment
  151. SA: Opposition doubtful of ANC capacity
  152. Congo-Kinshasa: Child Soldier Tells of Battle Horrors
  153. Rwanda soldiers storm DRC
  154. South Africa: Rights Body Wary of Political Pardons
  155. Sudan denies rights violations
  156. Mugabe promises his sincerity
  157. Liberia: Sirleaf Testifies to Truth Commission
  158. DR Congo seeks Nkunda extradition
  159. Côte d'Ivoire: The Long Road to Presidential Polls
  160. Congo-Kinshasa: War Crimes Trial Opens at International Criminal Court
  161. Machel warns SADC countries
  162. Chad: Banging Pots And Pans to End Charcoal Ban
  163. 40 missing after fire in Kenya
  164. Congolese warlord in trial first
  165. Ivory Coast builds own buses
  166. Liberia president: "I was fooled"
  167. Zim cabinet 'worst in history'
  168. Somalia: UN Security Council Strengthens Peacekeeping Force
  169. Crash kills soccer players
  170. Zimbabwe: Tsvangirai Set to Enter Unity Government
  171. Elephant Culls
  172. Four Zambians for Zain Africa Challenge
  173. Liberia: Life a Struggle for Ex-Combatants
  174. Nigeria says no to same sex marriage
  175. Nigerian teen attends Obama's inauguration
  176. Body in Bennett's cell - MDC
  177. Zimbabwe: Outrage Over Bloated 71-Minister Govt
  178. Africa: UN Chief to Visit DR Congo in Peace Drive
  179. East Africa: Kenya-Uganda Rail Deal Cancelled
  180. Nigeria: Military Boat Rescues 2 Russian Hostages
  181. Unmanned US drones hunt pirates
  182. Zim cholera: 80 000 infected
  183. ?Gabonese first lady not dead"
  184. Africa: Sustaining Growth Will Challenge Govts
  185. Uganda: Economy Defies Global Decline
  186. Egypt donates food to Uganda
  187. Ghana: African writers? mount campaign
  188. South Africans celebrate Freedom Day
  189. Bennett charge thrown out
  190. Zim faces emergency - PM
  191. Foreigners die in Cairo blast
  192. Zimbabwe: Unity Government May Need Up to U.S.$5 Billion
  193. Madagascar: No End in Sight to Standoff
  194. China applauds SA for blocking Dalai Lama
  195. 15 000 DRC refugees in Sudan
  196. Mugabe buys $5m home - paper
  197. Sick Zimbabwe needs $5b to recover
  198. SA, Zimbabwe renew economic flirt
  199. Zimbabwe: Question Marks As Tsvangirai Sworn In
  200. Sierra Leone's president honoured
  201. Boda Boda: Best way to move around in Kampala
  202. Tanzania: Explosion kills three, injures more
  203. Senegal: Jailed gay men freed
  204. SA: Clickatell nominated for top award
  205. Mugabe praised on 85th birthday
  206. South Africa: Thabo Mbeki attacked
  207. Zimbabwe: University students in hiding
  208. Algeria?s health sector gets a boost
  209. Zimbabwe's MDC And Civic Society Heads For Showdown
  210. SA: Voters wait hours for polling stations
  211. Zimbabweans unite on Independence Day
  212. Is COPE an alternative to the ANC?
  213. Togo: President?s brother in attempted coup
  214. Malaria device detector invented
  215. Gambia tackles illegal migration
  216. S A: Women in parliament to rise to 45%
  217. Niger: Al-Qaeda releases UN boss, others
  218. ANC takes early lead in SA elections
  219. World Bank, Bill Gates support Nigeria
  220. S Leone: Special Court gets $6.5 million
  221. Nigeria: U.S. Woos Igbo Speakers to Join Military
  222. Resettle Zim farmers, says union
  223. SA: COPE appoints presidential candidate
  224. Uganda: LRA leader trapped in swamp
  225. Floods: 2 dead, 100s homeless
  226. Zambia?s maize harvest to increase
  227. SA: Mandela endorses Zuma
  228. Kenya: New chair for Electoral Commission
  229. Bennett charged
  230. Uganda: Surprises as Museveni Reshuffles Cabinet
  231. South Africa Airways crew in drug scandal
  232. Boeing 737 Turkish Ailines crashed
  233. Nigeria: Delta Crisis Curbs Shell Oil Output
  234. Sudan: Saudi firm invests $45m in farming
  235. Nigeria: Police rescue kidnapped Italian
  236. Uganda loses $8bn to banana disease
  237. Nigeria: Billionaire Soros Scouts Banks
  238. ?Niger Delta crisis is an exaggeration?
  239. Togo: Communication authority lifts ban
  240. Global economic crisis pose threat to Africa
  241. New government named in Madagascar
  242. Botswana to support Zimbabwe with $70m
  243. Central Africa: Alison Des Forges - The Epitome of Courage
  244. Minister threatens to resign
  245. Britian rescues elderly from Zimbabwe
  246. Kenya: Annan Extends Tribunal Deadline
  247. Africa: Early Gains for Continent When Global Economy Improves
  248. Bennett charges changed - again
  249. Man bites python in epic struggle
  250. UN moves to save Africa from swine flu