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  1. Air Namibia to fly into Ghana
  2. Nigeria: 38 Killed in Sect Clashes
  3. East Africa: Presidents Sign Common Market Pact
  4. Côte d'Ivoire/Ghana: Too Little Too Late for Black Stars
  5. Kenyan leader lifts suspensions
  6. South Africa: 'Flawed Democracy' Slips in Governance Rankings
  7. Firestone in Liberia 'pollution'
  8. Somali woman stoned for adultery
  9. Botswana: Khama Unveils His Grand Plan
  10. Ghanaian scoops Nobert Zongo Awards
  11. Operation ?drive out trash? three year later
  12. Guinea deaths 'crime against humanity'
  13. Zim plane crashes in China
  14. Honour restored, says Pikoli
  15. Kenya's PM role 'to be scrapped'
  16. 17 cash robbers dead in 2 months
  17. Africa: Climate Change Boosts Need for Policies to Support African Farmers
  18. Journalist stabbed to death
  19. Malawi: Bishop worried with low condom use
  20. Malawi: Madonna tipped for child rights award
  21. Ethiopia rebels 'capture towns'
  22. Africa renews development commitments
  23. Madagascar: U.S. threatens to strike
  24. DR Congo: Gov?t denies LRA attacks
  25. Give us petrol - Sakhile teen
  26. Botswana: Ian Khama Declared Election Victor
  27. Guinea 'facing new dictatorship'
  28. Ethiopia asks for urgent food aid
  29. Sudan: Obama Team Chooses 'Calibrated' Approach to Tackle Dual Conflicts
  30. Malawi: Muslims deny census report
  31. Algeria: Security Clampdown Conflicts With Bouteflika's Aims
  32. White cop 'not against AA'
  33. Niger's junta takeover condemned
  34. Algeria clears ex-Guantanamo men
  35. Ethiopia death sentences for plot
  36. Swiss man surrenders to Libyans
  37. Top UN official arrives in Guinea
  38. Reitz 4: Rector won't back down
  39. US-Somalia aid rules 'impossible'
  40. Somalia: Piracy Surges in Indian Ocean
  41. Big hitter enters Sudan poll race
  42. Key Darfur rebels sign up to deal
  43. Nigeria leader has heart problem
  44. Guinea halts campaign after clash
  45. Malawi pardons jailed gay couple
  46. Rwanda denies shooting army chief
  47. SA 'racist video': Guilty pleas
  48. DR Congo mass rapes 'defy belief'
  49. France looks into al-Qaeda claim
  50. Somali radio boycotts Islamists
  51. French nationals seized in Niger
  52. UN warns of refugee camp dangers
  53. Mozambique 'blocked riot texts'
  54. Bodies found in Burundian river
  55. Radio stations seized in Somalia
  56. SA leader calls for strike talks
  57. Court worry at Bashir Kenya trip
  58. Somali MPs killed in hotel raid
  59. Somalia's prime minister resigns
  60. Congo killings 'may be genocide'
  61. S Africa bus-train crash kills eight children
  62. US court drops Somali piracy charges
  63. Madagascan ex-president sentenced
  64. Lockerbie bomber restraint urged
  65. African migrants killed in Egypt
  66. Al-Qaeda frees Spanish hostages
  67. Pirates sentenced in Seychelles
  68. Three charged with Uganda bombing
  69. SA strike 'murder tactic' warning
  70. South African union strike threat
  71. DR Congo boat sinking 'kills 140'
  72. Africa leads decline in HIV cases
  73. Africa child witchcraft claims up
  74. AU summit due to focus on Somalia
  75. Nigeria state oil firm 'insolvent'
  76. Rwanda shooting case begins in SA
  77. Former UK PM calls for 'African century'
  78. Zimbabwe gets diamond agreement
  79. Hunger fears grow in Sudan exodus
  80. Sudan leader ignores arrest calls
  81. 'Suicide vest' found in Uganda
  82. Guinea stages landmark election
  83. Mauritania clashes with militants
  84. Kenya's PM 'has head operation'
  85. Bodies found in South Africa mine
  86. Burundi ex-rebel admits fleeing
  87. Rwanda 'assassins' kill reporter
  88. Firm guilty of exporting waste to I Coast
  89. Terror groups are racist, US says
  90. Mortars kill Somalia peacekeepers
  91. Diamond dealer in Zimbabwe threat
  92. Diamond body divided on Zimbabwe
  93. Arrests for Rwanda reporter death
  94. South Africa workers begin strike
  95. Miners' Africa plane wreck found
  96. Aid agencies launch Niger appeal
  97. 'Sixty dead' in Congo train crash
  98. Darfur rebels to sign child deal
  99. Mandela aide quits over diamonds
  100. Five Somali men jailed for piracy
  101. Kenya opens special piracy court
  102. Chad frees kidnapped aid worker
  103. Kenyan inmates win right to vote
  104. Mining chiefs missing in Africa
  105. Argentina 1-0 Nigeria
  106. Kenya MPs held over hate speech
  107. France asks al-Qaeda for demands
  108. Migrants 'live in fear in Libya'
  109. Libya crash 'not technical fault'
  110. Ghana 1-0 Serbia
  111. Darfur rebels surrender to Hague
  112. Uganda 'bombers' photos released
  113. 'Disrepute probe' of ANC's Malema
  114. Sudan's Bashir sworn in as leader
  115. Gay rights pair freed in Zimbabwe
  116. World court 'altered behaviour'
  117. Call for Ethiopia election rerun
  118. Meles 'heads for Ethiopian win'
  119. Ethiopia votes in crunch election
  120. Gambia military men 'in coup bid'
  121. Monitors to probe Ethiopia vote
  122. South Sudan's president sworn in
  123. UN force to leave Chad and CAR
  124. Rwandans 'free to decide' at poll
  125. Jail term for Malawi gay couple
  126. Rebels attack Somali parliament
  127. Troops take Darfur rebel bastion
  128. 'Porous' SA air security exposed
  129. SA military deployed to hospitals
  130. Nigeria leader 'chooses deputy'
  131. Nigeria's leader to contest poll
  132. Kenya 'cemetery scam' charges denied
  133. Cameroon crash blamed on pilots
  134. South Sudan rival challenges poll
  135. SA's Zuma attacks ANC divisions
  136. Uganda MPs want ministers charged
  137. South Africa wins strike injunction
  138. Mutinous troops attack Sudan army
  139. President wins key Sudan election
  140. Germans held in Nigeria are freed
  141. Obama presses for fair Sudan vote
  142. Sudan fighting 'leaves 55 dead'
  143. UN to reduce DR Congo peace force
  144. Ethiopia poll 'falls short' - EU
  145. Zimbabwe divided over Iran visit
  146. Kenya's flowers hit by ash cloud
  147. Observers criticise Sudan polls
  148. DR Congo rebels seize aid workers
  149. Somalis face piracy charges in US
  150. Terreblanche 'self-defence' claim
  151. Goodluck 'not spoken to Yar'Adua'
  152. Vote count begins for Sudan poll
  153. Polling ends in Sudan elections
  154. Luxury South Africa train crashes
  155. Two killed in Nigeria jail-break
  156. Somali radios take music off air
  157. South Africa opposition parties to merge
  158. Rwanda threatens UN over report
  159. Somalia anger at US pirate trial
  160. Aid workers kidnapped in Darfur
  161. SA opens World Cup final stadium
  162. Court bars SA police from strike
  163. Voters defy threats in Somaliland
  164. Mugabe backs Iran's nuclear power
  165. Zimbabwe marks its 30th birthday
  166. East Africa seeks more Nile water
  167. Nigeria politician in drugs probe
  168. Somali pleads guilty in US court
  169. Sudan video 'shows poll rigging'
  170. Nigeria arrests ex-governor Ibori
  171. Government blamed for Kenya blast
  172. Sarkozy condemns hostage killing
  173. Kenyan held in albino sale sting
  174. Kenya farmers hit by flight ban
  175. Conde declared Guinea poll winner
  176. ElBaradei joins Cairo protesters
  177. Egypt army rules out using force
  178. Egypt president dismisses cabinet
  179. Hundreds held over Egypt protests
  180. Egypt on alert for mass protests
  181. Egyptian protesters defy curfew
  182. Egypt prepares for day of action
  183. Egypt protesters step up pressure
  184. Egypt curfew as army on streets
  185. Ben Ali's properties investigated
  186. Egypt threatens protester arrests
  187. Tunisia in big cabinet reshuffle
  188. Tunisian PM vows to leave power
  189. Protesters dominate central Cairo
  190. DR Congo officer held over rape
  191. Ben Ali family members 'arrested'
  192. World pressure on Mubarak grows
  193. Tunisian cabinet in first meeting
  194. Tunisia ministers quit new regime
  195. Tunisia move to fill power vacuum
  196. Battles in Tunis as key aide held
  197. Anti-government protests in Tunis
  198. SA boost for queuing Zimbabweans
  199. Trio to try new Ivorian peace bid
  200. Tunisia announces new government
  201. Ivorian strike fails in Abidjan
  202. Tunisian president flees country
  203. W African bloc threatens Gbagbo
  204. UN urges recognition of Ouattara
  205. Sudan extends referendum deadline
  206. Somalis guilty of US ship attack
  207. Prosecutor to name Kenya suspects
  208. Gambia orders Iranians to leave
  209. 'Detonator' in Germany-bound bag
  210. Madagascar officers in coup claim
  211. Massive vote urged in south Sudan
  212. Nigeria intercepts arms shipment
  213. North Sudan 'bombs South border'
  214. British pair freed from pirates
  215. Nigeria rapped for mass evictions
  216. SA inmates request circumcision
  217. UN to start Benin floods airlift
  218. Nigeria holds secret bomb hearing
  219. Kenya in cemetery scandal arrest
  220. UN drops Equatorial Guinea award
  221. Nigeria probes 'toxic waste' ship
  222. Sudan objects to UN troop plans
  223. UN relief at Rwanda peacekeepers
  224. Kenya football crush kills seven
  225. Sudan shooting 'pretext for war'
  226. Somali militants ban phone cash transfer
  227. US 'engages' with Somali regions
  228. New date for Guinea run-off poll
  229. Fifa probes vote selling claims
  230. French urged to leave Ivory Coast
  231. Somali pirates release minister
  232. Fears of fresh Ivory Coast unrest
  233. Curfew after deadly Nigeria clash
  234. 'Deadly clash' in Guinea capital
  235. Namibia alert was 'security test'
  236. Nigeria pledges to hunt bombers
  237. Nigeria militant's brother held
  238. Standoff in Ivory Coast power row
  239. 'Four dead' in new Tunisia unrest
  240. Ivory Coast 'on edge of genocide'
  241. Bemba trial for war crimes starts
  242. Guinea run-off election in doubt
  243. Nigeria's 'kidnap leader' killed
  244. Sudan seeks to ease poll tension
  245. BBC hears Congo murder testimony
  246. Gbagbo denied Ivory Coast funds
  247. Mass break-out at Congolese jail
  248. Dozens killed in Ivory Coast - UN
  249. Troops put down Madagascar mutiny
  250. Sudan arrests over flogging march